So Much More To Say, Kept Short

How much higher will “they” ever so gradually increase the load on lives before a societal circuit breaker kicks in?

Last week there was this news: The Collapse of Consent in Canada, Canada’s surging number of assisted suicides reveals that consent is a weak and malleable thing.

Amir Farsoud is going to be murdered. The 54-year-old Canadian, whose story went viral online this week, is in the last stages of approval for “medical assistance in dying” (MAID), the neat bureaucratic euphemism for our northern neighbor’s rapidly advancing euthanasia program. In 2016, the country authorized physicians to kill their patients in cases of terminal illness or “reasonably foreseeable” death; Farsoud is being euthanized for back pain.

This week we have even more news of — what to call it? — brazenness: Assisted suicide plans for children unveiled at Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital

In a prestigious medical journal, doctors from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children have laid out policies and procedures for administering medically assisted death to children, including scenarios where the parents would not be informed until after the child dies.

So many “experts” have come to agree on a “new normal” that were once decried as abnormal, that it is not really hard to realize that this confluence of expertise and events was inevitable.

Why inevitable? Well, look at the political leaning of all who have been put in charge of deciding which brains in all sorts of institutions are to be placed in authority. Let this short clip inform you of the caliber of these head-hunters. The clip also suggests the nature of the circuit breaker.

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  1. Fran, I am prompted to think of the members of that HR arranged tribunal that Louis upended as indicative of the type that selects “experts.” I don’t expect you to bring Louis back, but I would surely enjoy to learn what happened to each, and the HR director, after that victory for decency. Something like that found in the climax to That Hideous Strength.

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