Inner And Outer Transitions

     The early morning hours have long been my favorites. It’s at these times that the noise from the world around me is at its minimum. That enables me to “see” and “hear” much that ordinary daytime hustle and bustle would conceal from me, or drown out of my hearing. That includes some delicate shades of perception that might be critical to understanding what’s been done to us…and is still being done.

     Consider the socialization of homosexuality. (I refuse to call it “normalization,” as a behavior that limiting and damaging is not normal and should not be deemed normal.) Before it began, even to speak casually of homosexual conduct was to invite the revulsion of those around you. Mention of it had to be confined to expressions of disgust and the occasional bad joke. Before any of what followed became possible, it had to be possible for persons deemed ordinary and normal to speak of homosexuals and their sexual conduct while voicing neither condemnation nor jest. That first occurred around 1960.

     That was the beginning of the “inner” transition that ultimately opened the floodgates. All changes in our behavior begin with changes in our thought patterns, and all changes in our thought patterns involve changes in our language.

     If you doubt this, regard this passage from a famous novel of that time:

     She discussed it with Mike—but Mike could not understand why Jill had ever minded being looked at. He understood not wishing to be touched; Mike avoided shaking hands, he wanted to be touched only by water brothers. (Jill wasn’t sure how far this went; she had explained homosexuality, after Mike had read about it and failed to grok—and had given him rules for avoiding passes; she knew that Mike, pretty as he was, would attract such. He had followed her advice and had made his face more masculine, instead of the androgynous beauty he had had. But Jill was not sure that Mike would refuse a pass, say, from Duke—fortunately Mike’s male water brothers were decidedly masculine, just as his others were very female women. Jill suspected that Mike would grok a “wrongness” in the poor in-betweeners anyhow—they would never be offered water.)

     [Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land]

     The attitude in the segment above was utterly reversed – publicly, at least – by 1975. Yes, even by its author. Much that followed would not have been possible otherwise.

     Why is this on my mind this morning? Why, pedophilia, of course!


     Some of the most important social constraints are those on what we’re allowed to say. Opinions about such constraints, and whether they’re ever beneficial, are infinitely varied. Suffice it to say for the moment that they function as gatekeepers; they tell us not only what’s “not said” but also what’s “not done.” The dominant elements in society employ such constraints as the first line of defense against their opponents. Call them censors if you like, though they seldom command the power to punish dissidents, other than through ostracism.

     We first heard persons speak non-condemningly of pedophilia a few years ago. Much that has followed had to be “prefaced” by grudging statements that equated, without overt condemnation, pedophilia with other sexual orientations. Other developments such as the attack on age-of-consent laws arose in tandem.

     Today the campaign to “normalize” pedophilia is flowering. Persons who posture as “experts” have started to chisel around the edges of the subject. They speak and write in the dispassionate tones of medical men. “Does the patient exhibit symptoms of angina, Doctor?” But the subject is one about which the passions have always run high – and rightly so.

     Pascal and I have written extensively about the death cults that operate among us. There can be no doubt that those striving to socialize pedophilia are of that clan. Watch for changes in the language around the subject: both the terms used and the ethical postures discernible in statements about pedophiles and pedophilia. They will presage any larger changes in social attitudes. Indeed, that’s how the kiddie-diddlers and their allies will lay the foundation for them.

     But do have a nice day.


    • Dan on December 21, 2022 at 10:32 AM

    Anything that needs “normalization” is by definition abnormal.

    • Feral Kitten on December 21, 2022 at 1:10 PM

    Wait until they raise a child that has been victimized. It will change their minds.

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