If You’re Not Fuming Before 12 Minutes Has Passed….

I’ve warned that this was inevitable for decades. I refuse to comment further.

We have passive readers and more bold ones. Rather than I go into a predictable rant, I much rather hear from readers their thoughts.

Why is this happening?

What would you wish were done next?

What do you expect will be done instead?


  1. I can’t watch this in it’s entireity…   I am watching it, but the anger keeps building and I must stop before my BP goes into the red.   
    and the fact that this poison is still being pushed and pushed on so many.  My bosses went and got the Jab (first time) yesterday because they aren’t allowed into the hospital without it and they both are cancer patients in need of that service.   I wonder how much longer before the demographic crash begins, and its coming, there is no doubt (and it makes me wonder also, about the lack of ‘vaccination’ going on at the border with all these replacement bodies pouring in,,,,)
    I am going to pick this up and help spread it, but damn,,,,  I think this is TOO LATE,,,,,

    • Dan on February 21, 2023 at 12:38 AM

    Everything that is happening does so because we allow it.  It profits and empowers evil people but evil happens when good people do nothing about it.   Evil doesn’t need a reason.   
    What should happen next?   Mass trials followed by mass executions of the evil people.
    What will happen instead?   “Get in the boxcars”.  
    History shows that a lot of good people have to die before the rest decide to kill the evil people.
    We are a clever species, not an intelligent one.  Otherwise we would learn lessons from history and prevent it from repeating itself over and over. 

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