The Tucker Carlson Firing: One Possible Reason

     While we’re doomed to be forever uncertain about the exact reason FOX News fired Tucker Carlson, I think we can adduce some of the ingredients. One that looms large for me, at least is this:

The Right is forbidden to talk about
From a respected media perch.

     FOX News wasn’t always considered “respectable media.” When it was new, the Legacy Media did their utmost to destroy it through a concentrated campaign of dismissal, denigration, and degradation. It didn’t work; FOX had found an unserved niche and had addressed it in a winning fashion. But over the years since its birth, FOX has shed many of the people who made it a winner…and their ideas with them. The current management seems ardent to join the larger media corporations as a “big player,” a status difficult to achieve for a cablecaster.

     That means “going along to get along:” remaining within the bounds of reportage and commentary the Legacy Media are willing to tolerate. That’s a stance the previous FOX management would not countenance. And Tucker Carlson has proved unwilling to be domesticated. So, like Bill O’Reilly and Dan Bongino before him, he had to go.

     In the clip below, carefully scissored from Carlson’s address to the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala this past Friday, he expresses a position the Legacy Media find anathema, to wit:

  • That political harmony can only exist when all the participants are agreed on ultimate objectives;
  • That this is no longer the case in these United States, for one major participant promotes evil;
  • That this mandates a change in our attitudes and lexicon when we approach political “issues.”

     It’s only six minutes and a few seconds long. Please watch it.


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    • Mike In Canada on April 25, 2023 at 10:44 AM


    In addition to any and all things speculative, it must be noted that Blackrock acquired 15% of FOX in February 2023. These matters are increasingly incestuous and accordingly unsavory.

    Just sayin’.



  1. That video was awesome.

  2. The Tucker heritage speech was astounding.

    • MMinWA on April 27, 2023 at 12:36 PM

    Revenue doesn’t matter to TPTB at FOX as his firing obviously wasn’t about money. A general election with both candidates pledged to destroy the deep state(call it whatever, the joining of government, media and corporations to censor us rubes) is a situation that they absolutely can not allow to happen. The narratives can not be challenged.

    I saw a montage of the alphabets reporting on RFK Jr’s announcement to run. Every last one of them used a disparaging term of some sort(ex heroin addict, life long vaccine denier…) to describe him and not one went into his platform.

    And of course we all know how DJT is treated. A Kennedy/Trump general is their worst nightmare. What good does massive fraud do when both candidates agree on the preservation of  1A? That’s why the dems have already rigged their primaries with the no debate edict. Imagine that. Give face time to RFK Jr?? Do you need any more proof that the DNC & RNC could care less about what their voters really desire?

    Anyone speaking the truth can not be tolerated.

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