Something That Red States Should be Doing

Clamp down on the phony registrations in the Dem cities. Go in, audit their files (making sure to take clones of the drives in their computers and backups of all data), and issue a state order to drop any ‘voter’ if they don’t show up IN PERSON and provide ID (REAL ID-level, not utility bills). Any voter claiming disability must be verified at that address by state employees in person.

Now, this could be combined with the ability to scan Drivers Licenses on a phone, along with a picture of their face (mix up the picture, with directions to face right, left, smile, not smile, full frontal face randomly given, so they can’t just use a photo to evade this verification). The technology exists. They could be required to repeat a sentence, and record it (that could be as simple as: My name is _______________ of address __________________, and I swear that I am eligible to vote in this state and no other). Makes prosecution easier.

Pay special attention to the anomalies:

  • Voters over 80, who are voting in every election. Are they still living at that address, and do they appear mentally competent, or are they in nursing homes?
  • Those voters with homes in other states – check with the post office for instructions to hold mail or forward it. They may be voting in more than one state.
  • Voters voting from college towns – are they filing a state income tax return? Are they claimed by a resident of another state?
  • Does the physical location have a residence? Is it zoned for as many people as vote there?
  • If the address on the voter’s registration is a homeless shelter or social service agency, they should get special attention. They may be a transient, they may not even exist. Doubt and need to verify should be the default.
  • Check death records – is this a case of someone using a deceased person’s identity?

Any organization that is complicit in voter fraud should be prosecuted for a felony, and lose their charitable designation.

Now, some of these actions may be difficult to put into action. That doesn’t mean that we should not make a strenuous effort to root out the abuses. They should USE the technology – access to drivers license data, post office data, and other means to worm out the liars and fraudsters.

No one whose identity AND location has not been verified may cast a vote. No mail-in ballot may be accepted from anyone without In-Person verification, copies of that kept with voter’s files. If the state has to bring in legislation making fraudulent voting or registration (both the would-be voter AND anyone who facilitates that crime) a felony with NO plea bargaining down from a felony permitted, do so.

This is not a one-time deal. It is a on-going process.

This is no panacea for all the other problems. But, it is a way that Red states can keep the Blue cities from stealing the election.

Baby steps.


    • MMinWA on May 12, 2023 at 5:55 PM

    Vote in person on election day with a state issued ID
    NO mail in ballots-if you can’t take the time necessary to go to a polling place 1x every 2 years, then FOAD
    Absentee ballots strictly restricted
    Most important, counting of ballots to be done where they are cast and to be reported that night along with the winner declared.

  1. That last part would do a LOT to reduce fraud. Not only reported, but also stored there.

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