Disingenuous Or Merely Sarcastic?

     John Hinderaker, one of Web commentary’s brightest lights, penned this:

     For reasons I can’t explain, the Left, including the Democratic Party, has made sex change operations on minors its signature issue. It has become a litmus test: in order to be considered progressive, one must now advocate the mutilation of children’s genitals. If there is a Democratic Party politician who dissents from this orthodoxy, I am not aware of it.

     I contend that there’s little mystery here. The Democrats’ political coalition is beginning to show cracks. Negroes are departing. Immigrants are departing. Even women, long the most reliable Democrat voters, are departing. Therefore, they must look for votes in other places – and what could be more promising than the most underrepresented of all “interest groups:” the the pedophiles and the death cults?

     You’ve already read this morning about the impending war on food. Do you need more convincing that the war is of wider scope than that?