Been Posting at Alternative Site

I’m kinda a belt & suspenders person – don’t trust just ONE thing.

So, I started a Substack site. That’s the place I post when my content doesn’t seem to fit the more serious work on this site. You guys are reasoned, analytical, and learned.

I’m mostly goofy and easily amused.

When I have something more serious to post, that I feel both knowledgeable and passionate about, I look here. When I am working more off the cuff, I post there. It seems to work for me.

But, I think EVERY blogger/writer should go at least a little wide. Have outlets that TPTB can’t easily screw with, shut down, or deplatform. For those who might want to point out that I haven’t PROVEN that the government has been involved with those actions, here’s my response:

I always loved the memes with this kid in them (I do hope he gets some money out of his popularity, but – honestly – I doubt it).

Even as more and more people are becoming aware that something is not right with this republic, it too often gets displaced onto more convenient targets than those responsible.

In America, we generally have a good life:

  • A roof over our head
  • Indoor toilets
  • Sufficient food and water to keep us alive and feeling fed
  • Except for a few Democratic-run hellholes, safe neighborhoods (most crime is low-level and committed by morons, not armed killers)
  • At least one car per family (If you are one of the 8.3% without access to a vehicle, you have my sympathy – I rode public transportation for years, even after having my 3 children. We generally had one not all that reliable vehicle, but I had no license.)
  • Regular source of money
  • Access to schools (OK, that’s a dubious benefit, but in much of the world, parents have to choose which of their children will attend, as it costs)
  • Protection of a Constitution limiting what government is permitted to do. The Left is doing their best to shred that document, but – so far – it’s not gone completely.
  • A robust alternative media – initially blogs and podcasts, but the rise of video channels is skyrocketing, and there seems to be little slowing that down. A few hardy souls have taken on the challenge of hosting their own channels/outlets. Substack, so far, is allowing dissidents to make their mark without the cost of essentially starting their own media company.

I know most of us have busy lives – work, family, household, necessary activities – if both spouses are working, it can stretch time available to the breaking point.

And, yet, here we are, pushing you to prep and stock up, spend time educating yourself and your family on the issues at stake, and work to shore up your community. When can you find the time for anything more?

I really don’t know. I’m currently stretched myself.

And, yet, I do carve out some time for sounding the alarm.

It comes from time not spent in bed, luxuriating in a soft mattress and no need to get up to go to work.

It comes from cutting down my time spent watching TV, hobbies, and (this part is no sacrifice) ignoring household chores.

What in your life could be cut down or eliminated to make time? How serious are you about the impending end of our Republic? Is it worth sleeping one less hour? Letting the grass grow another week?

What are you prepared to do?

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