No Courage In Politics

     Just in case you’ve spent the last five years in a coma, the federal government of these United States, currently under occupation by the Ukraine-China-Democrat combine, is doing its damnedest to persuade Us the People that to question its legitimacy is against the law. Every now and then one of its boughten allies in the media edges close to saying that outright. Such persons are usually hustled offstage for reeducation in the fine art of political fan-dancing. However, recent indicators suggest that a great light may have dawned among the strategists of the regime, such that its attempts to suppress contrary opinions might soon slacken.

     One cannot steal an election unless the desired outcome can be made plausible.

     The theft of the 2020 presidential election just barely satisfied that criterion. The distribution of fraudulent votes had to be carefully designed to make it appear that urban areas in six swing states had overcome substantial leads for Donald Trump at the very last second of ballot-gathering. In a way, the design was a triumph of the political art. It only became clear in the aftermath, as the county-by-county map was colored in, that it was a massive deceit.

     Today, Donald Trump looks poised to regain the White House come November 2024. The Usurpers are terrified, for Trump is likely to want vengeance for the crimes of 2020. Should the evidence finally escape from behind the legacy media’s veil, he’ll get it in spades. So it becomes imperative that Trump be prevented from returning to the Oval Office…but how?

     The Democrats have no candidate. After the events of the three years past, Joe Biden couldn’t win an election for assistant dogcatcher. Kamala Harris is the least popular federal official since Albert Fall. The kingmakers of the Left might try to present Gavin Newsom as the man of the hour, but his record in California is too vividly on display for him to reach the political summit. So they must contend against the most popular man in America with an empty hand, in an election they cannot plausibly steal.

     Electoral politics doesn’t admit the bluff. They can’t keep raising the stakes in hope that Trump will fold. Their only hope is that somehow Trump can be denied the Republican nomination. Given that the Establishmentarians of the GOP despise Trump quite as much as the Democrats do, this is not a foolish thing to hope. That’s the point of all the indictments on ludicrous charges.

     Special Counsel Jack Smith is aware of the charges’ ludicrousness. He’s been there before, as witness two unanimous Supreme Court overturnings of his convictions of other officials. More, he’s already committed at least one offense against the rules of criminal proceedings. He’s probably aware that even if a Washington D.C. jury should return a guilty verdict on any of the charges, an appellate court will vacate the conviction. So his game is one of timing: Can he prolong the criminal trials sufficiently to prevent Trump from securing the GOP’s nomination?

     It’s not impossible, but it will take one hell of an effort. And Trump might not agree to play along. As Athena Thorne writes, he could use these criminal indictments as fuel for a campaign of popular outrage, transforming the farce into a cause celebre. That would turn the Usurpers’ notable lack of courage – their unwillingness to face him in a straight contest for the nation – into an asset for him.

     Courage has always been lacking in politics. They who seek political elevation are seldom men willing to face a severe, probing test of their character. Sometimes the matter is made quite plain. For example, when the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act reached President George W. Bush’s desk, he signed while openly proclaiming it unconstitutional – as it was later found to be by the Supreme Court. Why did Dubya sign an unconstitutional bill? Because it had powerful support among the legacy media, which would have stormed at him for weeks over a veto. He lacked the courage to face those consequences, so he left the job to the Justices of the Supreme Court, who don’t have to face the voters.

     While there are still facets of this prosecution to unfold, its nature as a political act rather than a quest for justice has already been made plain. The Usurpers have staked all their chips on Jack Smith’s ability to keep Trump from campaigning as the Republican nominee. Slanted polls and cheerleading from the harridans of The View cannot make plausible a second presidential-election hijacking. How long it will take the game to play out, we must wait and see.