How Much Evidence Is Enough?

     So you don’t think things are that bad? You think dialogue between Left and Right is still possible? You think when the consequences of their insane policies become sufficiently obvious, our political opponents will come to their senses?

     No, Gentle Reader. It cannot be, for a simple reason: The Left is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the death cults.

     Time was, doctors had to swear the Hippocratic Oath before being issued their licenses to practice. Here it is:

     I swear before my gods, my ancestors, my teachers, my fellow healers and apprentices, and by all the arts and knowledge I was privileged to learn, that I will stand by these words:
     I will love those who taught me these arts as I love my parents and I will offer my skills to the young with the same generosity that they were given to me. And I will never ask them for gold, but demand that they stand by this covenant in return.
     I also swear that if I earn fame and wealth, I will share it with my masters and my students.
     I will soothe the pain of anyone who needs my art, and if I don’t know how, I will seek the counsel of my teachers.
     I will offer those who suffer all my attention, my science and my love. Never will I betray them or risk their wellbeing to satisfy my vanity.
     I will not hurt my fellow or put a knife to his flesh if I don’t know how, or give him an herb to soothe his pain, even if he begs for it in anguish, if it might take away his breath.
     I will never harm my suffering friend, because life is sacred, from the tender fruit that he once was in his mother’s womb to that first sigh he gave out between her legs when he opened his eyes to the world.
     I will try to understand his sorrows but his secrets will never leave my ears. Under no circumstance I will use his body to advance my knowledge or my fame, unless in his last moment, he or his widow give me his corpse, so that his death may help me understand how to soothe another’s pain.
     I pray that the attention I give to those who put themselves in my hands be rewarded with happiness. And in honor of the knowledge I’ve received from my teachers, I swear to care for anyone who suffers, prince or slave.
     If I ever break this oath, let my gods take away my knowledge of this art and my own health.
     Here speaks a citizen, a servant of people. May I be destroyed if I betray these words

     Stirring, isn’t it? Inspiring, even. But doctors are no longer required to swear to it, nor to the “modern version” that displaced it some years back.

     And so today, we have this:

     When medicine itself is no longer trustworthy – when evil men subordinate the practice of medicine to the advancement of their politics – what remains? What code? What standard?

     We are at war.
     It’s a war for survival.
     Either we win, or we die.


  1. There appears to have been a surge in this sort of evidence in June. Here’s another.



    We know the Godless belief of the DC, and they’ve good reason to fear resistance and a targeted backlash. So I’m sure many of these “proofs” are AstroTurf, designed to be debunked.

    I don’t know David Martin, but at least he’s shown his face. There are no blue check marks on the tweets you provided.

    Nevertheless, I’m convinced they tell the truth, in part to brag to and demoralize those like us, but also hoping to overwhelm the majority who still don’t want to believe there are people who are so deadly and earnest about it.

    So even what may be phony admissions is a sure sign the DC is concerned. That is a morale boost.

    As for the sentiments of anti-Trumpers, yes they indeed could be that cold-blooded in their thought processes. It’s disgusting to witness little men and women contemplating murder as acceptable. Kathy Griffin, although always 3rd rate, gave them the green light.

    • Mad Celt on September 16, 2023 at 11:17 AM

    Question: how does a sawbones know what candidate a patient supports? I don’t discuss politics with my physician at all because it has zip to do with my Healthcare. Let me catch them malpractice on me due to some extemporaneous reason and I’ll own them.

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