And a pox on the flu shot as well

First off, can we all just laugh at this sanctimonious bag of egomaniacal bullshit?

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has canceled his upcoming live Strike Force Three show after contracting Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

I would say that it couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of shit, but we all know people who deserve what’s happening to Kimmel multiple times over. Anyways, the clot-shot doesn’t work, it was never going to work, and the people who pushed it from the top knew those facts. Jimmy Kimmel is just one of the self-absorbed low-IQ morons who regurgitated the bullshit because all the right people told him to do so.

You know what else doesn’t work? Flu shots. Here’s Part One and here’s Part Two from Nurse Clair. Skip on over and read. The posts aren’t particularly long, but if you start going into the weeds you could be there for a while. For the TL/DR crowd, flu shots don’t work, their efficacy has been wildly overblown, and some of the shots aren’t really all that good for you. Unless you like having a form of mercury injected into your muscles, which I’ve been informed by actual scientists that mercury exposure is a bad thing as it’s a rather toxic metal.

However, I knew the flu shots were bullshit long before I was able to explain WHY they were bullshit. The bottom line is that I’ve never been as sick with the flu as when I was forced to get a flu shot. That happened when I worked at the hospital, and when I was in the Army. Although there was a period of about eight years when I managed to skip the flu shot, until the Army medical system flagged me and once again I was back to getting poked. Guess how many times I caught the flu when I avoided the flu shot?

That’s right, zero.

Guess how often I caught the flu once I was forced to get a flu shot?

That’s right, every damn year.

What’s more, I brought this up to the medical staff when I was being lectured about the flu shot. I pointed out that every time I got the shot, I would be sick about a week later. They give me the shot, I get the flu. The nurse snapped at me: “YOU CAN’T GET SICK FROM THE FLU SHOT!” So I asked her just what the hell I was getting sick with, because it happened EVERY FUCKING TIME. Radio silence.

If you want to know where my skepticism of the medical system started, that would be a good jumping off point. Don’t tell me that the shit that’s happening to my body isn’t really happening.

And as Karl Denniger has pointed out more than once, they’ve ramped up the number of flu shots given in this country, but we haven’t seen a corresponding decrease in influenza cases. This country has gone from 20 million flu shots to over 200 million flu shots over the years, but the rate of infection doesn’t go down. If the flu shots worked, why don’t we see that decrease in influenza cases?

Anyways, I’m done getting the flu shot now, as I’m retired and any body or person who demands I get a flu shot can kiss my ass. And I would recommend that anyone else who’s pressured to get the flu shot do the same.


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  1. The flu shots now appear to be one component in a long train designed to get people used to routine medical interventions that have little or no objective justification. Habituation to bodily intrusions seems useful to prepare us to lose our Fourth Amendment rights “for the common good”…as demonstrated by the COVID “vaccine” scandal that’s been fully exposed these past few months.

    • Alex Lund on October 1, 2023 at 5:15 AM

    I get the flu every year.
    About a decade ago I followed the advice of a family member and got the yearly flu jab.
    Now, if I geh the flu I am ill for less than two weeks.
    But after the shot I was totally ill for two weeks without remembering what happened during that time and another two weeks that were like the flu without the shot.
    Everybody told me that the flu must have gotten me, but I know better because of the past.
    Since then I have never taken a flu shot again and voila, flu makes me ill for less then two weeks. And I can remember things that happen during that time.

  2. I’m Medicare age. I am relentlessly nagged to get my flu, pneumonia, and clot shots every year. I politely refuse, which ends it – for now.
    What will I, and millions of other Americans, do when we cannot get medical care without having those chemicals injected into our body, against our will?
    This is not a hypothetical – many found themselves relegated to virtual visits during the “get the shot or don’t leave the house” era. This could kill many seniors, who are faced with a horrible choice – either take the risk of the shot (and other follow-up treatments, when that fails), or do without medical care entirely.
    But, continue paying (Part B is NOT optional) without access to care. In some respects, the ideal patient. Pay for care you are NOT getting.

    • George Mckay on October 1, 2023 at 6:22 AM

    Dave, I have had 2 vaccines and a booster in the faith they actually worked.  We got them because we wanted to take a cruise and it was mandatory at that time.  They canceled the cruise – guess why – and have not done one since.   
    Finding out since that the damn thing does not PREVENT or MITIGATE SYMPTOMS and that it actually may cause heart issues and actually f-in KILL YOU makes me see red.  This is the one thing I am pissed at Trump for.  He trusted Fraudci and Pirx and WE pay the price for those “doctors” perfidy.  Fraudci is now a rich man and he must be sued into poverty.  To gain this wealth at the expense of we the people’s health and mortality is inexcusable and he must be held to account along with the CEO of Pfizer, Moderna and any other purveyors of poison.

    1. I have friends who use Operation Warpspeed and Trump’s allowance of Fauci as reason why they won’t vote for him. Yes, Biden was worse, but if Trump had not allowed Fauci to run amok and be the fucking tyrant, a bunch of problems would have never started. And it was Trump who gave big pharma freedom from liability. Soooo…. yeah. He’s got some problematic issues.

    • MrLiberty on October 1, 2023 at 7:30 AM

    I believe that, just as during the plannedemic,  these celebrities are signing up to claim their illness to lay the foundation for new claims and pushes for tyranny and mail in ballots. 

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