I had to get up early today for a number of reasons, and since I’m somewhat daft I decided that as long as my schedule included an early awakening, I might as well make the best of it. Last Sunday I was given a batch of sourdough starter. I made English muffins with it yesterday, and last night I whipped up a loaf of sourdough bread. I let it ferment overnight, and popped it in the oven at around 0530 my time. We’ll see if I remembered how to make bread properly.

There’s also another type of awakening going on in this country, or at least, a “forcening”, as people who previously were willingly blind to what their side had to say are now forced to listen to their fellow party members scream their rage and their hatred.

What has not been noted enough however is the political allegiances of these pro-Hamas demonstrators. While not every Democrat favors what Hamas did on October 7th, we can be very very VERY confident that practically every single one of these pro-Hamas protesters, calling for the death of every Jew in Israel and numbering in the tens of thousands, is a Democrat, and has been voting for Democrats their entire lives.

That reminds of of a quote I’ve seen and heard quite a bit, most recently from YouTuber Tim Pool: The answer might not be the Republicans, but I can guarantee you that the problem is the Democrats.

This is the base of the Democratic Party. It is why the anti-Semitic “squad” of Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts) are all elected members of the Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives. The first two represent districts strongly controlled by Democrats, most of whom come from the local Muslim communities, while latter two come from the one-party secular cities of New York and Boston, controlled wholly by Democrats.

Jews in America have been voting Democrat for generations. When I was stuck in L.A., I was surrounded by liberal Democrat Jews at every turn. The San Fernando valley where I lived was called “Obama’s Pocketbook” due to all of the donors that Obama suckered from there. Take a gander at all of the Jewish politicians in the Democrat party, one of the worst possibly being Chuck Schumer, a slimy, amoral sack of greed and evil walking around on two legs.

A lot of those people are shocked right now. Because they willing blinded themselves to just who they were traveling with. But this is what they voted for, time and time again. Jews who are worried about being attacked are now wondering why they can’t carry a weapon for protection in their synagogue. But this is what they voted for. They wonder why the USA is sending money to terrorist groups who’s only goal in life is killing Jews. But hey, that’s what they voted for.

Some of these people might just be waking up to a new reality that what they previously believed ain’t what is really happening.

But it’s hard to make that shift, especially when your entire personal life is wrapped up in your political life, the way that so many people on the Left happen to live. So a good bunch of these people waking up are going to put themselves right back to sleep. The Jews in New York are going to continue to vote Democrat even while Palestinian “refugees” form mobs and protest for their right to kill the Jews in NYC’s streets. The Jews in California are going to continue to vote Democrat even while the Democrat party fights for money to be sent to Iran and Hamas and other Jew-hating terrorist organizations. They’ll keep putting themselves to sleep even as they die in their sleep.

Huh. You know, Jesus Christ said something about being ready because we won’t know the day or the hour.

It might be time for the Jews of the Democrat party to wake the hell up, take a look around, and figure out who their friends are. We Christians might think that the Jewish people are a little behind theologically, but we’re not the ones calling for their genocide.

Just sayin.