Sports Illustrated is done

The entire staff is getting laid off.

I used to read SI on a regular basis, both in print and online. But way back in the first Bush administration I noticed the Leftism creeping in. Reporters are notoriously Leftist, and sports reporters are the worst of the lot. There’s a reason that ESPN is so openly communist; they literally don’t know anyone else who’s to the right of Karl Marx. It’s a shock to them when someone who values individual liberty and freedom shows up, because they have no basis to recognize such a person.

So SI followed the same trend but in words instead of talking heads. I had stopped reading SI years ago because I didn’t need some J-school moron to give me his political opinions disguised as sports news. And I knew SI was done when they started putting trannies and fatties in their swimsuit edition.

That’s right, they were putting men and fat women into a magazine that should have been dedicated to beautiful women in skimpy beachwear.

So now it’s dead. Maybe someone can bring it back. Maybe not. Apparently the Baltimore Sun is being resurrected by someone who actually cares about reporting news and not being the CCP/DNC mouthpiece, so it could happen to SI as well.


    • George Mckay on January 20, 2024 at 5:38 PM

    I never read SI nor did I care one whit about the swimsuit editions.  I applaud the demise of another communist party usa mouthpiece.  Time is dead, Newsweek is dead, SI is dead and the rest are on life support.  If Beezous did not funnel in millions WAPO would be dead as well.  
    OTOH, decent, truthful media is making inroads.  I follow Real America News and even some Newsmax commentators.  Twitter, believe it or not is actually not the hollow leftist chamber it had become.  The left is apoplectic and I love it!  F them all.  

    • MrPink on January 22, 2024 at 7:28 AM

    SI had a straightforward mission.  Provide coverage of popular sports and once a year, show pictures of hot chicks in swimsuits.
    And their woke staff could not even do that.
    Here would be where I would normally write ‘Learn to code.’  But it’s evident that they don’t have the intellectual horsepower to do that.
    There are always opportunities in telemarketing.  

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