Is it just me

Or is there anyone else out there who reads an article like this and thinks “Nothing I can do about it. I hope they hit D.C.”

So what is to be done? Well, we can vote the bums out, but even if we do, all too many Republicans are just as squeamish as Democrats about incurring charges of “Islamophobia,” which can be a career killer even in these post-Oct. 7, post-Moscow, post-44,000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11 days. What’s more, cleaning up the desperately corrupt FBI and the entire rotten intelligence apparatus is not going to be done in a day, no matter who emerges victorious in November.

No, our defense against the next jihad terror massacre in the United States is up to us, and to us alone. The military is preoccupied with studying Critical Race Theory and going to drag shows; it isn’t going to save us. The police, understaffed, underfunded, and on the defensive nationwide ever since a career criminal died of a drug overdose while in the process of being apprehended, aren’t going to save us. Everyone knows now that the feckless and politicized FBI certainly isn’t going to save us. 

Under the “leadership” of Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet, millions upon millions of unvetted illegal aliens from hundreds of countries have entered the USA. We have no idea who all is here. We do know that military aged males from China are here. We know that the Border Patrol has stopped a few folks in the Terrorist Watch List, but that means even more have NOT been caught and they’re here in the country.

When September 11th happened, I was horrified. I remained horrified, enough to re-enlist and put my ass on the line if it came to it.

But what if September 11th happened today? I don’t think my reaction would be the same. In fact, I know it wouldn’t be. If terrorists blew up some place in LA or Scat Francisco?

Zero. Fucks. Given.

Oh look, the terrorists up in Dearbornistan blew up something in Detroit? Zero fucks given. Hot-lanta got a little hotter? Zero fucks given. Philly gets to experience even more diversity? Zero fucks given.

Quite frankly if I found out that an ISIS bomb had taken out Chuck Schumer and and his henchmen, I’d dance a fucking jig. And I certainly wouldn’t run to their defense. They have willingly taken in the poison. And if I try to help them, I’ll be attacked as well, not just from their diverse multicultural visitors, but from the people who are welcoming them in. “Racist! Bigot! Islamophobe! Hatey Hater McHaterson! NAZI!”

Quite frankly it’s too late to stop any attack. The people are already here. And more are coming who won’t be stopped by Drooling Joe and his puppet masters. So what can you do? Well, I keep mentioning this, but local, local, local. You can’t stop Philadelphia from imploding itself. But you can stop your local area from imploding. You can’t stop Scat Francisco from dying, but you can ensure that the policies of Scat Francisco do NOT come into your burg. You can’t stop Seattle from being a drug-soaked hellhole, but you CAN stop the homeless druggies from setting up camp in your neighborhood.

Plan accordingly. And buy more ammo.


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  1. I have been saying it since Reagan was still in office, and being laughed at for almost as long (funny, people aren’t laughing quite so much any more)…

  2. No, it’s not just you.

  3. You have expressed my current attitude perfectly.

  4. Dave, Lara Logan has been all over this latest terror attack.  Because of her reports I found the long version of the attack.  This boat was not even in the channel.  This boat was aimed at the pylon and accelerated to make the impact worse.  No doubt about it.  Now what the hell will the droolin sack of rotten oatmeal do about it?  Not a damn thing!

  5. Implementation of Cloward-Piven continues unabated. Someone with more energy than I will plot incidents by month and reveal an accelerating curve. And it will be seen by the perpetrators as homage to them. Who are They? Plato said they’re the ones who would cast shadows on our walls. Like mafia bosses, but better hidden.

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