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Is it just me

Or is there anyone else out there who reads an article like this and thinks “Nothing I can do about it. I hope they hit D.C.” So what is to be done? Well, we can vote the bums out, but even if we do, all too many Republicans are just as squeamish as Democrats about …

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This is being done on purpose

Denver’s hospital system my collapse. Key note: 8,000 illegal aliens counted for over 20,000 hospital visits. TWENTY. THOUSAND. HOSPITAL. VISITS. WITHOUT A SINGLE DIME BEING PAYED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. This is being done on purpose. The people running the Biden administration want the system to collapse. It’s part of their …

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The Method Remains Unspecified

     This recent column from Victor Davis Hanson nicely sets out the major indicators of impending national collapse. He’s also candid about the absence of an evenhanded rule of law when political questions or prominent politicians are involved in a controversy. He leaves no question about the international consequences of such a collapse. I read …

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I Can Hear The Anguish In This Man’s Voice

     Malcolm Pollack asks a painful question:      [I]s there no point at which kinetic war against people who hate you and seek to subjugate you is justified? As stewards of the American nation we inherited from our forebears to preserve and cherish, and now crumbling before our eyes, where does our duty lie? A …

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Delusions And Stability

     Delusions are often functional. A mother’s opinions about her children’s beauty, intelligence, goodness, et cetera ad nauseam, keep her from drowning them at birth. — Robert A. Heinlein      I’m still on the mend, but a little better, thanks for asking. Maybe I’ll be able to speak audibly by New Year’s Day. It’s ambitious, …

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This Is America

     Presented without comment:      …because it brought tears to my eyes.      May God bless and keep you all!

The American Way to Resist

Courtesy of According to Hoyt. I’m inclined to think this method is uniquelyAmerican. ‘Course, I’m also descended from a LONG line of Americans of Scottish Appalachians, on my Daddy’s side. The term, cussed (pronounced Cuss-ed) applies to all of them. Stubborn, to a fault. I remember my Dad telling me of a relation of his …

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