Down the Rabbit Hole for FAR Too Long

I had a teensy issue – my new radio had a BNC connection, but I had only SMA or Coax types of antennas.

I spent WAY too long on Amazon, DX Engineering, and other sites, trying to find the right item at a decent price.

Finally had a lightbulb go off – I checked the tiny antennas in my SDR USB stash. I found that a simple SMA female to BNC male adaptor would work. Having had experience with small and easily mislaid components before, I ordered an extra set.

So, should be here tomorrow.

I really can’t complain. In the bad Old Days, this search would have consumed countless days wandering from parts stores to Radio Shack to making calls to other radio operators, seeking the needed part. This was reduced to a simple web search, then a quick Amazon order.

On the other hand, in the process of trying to locate parts, and decide which of several options was best for the job, I got to spend time with my Dad, and watch as he and other tinkerers of the pre-internet era shared opinions, knowledge, and comradery. As a result, I never felt left out of discussions in the computer stores. I’d been there before, and knew how men interacted with each other.

I’m slowly pulling my stuff together. I need to start moving the hardware and parts downstairs to the basement workbench. If I can get my husband to stop loading up the working surface with laundry, that would be nice.

I’m going to be spending some time over the next month labeling cables, connections, and peripherals with the hardware they are used for. That’s for radios, SDRs, and computers. I will probably set up a separate box for things like printer and camera cables that are no longer used for very much (but I’ll still keep them, as the still have some uses).

This morning, my husband was watching The View (I know, I know – he doesn’t watch so much for the opinions, but the younger participants are somewhat hot-looking). They were declaring all the “Evidence” that PROVES that Trump is just waiting to impose Fascism AND a Theocracy upon Americans. If I didn’t know better, I’d be inclined to oppose him, too.

But, that’s on the uninformed who fall for the easy answers promoted by all the Officially Smart People. If there are enough of them (plus any bots, illegals, and/or multiple-voting criminals), we may well find ourselves with another Democrat/Leftist/Progressive.

Somehow, I doubt that they will accept another Biden term. He is getting too obviously addled.

And, don’t get me started about the vapid Black Barbie that is currently occupying the Vice Presidential seat!

If I were either of them, I’d stay away from windows, planes, and other sites where a “surprising” and “unexpected” accident might occur. And, have all my food and drink tasted before eating.

I just keep mumbling, “Think – and ACT – Locally!”

Really, it’s the only thing that I – sort of – can control.