This is why Republicans always lose

Because they refuse to stop simping for the Democrats.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday called a special session for the state’s Legislature to get President Joe Biden on the ballot this November, saying his patience has “run out” with his fellow Republicans who appear less than inclined to offer a legislative fix for a timing problem with the Democratic convention.

Mike? Mikey boy? You think your patience has run out, you limp-wristed sniveling son of a motherless goat?

The rules for getting on the ballot are simple and clear. The rules have not changed. Nobody pulled a fast one on the Democrats. There was no foul play with regard to the rules of getting on the ballot in Ohio.

The Democrats simply didn’t follow the rules. So they can get fucked. With a chainsaw. And the GOP controlled legislature has NO OBLIGATION to help out the Democrats after they refused to follow the rules. That’s right Mikey, the GOP has no obligation to help out the people who call people like me nazis, bigots, (fill-in-the-blank)phobes, and every other insult they can conjure up out of their twisted, diseased minds.

And Mikey, if you had any kind of balls, any kind of testicular fortitude at all, you’d let the Democrats twist in the wind while the GOP went golfing and had a good laugh about how the Democrats couldn’t get their guy on the ballot despite clearly written rules that haven’t changed, unlike all the rule-changing in 2020 that allowed the DNC to steal an election away from the real President, Donald Trump.

Oh, and officials from Ohio had already contacted the DNC and said “Hey, this is going to be a problem. You need to come up with a solution so that your guy can be on the ballot”.

“But Dave, the same thing happened to Trump and some states still made sure he was on the ballot!” Yep. Alabama did that in 2020. And that’s Alabama’s choice. Maybe if Joe Biden wasn’t a drooling Chinese hand puppet who’s puppet masters are using the DOJ as a weapon while sending their personal Gestapo thugs of the FBI to harass and intimidate good honest people, the legislature of Ohio would feel differently. But since we live in a world where the DOJ has been weaponized against American patriots, where the FBI are raiding pro-life families and the ATF are gunning people down in their homes, where grandmothers who walked through the Capitol on January 6th are sent to jail while Antifa thugs are free to assault people and burn cities without fear of any repercussion, well….

The old rules of decorum no longer apply. And the Republican legislature in Ohio have, say it with me folks, NO OBLIGATION to help the Democrats.

Let them rot. Just like Joe Biden’s brain.


  1. dewhine is a  squish.
    His weakness shows in everything he does.
    His responses and actions during kungflu were atrocious to say the least.
    He is gonna jump thru hoops to get biden on the ballot just so he can hang with the right people.

  2. Fine Rage Dave.

    DeWine isn’t stupid. So for those who refuse to say he’s evil, well you have to admit he’s at least been co-opted by it. That is essentially the same thing.

  3. I see Dewine as a weakly GOP governor, who operates from a “Let’s not be offensive or divisive” standpoint. Not QUITE a RINO, but close enough.
    Ohio isn’t ready for a fire-breather, on either side.
    The Ohio GOP should be warming up the bench with principled people who can run after Dewine is on his last legs (you might think he is, but those little guys can last a LONG time).
    Will Biden being on the ballot help or hurt Biden? Who knows? I’d rather not have the Supreme Court go on record about accepting last minute changes to ballot access.
    It may be a waste of time to fight it right now. We have MUCH bigger issues. I noticed that since the OH voting ID changes, there was sharply reduced numbers of voters on the Dem side. However, that was a primary, so may not be definitive.
    Honestly, I keep saying ‘maybe this, maybe that’ a lot. It would be nice to live in a country where you could depend on the Rule of Law governing official actions, but – at least for now – we don’t.

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