Egads! How DID Fran Manage to Do This?

I woke up today, and realized that I hadn’t written a post for today. That is understandable, as my husband has been feeling under-par, and I’ve been doing more at home.

Gotta agree with this – what the UN, ICC, or any other international body says about prosecution of citizens for “war crimes” means squat.

If the USA goes along with this (not impossible with The Left in charge), it sets a VERY bad precedent.

Europe (or, as they put it, EU) is following its usual path to demagoguery, rule by mob, and complete capitulation to hysterical lunatics (my apologies to more rational hysterical lunatics).

The Jews have always been the Canary in the Mine. They are the first group that gets abused by fanatics, eager to identify a scapegoat for their enmity. One might argue that, in America, the Asians have supplanted the Jews as the favored target by ‘Urban Youtes’, but that’s probably because, outside of NYC and a few other places, Jews aren’t so easily identified by outsiders.

Plus, Asians are generally smaller and of slighter build than other Americans. Makes them an easy target. Even easier if the Asian is elderly and/or female (which many of those victims are).

YASA – Yet Another Subway Attack. This time, of an Albanian man (no idea whether a citizen, resident, or visitor), who leapt in front of his fiancee. I agree with the writer at the link – take ALL the ‘homeless’ off the streets, subject them to a serious psychiatric exam, and if they fail it, put them in long-term residential treatment. Do NOT release them without daily monitoring of their compliance with taking meds.

Look, I do understand that meds have serious side effects, and that they are not a really good solution.

However, at this point, it’s all we have. If someone is dangerous (psychotic, dementia & violent, or schizophrenic), we have only two options to keep the rest of us safe:

  • Put them in long-term residential facilities, and have input from the public – cops, victims, community members – on when, if ever, they can safely be released.
  • Mandatory meds to control the crazy, monitoring on a daily basis.

I truly wish there were other options. But, as of now, there aren’t.

I don’t know why American Greatness is surprised that The Left supports Oligarchs and Multinational Corporations. It’s pretty obvious that the groups align with each other because they have mutual goals (being in charge of their hefty slice of the pie).

At NO point has The Left been allied with The Poor or Working classes. It’s ALWAYS been about control and money.


I used to think those complaining about governments’ hostility to religion were – TBH – kind of nutty. I mean, after all, this is the 21st century! Surely, those bad old days of putting dissenters in the stocks and running non-believers out of town were over, weren’t they?

It’s not the Christians that are hostile, it’s those opposing them:

  • Leftists
  • Some of the ‘alternative’ religions – Pagans, Satanists (yes, there really ARE people nutty enough to worship Satan), Islamic radicals
  • Feminists
  • Environmentalists (not all of them, but too many)
  • Globalists (another group I used to think were a figment of a nutter’s imagination)

Probably others, but that’s all I can think of at present.

“Amid a horrendous global effort to prevent people from praying together, Canada’s Justin Trudeau distinguished himself as a tyrant par excellence by sanctioning the repeated arrest of Polish-Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski.  His “crime”?  He continued to hold church services for those seeking salvation in defiance of Canadian officials’ attempts to shut him down.  Video of Pastor Pawlowski throwing armed police out of his church during an Easter service back in 2021 remains one of the most inspiring examples of regular citizens rejecting State tyranny.  Comparing Canada’s militant authoritarianism to what he witnessed growing up “under a communist dictatorship behind the Iron Curtain, under the boots of the Soviets,” Pawlowski repeatedly implored Westerners: “We as lions should never bow before the hyenas.”  Because the good pastor possesses moral courage, Trudeau and his government of Cheka thugs have done their best to ruin him.

Abusing Christians has become an obsession for American leftists.  Catholic-in-name-only Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Religious Persecution have spent the last three years targeting pro-life Americans who pray near abortion clinics.”

Unfortunately, the servicemen/women who SHOULD be able to stop such intrusion are being kept from doing so. Many military fear being seen to be “discriminatory” or not sensitive enough, and receiving administrative action for DOING THEIR FREAKIN’ JOB!

It’s not a new thing – this has been going on for some time (there’s an older book about Oklahoma City and the lesser-known connections with foreign terrorists – The Third Terrorist – it’s now available on Kindle).

But the sheer numbers of suspicious foreigners entering the USA leads to the obvious question:

When is the Open Conflict scheduled to begin? Asking for a friend.

Enjoy the remaining part of the weekend, turn out for the parades, and remember those who could not be with you.


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  1. Well done Linda. Super itemic post.

    However, your last link was identical to the one two links earlier. I doubt you intended it that way.

  2. In the least shocking news of the day, the subway attacker was: a) black; and b) a repeat offender 

  3. Because the good pastor possesses moral courage, Trudeau and his government of Cheka thugs have done their best to ruin him.


    “Moral courage is the key. Physical courage is fairly commonplace, at least in moderation. Bravery in the face of real danger is rarer, but still common enough that you’ll find a few dozen cases of it on any battlefield. But moral courage is rarer than any other human trait.”

    “Moral courage?”

    “Courage enough to stand by your convictions and trust in your own judgement. That’s what you showed that night. You took it upon yourself to save that girl and to execute the bastards who were abusing her. You didn’t wait for some committee of designated bystanders to ratify your decision. You have no idea how rare that is.”

    [On Broken Wings]

    But moral courage threatens the Powers That Be: they who reserve unto themselves the privilege of saying “Thou shalt” and “Thou shalt not.” Therefore those who possess it must be hunted down and destroyed. Kyle Rittenhouse? Practically a bystander; after all, he was just defending himself. But Artur Pawlowski is the real deal. We could use a few million like him south of the 49th parallel.

  4. Did not get to any parades today, but did get to attend a surprise event for a vietnam vet.  One of my wife’s sewing buddies husband got a banner on the small town light pole.
    A bunch of his and her’s family, my wife and I and a few kids got to surprise him for the first he has seen it.
    A couple weeks ago I mentioned his wife said he had served.  I asked where.  He mumbled something about the highlands and that he did a lot of toilet burning duty.  I was kinda surprised to see his banner mentioned his 2 purple hearts.
    It was an honor to be there today.

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