I know there’s a word for this

It’s when you’re so brainwashed that every hard lesson ever learned by your ancestors is wiped clean from your skull, and you go through life making horrible mistakes because you never learned from history. What brought this to mind? A news story about a German woman who was killed by someone she should have avoided.

The short version – this woman met a Tunisian kid at a club, did drugs with him, brought him home for some horizontal mambo time, and when he couldn’t get it up (gosh, does being drunk and high mess with your ability there?) the young shithead choked her to death.

Let’s see here… getting drunk with strangers – nope, not good.

Using drugs with strangers – even worse than getting drunk with strangers.

Taking said drunk, high stranger to your home – just about as stupid as you can get.

Trying to have sex with drunk, high stranger – that’s upping the stupidity level.

Look, ladies…. the moment you hear that his name is Mohamed, you need to walk the fuck away. Full stop. That was the first stupid thing she did, she started getting intoxicated with a muslim. You know, the religion that likes to subjugate women? The religion where women are property? Yeah.

Reading this story is like watching someone dance in front of an oncoming fright train. I’m certain that the young lady was a “happy young woman” as her family stated. She was also dumber than a wet burlap sack of rocks, as evidenced by her action.

What made her so foolish? It’s like every warning system put into place all failed at the same time.


  1. I realize it’s an old movie, but “Looking For Mr. Goodbar” has that exact ending, except for the Muslim refugee angle…
    “History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme.”

  2. Today’s ‘women’ (really, girls) have a shaky moral sense. They are highly influenced by those around them, particularly those who will shame/bully them. Which most parents/family/friends are very careful NOT to do. Instead, they will couch their cautions in mealymouth words.
    That leaves the girls very vulnerable to those people (Leftists, Mean Girls, Feminists, etc.) who have a firm sense of ‘proper behavior’. Unfortunately, that ‘proper behavior’ always seems to include excessive drinking/drugs, sexually reckless behavior – even BETTER when it is with strangers, and putting on a persona of bravado/toughness, egged on by social media.
    It’s a recipe for disaster.

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