It’s all in what they don’t do

So Donald Trump is “guilty” of 34 felonies?

But we haven’t seen a single person from Epstein’s client list even get arrested. Despite the FBI having all the evidence for years.

We are ruled by corrupt, demonic pedophiles.


  1. “We are ruled by corrupt, demonic pedophiles.”
    Its beyond debate at this point.  Anybody unsure should be ejected from your circle of friends and family. When the SHTF, we have absolutely no need for mentally disabled people next to us in a foxhole. If they don’t see what’s going on, its because they have chosen not to see. They refuse to listen to the Truth. Don’t let them bring you down with them. 

  2. You called that right.
    My goal for the next few months:
    – Stay calm
    – Keep prepping
    – Get my radio setup built to where it needs to be
    – Keep in touch with allies
    – Pray

  3. Its a good list. Maybe we get lucky and the whole facade collapses in on itself. Then its a fight for control and I like our supply of weapons if not our odds. Worst case we just sit here as they tighten the noose. If so, I’m ready for the day they start coming door to door. I’m not budging.  

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