This Just MIGHT Persuade the Border States…

…That they made a hell of a mistake letting Biden steal the election.

Short-term? Patriots would be advised against coming to DC again, to protest. Biden’s people are just LOOKING for an excuse to shed blood. Tulsi Gabbard is warning of this already, and she is not wrong. (We need to covertly court her – she is both electable, and reachable – well, a hell of a lot better than a lot of the RINOs).

Rather, work locally:

  • Border communities, work with the Sheriff’s departments to become deputized, and plan on putting in some volunteer hours (also, start raising money to fund the department – a small amount will go a long way, locally).
  • At the state level, get assistance from the National Guard (in many of those states, the Guard has already been recalled from Washington).
  • Pass laws against hiring illegals. Make it a felony conviction to repeat that offense.
  • Get familiar with the RICO laws, and consider taking the factories or other facilities of those guilty of employment of illegals – it could be a presumptive attack.
  • Get legislators on board with state laws against employers putting those without E-Check-type verification to work – put HARSH penalties in the form of fines, and felonies for those doing the hiring. Make them have to pony up for lawyers. Authorize the deputies to raid the places doing this, and shut them down for the day.
  • Name them and shame them – put the photos of the offenders – those at the executive and board level – into the media. Kick them off the boards of charities, take away their wives’ little perks socially, and bring it home to them.
  • Organize local protests of social events that have those people at them. Make them look like the un-American scum they are. The Left made this a fair tactic – go Alinsky on them.

This next part is going to be difficult. It’s NOT to openly call for rebellion/insurrection, but to point out the abuses that the government is committing.

We have to forthrightly raise our voices at the wrongs, while refraining from any hint of violence. Let our listeners/readers draw their own conclusions.

It’s a fence that we walk – both to plainly point out the Constitutional abuses, assaults against Americans, and Leftist-approved violations of the human spirit.

While, at the same time, preparing for the worst case scenario.

We are under siege. At the same time, we have to act (openly) as though we are not. We have to resist the abuses, while NOT giving them an excuse to commit slaughter upon Americans.

I don’t know how to keep on that edge. It’s likely that this will turn kinetic at some point – I hope not. I’d like to think that even the Leftist-affiliated Democrats will come to their senses before that point.

But, while I’m hopeful, I’m not confident.

Be a (formerly known as) Boy Scout – Be Prepared. Also, thrifty, loyal, reverent, and all that other stuff.

This is troubling – Look, I realize that the Ughurs are being targeted for abuse by the Chinese. But, the place for them is a MUSLIM country, not the United States. We have our own problems, and don’t need an influx of more people from foreign cultures.

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  1. Amen.
    On the Uighur issue I’m not convinced it’s as represented.  Maybe yes, maybe no but I have in mind the dishonest campaigns to replace Assad and Gadaffi with zero attention given to any kind of a balanced assessment of risks and benefits to the affected populations.  Not to mention the huge US and UK investment in propaganda and subversion inside Syria.  Sure, I bet those morons are giving it to us straight.  So, with the Uighurs I want something a little more persuasive of some guys waiting outside in a large group and various overhead photos of what might be detention facilities (a/k/a prisons).
    Trump’s bombing of Shayrat air base purported to be because the Syrian Arab Government had attacked Khan Sheikhoun with sarin or “a sarin-like substance.”  A dubious claim at best.  And he waited all of two days before he acted.  
    The Turkish peoples of Asia have unleashed centuries of suffering and death on the rest of the world and as the Uighurs are Muslims I’m going to get wild and crazy and say that they’re as much of a pain in the rear to the Chinese as they are to the rest of the infidel world.  Cry me a river if the Chinese have zero tolerance for Muslim desires to dominate infidels and choose to take a no-nonsense approach to their Koran-inspired hostility and supremacism.

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