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So I needed blood drawn today.  Went to the local lab clinic and there were “You must wear a mask” on signs everywhere.

I didn’t.

Nobody said anything.  Maybe they assumed I’ve been Jabbed.  But it didn’t say anything about “If you’re vaccinated, no mask” just Thou Shalt Wear a Face Diaper plastered everywhere.

F that.

And if they ask to see my certificate?  “I’m sorry, I don’t speak German”…  And while this image is offensive, I beg our host’s tolerance – for it is becoming increasingly apt:



All over the webz is the news of the Massachusetts tracker / alert system being stealth-installed.  Checked my phone.  Yup.



Uninstalled.  And I’ll check every few days to see if it gets put back on.  Certainly nobody asked my permission to put this on my phone.

Per a person I know who knows this stuff, the only way to be sure your phone is not on-even-if-off is to take out the battery.  And, possibly, foil around it to boot.

And in reading the Boston Glob piece about this, one comment struck me (bolding added):

MassNotify, a free service developed in conjunction with Apple and Google, works anonymously and “does not track” users or divulge their information…

Pack your bags and get in the cattle car, Comrade.  Trust us, when you get to the work camp it’s only a shower first. How f*cking naive can a person be?



There is a medical consensus – such as it is – that our hyperclean lifestyle is what is triggering our immune systems who, no longer challenged, develop allergies as the immune system hasn’t learned to differentiate between real threats from pathogens and non-threats like pollen, etc.  That’s why I’ve had no great issue with our kids playing outdoors, getting dirty, etc., even as my wife screams bloody murder about them getting filthy.  In parallel, Bill Whittle – in the long video I referenced earlier here – discussed the “Worry Gene” and implied that, absent actual things to worry about, we’ll invent things to worry about.

In watching, particularly, my younger kid whining about not having the right kind of ketchup or whatever, there are times when I openly say BRING ON THE EMP ALREADY.  I’ve already been trying to introduce them to foraging, and make the point: it may not taste great, but it’ll keep you alive.



One last observation.

The more I think about, for example, the 2012 election – in which I was utterly baffled that Barackus could have won despite his flexibility comment on a hot mike – the more I am completely convinced that elections have been gamed for cycle after cycle, and for decades.

It was only the DS / globalists who were so desperate to stop Trump that they pulled out all the stops and thus, to thinking and observant people, got caught with their over-the-top skullduggery.  So chalk up another thing for which Trump should be thanked.


  1. You’re right about the long history of election fraud.  It seems naive to think that insiders would not have had their thumbs on the scales for decades only to be defeated when popular presidents left office and the subsequent Dem contender proved to be weak or the Republican contender unusually and unexpectedly popular.  Minor tinkering couldn’t git ‘er done.  Having been burned by Trump they were indeed motivated to throw caution to the winds.  Not to mention common decency and patriotism.  And then there’s the big lockdown.  Was that the objective all along.  Forget the virus.  Don’t let a golden opportunity go to waste and set the stage for massive fraud with the mail in “necessity.”  The swine can think ahead, they can.  Oh, yes.
    Related observation:  Hillary was taken to task for avoiding the three important states that she lost.  Betcha she was casual about bothering with them because . . . ta da . . . she knew the boys and girls had her back there in the counting booths.  Turns out it wasn’t enough so next time no one took any chances.  Now the media and the RINOs help out by selling the “it was fair” and “time to move on” nonsense.

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