Formerly Unconscionable Connections

News item: Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China

The following are questions our society would almost certainly have insisted be asked in another era.

  • Have you asked what is the source of your life-saving organ?
  • To what soul or grieving family may you direct thanks for it?
  • If you asked, did you get an answer?
  • Do you believe it?

Now an observation.

    When Covid-19 was blamed on the Live Market, we learned that Chinese will literally eat anything.

Finally, two more questions:

  • In such a society, may cannibalization be viewed as a step up or a step down from a more primitive practice?
  • Care to identify which segment of America appears to be little different from their counterparts in China?

For those who feel uncomfortable providing answers, no answer is necessary. The rest of us won’t turn our backs. Personally, I’ll suffer and even die rather than seek, let alone accept, any “donated” organ. I no longer live in the society won, preserved and most of all promised by my ancestors.


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    • robert orians on July 3, 2021 at 2:24 PM

    I had the state take my organ donor script off of my drivers license because I no longer trust that my organs would be freely and fairly donated to a needy family . Can we trust this state to do anything fairly and with honesty ? 

      • Stuart on July 3, 2021 at 3:01 PM

      Don’t know which “state” you are referring to but no matter what the chattering classes are babbling about, America is not heathen China. Your organs, when they become surplus to your requirements, do indeed save the lives of others. Oft times several lives at once. As a member of the medical community, I assure you this is true.

      1. MDs once all took the Hippocratic Oath and lived it too. How sure are you, medical community member, that the organs you are using were taken without harm being done another? Also, cannibalism may have a new look. Or do you feel that bit too unconscionable a consideration?

  1. I, too, took my name of the donor list from my driver’s license.  Given the amounts of money that everyone makes from them, I have grave concerns about the incentives to get me declared dead so as to harvest them.


  2. I still am on the donor list.
    You can’t manufacture hearts, kidneys or eyes.

    If they are not available, someone doesn’t get one.

    1. While artificial organs are not yet reliable, they are investments with much upside potential wherever human life is still held as sacred. Too many of the affluent already view lesser mortals as cheaper than dirt. “And besides the Earth has too many CO2 generators anyway.”

      Why bother to investigate and invest in artificial organs when middle American youngsters can be smuggled into America and “disappear?” I cannot countenance organ donation as long as the affluent feel and believe as they do and have no worries of suffering repercussions on this side of the veil.

  3. @Pascal:

    A life is a life is a life, and a life saved is a wonderful thing.  But you are correct in thinking that the wealthy really do see us as their cattle, ready to be harvested when the need for their elite selves requires.

    1. @Nitzakhon There’s a reason Connections is part of the title of this thread. Looks like you are on the threshold to go the extra step Nitz.

      The latter group you acknowledged gains cover to achieve its malevolence from the benign appearance of the first group. Its members have the money to throw around and they have “evolved” the moral sector.

      At one time it was universally condemned to gain from a corpse. So it is not even simply the love of money alone that is at the root of this evil. Thus, for me, accepting an organ even when the donor is both volitional and known remains troublesome.

      My avatar speaks to how Blaise Pascal felt and I feel about how the too wealthy and influential “smart” set bend morality to their agenda. The stink of Probabilism is far worse today, more universal, than in 1650.

      Personally it remains extremely hard for me to affiliate with religious groups who clearly know what Hashem expects of them but have become mightily influenced by wealthy donors to provide apologetics, to tailor their view, or to simply look the other way. All the established religions and many of the smaller units suffer from it. Pray for deeper understanding and justice.

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