It’s a 1st World Problem, I Know

But, the last few days have been mega frustrating. My internet has been in and out. Completely out, I could live with. You just put down the e-thingies, and go about your life.

But, when it SOMETIMES works for brief periods, and then abruptly cuts off, it’s maddening.
The service person won’t be here until late Wednesday afternoon.

I’m in the mist of my annual recertification, and it’s all online since Covid. I have to finish in the next week, or I won’t have time to also train and test with the carriers before the window closes.

I did part of the review at the library in 60 minute increments, but it’s noisy and hard to concentrate.

I really shouldn’t complain, but it does relieve my stress.

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  1. Noisy at the library? That’s not a 1st World problem. That was rarely a problem for long in the former 1st world.

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