Hatred Of Children

     If you think for a living – I do – you’re constantly on the lookout for unities: themes that make comprehensive logical sense of what’s happening around you. You desperately want to find such themes, because without them, there’s little chance of making sense of the balls of chaos we call society and politics. And of course, what you can’t make sense of is very hard to cope with, much less change.

     (For reasons of “equal time,” I will mention that this contrasts sharply with the C.S.O.’s pronouncement on ontological matters, which she issued early on in our acquaintance: “Shit happens. Get used to it.” Why yes, she does have a degree in philosophy. However did you guess?)

     From here I could continue in several directions, but from the title you know which one I’ve chosen to address this morning. Have a few links:

     I’ve written on other occasions that abortion is the Left’s sacrament, the issue that they will defend to the death: our death, not theirs. Combine their abortion hysteria with their promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, their celebration of consequence-free promiscuity, their hostility toward the “wife, mother, and homemaker” style of femininity, and their insistence on “women as rulers.” What pops out of the slot isn’t pro-natal. It’s resolutely anti-natal.

     (Whoops! I almost forgot the Left’s drive to normalize pedophilia! Perhaps my memory was dimmed by my outrage. It happens now and then.)

     If you’re against the production of children, you’re unlikely to regard already-born children with favor. And indeed, as Andrea “Bookworm” Widburg notes, whenever the Democrats address children, it’s to damage them:

     Democrats have told black children that the laws are racist and police are evil. The result is that a generation of Black children believes that a life of criminality is a fight against racism. Sure, it’s fun to raid a Wawa with your friends, but these same young people will find themselves in prison when law and order are eventually restored (as they must be for repression always follows anarchy) or, worse, on the receiving end of a bullet.

     Democrats have told all children that gender is meaningless, creating a generation of confused young people that are alienated from their own bodies and biological realities. The results are tragic. The results are things only a pedophile could love…

     Democrats have encouraged parents from third-world countries to send their children over the border. The result is sex trafficking.

     Democrats have encouraged decriminalizing pot and other drugs. The result is a generation of young people mired in substance abuse, including just the lethargy and apathy of pot.

     Democrats have supported TikTok (which Trump tried to cancel). The Chinese-run platform is now encouraging young Americans to stop working or to do a minimal amount of work.

     (No one likes to talk about the damage to inter-generational bonds being done by female careerism, either. Just you wait, tootsie. You’d better hope that when you get to my age, you’re still strong and healthy. Whatever kids you’ve produced aren’t likely to want to look after you in your dotage.)

     I could go on, but the pattern is far too clear to require it. Besides, my Gentle Readers are a bright bunch. Many have probably already caught on to The Plan.

  • The Left hates itself.
  • But admitting that hurts. Therefore, the Left prefers to hate you.
  • But doing anything about that is too much like work. So the Left attacks your progeny.
  • What’s that? You’re pregnant? No problem! We have a range of options, including abortion. Choose as you prefer!
  • You went and had the BLEEP!ing kid, did you? Well, we can always turn him into a homosexual or a “transgender.”
  • Failing that, we’ll surround him with members of the opposite sex who have no interest in anything but money, material things, and orgasms!

     And there was much rejoicing…among those who hate themselves, et cetera.

     To quote Dave Barry: No, I am not making this up. The evidence is all around you. Examine it and decide for yourself whether your Curmudgeon is a visionary or a hysteric. It won’t affect my bank balance either way.

     But do have a nice day.


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    • Mad Celt on October 3, 2022 at 7:26 AM

    The biggest mistake made was the cockeyed idea that, in the beginning, we could coexist or even compromise with these people. There can be no peace with a people who place no value upon life.

  1. What was uncovered here is likely just the tip of the iceberg. As I recalled here, the press has been noticeably in harness with moneyed interests since the early 1990s. All sorts of press.

    In a prepared statement, Liz Ferguson, Wiley senior vice president of research publishing for Wiley, said that attacks on research integrity such as paper mills, manipulated peer review, and image duplication and doctoring “are sophisticated and appear to be coordinated.”

    Sophisticated and coordinated as is systemic.

    The predators did not expand their moves against children and their parents until they had a significant number of “studies” that endorsed their actions. And, of course, the muscle of the consensus so established to blunt contrary findings and to destroy scientists who performed them and those who defended the uncompromised scientists.

    They fear our numbers not simply because of our mass, but because they know the truth is on our side.

    • The Night Wind on October 3, 2022 at 3:39 PM

    Sadly the last several years have shown that this isn’t a problem unique to the Left. Our side stood down on Cultural issues and let the Left hijack the schools, media, the juvenile justice system, etc. Our side doesn’t care about kids any more than the Left does. Proof of this happened during the Scamdemic when the Right—even over the objections of the Left—demanded reopening of public schools. That’s even though they knew fully well what was going on in these infernos, and many schools required masking and loyalty vaxxes. “Conservative” parents went right along with it; just like they’ve gone along with Marxist revisionism and the homo agenda in the schools.

    It took our side nearly half a century even to repeal abortion partially, and we’ve been learning how many on the Right actually were invested in things like fetal-tissue research all along. Yes, the Left is wrong and evil: but I don’t see much ground for our side to be pointing fingers.

    1. “Our Side”™ seems fitting now, doesn’t it? Our side consists of conservatives, subdivided into two main categories that compete for loyalties

      • Principled
      • Principaled

      The second dominates because “money is the mother’s milk of politics” — attributed to Jesse Unruh (of California of course.)

      I could add much more that your fine observation incites in me, but I just wished to remind all readers that both our host and myself have in the past been lured by the Libertarian cause because at least they started out touting PRINCIPLES until drugs and other relatively minor issues came to predominate in that party.

  2. Pascal, both you and Fran are far more cerebral than I.

    My objection to the anti-child push was a more visceral one; partly instinctive, partly based on my experiences as a young Catholic woman. I had the blessing of a family and a faith that strive to develop a moral conscience.

    1. Almost certainly the enemy intends for us to act so viscerally that anger from “our side” will give them what they seek.

      This, for instance, seems intentional and is no gaffe.

      Biden’s Secretary of Defense sponsored a Rand paper which claims abortion is vital to national security. The paper, “How the Dobbs Decision Could Affect U.S. National Security”, warns that the inability to promptly kill children due to the Supreme Court’s decision will lead to “higher health care, child care, and education costs”.

      Biden’s Defense Department Urges Killing U.S. Babies for National Security

  3. Fran, you may have some choice words for commenter “Aesop” here: https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2022/10/this-sounds-suspiciously-close-to.html

    And it occurs to nobody, not even Peter, that the procedures for which they are advocating is nothing more than cannibalism by other means. For certain there are many chomping at the bit (if you will) for their turn at a portion of the corpses, available by any means necessary, “just don’t tell me about it.”

    1. I haven’t bothered with either Peter or Aesop for some time, Pas. I don’t intend to start now. The procedure described in that piece is horrifying for several reasons, not the least of which is the business about “allowing terminal patients to die.” Ten seconds’ thought about the implications of that statement is enough to freeze the blood, especially in these days of “physician-assisted suicide,” “quality of life” assessments, and the “Groningen protocol.” But there are some people who can’t afford that much thought…and others who’d deem the procedure acceptable as long as they weren’t on the dirty end of the stick.

      In this world there are persons with no moral vision: consciences they ignore or cannot hear. Unfortunately, their number seems to be rising.

      1. I defer to your judgment Fran. I was already afraid that was the best way to handle it (waste of our breath,) hence my choice of the word “may.”

        I hope it was enough for me to remind Peter that he once endorsed my “Beware of Living Wills” posting (from 2011.) That was when the progenitors of wide-spread organ harvesting were simply luring future victims to unwittingly volunteer to enlarge their inventory.

    • Scott on October 4, 2022 at 8:15 PM

    Everyone must start to see the truth and fact in the statement he makes here. His statement makes the augment that the government recognizes a fetus as a child and that goes against what the PRO DEATH group pushes. :””promptly kill children”” and we must start to pick up on these key words and use them against them in public so we can show how stupid and mixed up they really are

    ( Biden’s Secretary of Defense sponsored a Rand paper which claims abortion is vital to national security. The paper, “How the Dobbs Decision Could Affect U.S. National Security”, warns that the inability to promptly kill CHILDREN due to the Supreme Court’s decision will lead to “higher health care, child care, and education costs”.)

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