Good reason to be suspicious of “Citizen Free Press”

To this post, 80 Canadian doctors have ‘died suddenly’… I left a short comment that read something like “Of course. Killing off effective healers would be a primary item on the agenda of our ever more openly active Death Cults.”

I went back today to see if anyone responded to it and it was gone. I sorted their comment stream with oldest first. Then searched for my name and even death cult, but nothing. It was gone.

And this is not the first time this has happened. Another comment on a Tucker thread got removed a few days ago, and another one on some other topic last week.

I left this following inquiry comment and it immediately disappeared. Tried again. Ditto.

Hey Moderators: Enough already. This is not the first time. Why have you been deleting my comments? Or are you merely the popular front for corporate media?

My most recent comment, the one I left on this thread yesterday afternoon, would be precisely the sort of thing the big guys would never permit being said. You have my email address. I am sharing this event with others. But you have no worries, I’m just a nobody, right? [emphasis added]

I will inform you should they send me that email. I am not holding my breath.

Now why would MSM want to have a popular front? To post stories they figure could anger some nutcases could never cross the mind of corporate media honchos, now could it?

One more thing I’d forgotten about until today.
More than a month ago there was some cultural story that inspired me to write something like “maybe the fault lies with us having been too tolerant and careless about what lunatics say.”

Something I’ve never seen happen before to anyone happened to me. In a very short time (maybe a half hour) my comment was super “popular.” It had 18 NEGATIVE votes. Almost no way that could happen unless the mods had something to do with it. But I shrugged and forgot about it until today.


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  1. Hmmmm…….Maybe you need a new keyboard. The characters you type are not sticky enough and fall off the message boards.

    • Dan on October 20, 2022 at 11:48 AM

    LOL.  Of course comments the left doesn’t approve of are deleted on most websites.  Big Tech is owned by the left and works assiduously to serve the lefts agenda.

    1. You get my point. The site of the title plays to the Right but its comment policy screams “we’re owned by the Establishment.”
      Maybe we should have learned from its chosen name. Citizen’s Free Press? People’s Republic? The Progs have an historic pattern.

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