One Trait Of An (“R”) Stalinist

Doug Mastriano was never a super candidate. I think he’s now sustained the voters’ impression that prevented him from ever igniting a following. His run wasn’t real. He was and is loyal opposition. Today he’s come out and fully endorsed the old party line of “just vote more, like the Democrats do, and we’ll win.”

Epoch Times just published this under Viewpoints: 2022 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election: After Action Review.

I did not have to read very far into it to spot a recognizable pattern. Mastriano won’t even suggest the possibility that election integrity is now a myth. Instead he is supporting essentially the system developed under Stalin. I am calling this out as one trait of a Stalinist because it fits the following

  1. Everyone must vote.
  2. But we’ll do the counting.

The object is to keep up appearances while guaranteeing the outcome. So, IMHO, he’s just another statist knowingly undermining our national charter. SKUNCs are detestable, as they are very hard to distinguish from traitors. They know how dangerous their position is, so the gaslighting must continue. The article that started me on this rant is simply more of it.


    • Dan on January 19, 2023 at 5:51 PM

    The GOP is merely the “Washington Generals” to the lefts Globetrotters.   They exist to perpetuate the illusion of choice.  I doubt there is more than a dozen honest trustworthy patriotic GOP politicians in Congress. The rest areshills for the criminal commie left.   TINVOWOOT 

    1. I get so tired of saying and writing as explicitly as you have that I felt the need to provide yet another example, by highlighting the SKUNC’s own words and lack of them.

      To borrow from another metaphor, we keep hearing TINVOWOOT, but we don’t see any eggs.

    • Uniparty Uber Alles on January 19, 2023 at 10:51 PM

    CPUSA/Grand Old Politburo=Uniparty.

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