The Chronicle of The DC, 13Jul23: Jab & Castrate

For the purpose of Death Cult Chronicling, simply listen to the following from just before 28 minutes to just after 31.

In that space Andrew Tate notes the ongoing attempts to liquidate military age males [PF: the jab, with little wiggle room for the enlisted] and to eunuchize [PF: trans inducements and coercion] as many survivors as can be finagled.

You may or may not choose to listen to all 210 minutes. But even without knowing his side of the story, that three minute segment is enough to inform you why Tate was first canceled and now persecuted.

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    • George True on July 14, 2023 at 2:34 PM

    I took your advice and watched the entire interview.  Wow!  I say again, just…..WOW.  It was without a doubt the most amazing interview I have ever seen.  The best two hours I have spent in a very long time.
    Imagine having the opportunity to hear a live interview with one of the greatest Stoic philosophers of all time, say Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius.  This was that good. 
    In addition to being extremely well-spoken and articulate, Andrew Tate also has an incredibly rare and accurate understanding of the psychological motivations behind the very real all-out war that is being waged against the West and particularly the United States today.

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