Assume Trump Is A Living Emmanuel Goldstein. What Then?

Anyone who ever read Orwell has likely had this assumption cross their mind. But it is the “What Then?” that becomes a very difficult problem to contemplate.

Let’s explore the reasons for the difficulty simply arising from even thinking about the assumption.

  1. Getting people who like Trump to accept any notion that he’s an establishment creation.
  2. Getting people to take seriously as grand a conspiracy as this assumption requires.
  3. Being prepared to accept attacks orchestrated by the conspirators.
  4. The first three problems create the fourth: finding enough people who have courage enough to withstand charges of, respectively, suffering from TDS, being a conspiracy nut, or a dangerous counter-revolutionary.

I’m willing to bet I haven’t exhausted all the problems simply from raising the possibility, only that these three seem to be the most apparent to begin with.

And you will notice I haven’t even begun to consider:

What Then?

I am not sure anyone who is reading this has a clue as to what to do even if Trump is a legitimately pro American man. The leadership of every American institution — public, private, clerical, charitable — appears to be manned by those predicted by Robert Conquest’s Third Law.

But to a certain extent, once we consider the assumption plausible enough, it does throw out the likelihood that the normal channels of politics are ever going to provide a solution to rescue America from those who’ve usurped her.

Let us look at a series of facts that made it possible for Trump to become a creation of the enemy.

  1. The very notion of the TEA Party was instigated by a member of corporate media. The idea grew out of so much material produced by American bloggers and from callers to the top Talkshows. Only the Right made any headway in advancing ideas. The Left only succeeded where they could block the info coming from the Right, and then poorly at that. Leftist Air America was a huge flop. It was a failed effort to regain all that the old liberal talkers lost after Rush became the Big Dog.
  2. As has became known about a decade ago , IRS commissioner Lois Lerner prevented the formation of any organization that had any suggestion of TEA Party in its charter. No clear leader grew out of the few that formed. Learner retired and suffered no consequences. What unmistakable signal could that have sent to other deeply partisan DC bureaucrats?
  3. Trump became a star out of the blue with his Apprentice show. “You’re fired!” became his tagline, and it is remembered to this day. Yet this is one area where he arguably most let down those who counted on him to rid us of demigod like agents. Still virulently active are those who fined, confiscated property, and imprisoned people; their victims never granted a legitimate defense in court or even any court hearing.
  4. Trump was able to destroy in the primaries all opponents, using lies and distortions, all with the help of the same corporate media (he bragged how he had to spend so little money in the primaries) that would become his ardent enemy the day he secured the GOP nomination.
  5. The media built him up, and then turned on a dime and began the “two minutes hate” for 24/7/365, so that Trump Derangement Syndrome far exceeded Orwell’s dystopic indoctrination method. O’Brien was the author of Goldstein’s manifesto. Who or what media team was and is writing Trump’s scripts?

Then let’s look at the things for which Trump is known to have done poorly with but for which his fans — helped by the media again — never seem to remember or are too willing to overlook because “Who else talks like Trump? We NEED his fire!!!!”

  1. “You’re Fired” hardly made an appearance. Him not firing Sessions until too late, and not firing Barr nor Fauci. Or hiring Wray. Or backing McConnell and Romney for reelection. Again, I’m sure I’m overlooking many more names.
  2. The lockdowns. No big box biz, and all but selective businesses shut down, mostly Mom and Pops. You’ve seen the weird lists: Churches and gyms shuttered, but brothels and rioters are ok. Lost jobs. Kids out of school. Preschoolers having their growth retarded by forced masking.
  3. Operation Warp Speed. Dangerous, deadly; but lucrative and free from liability for scumbags. Was that only stupid or could it be far worse than stupid?
  4. The beginning of multi-trillion dollar deficits every year since 2020. Inflation is only the most noticeable component. So many people who will never again work to live — or at least until the collapse as dreamed of by those who love Cloward-Piven.
  5. Every decent executive order he signed was reversed on Biden’s first day in office. And Biden increased the numbers of EOs. If rule by fiat was ok under Trump, why isn’t it ok under Biden? Did anyone who loved the way Trump ruled ever think it could come back to bite them?
  6. The best thing to come of rule by EO was that it proved that all the good ideas that TEA Party thinking came up with WILL WORK if only we could be rid of the wealthy bastards and foreign enemy globalists who hate America and Americans.

I still do not have an answer to “What Then?”

It probably doesn’t matter. I fear the reluctance to be courageous enough to really consider that the primary assumption is a real issue is too great.

I don’t even have the strength left to finish editing this properly. I want to publish this before I have second thoughts and chicken out.

At least I had felt compelled to risk scorn and hatred for bringing it up. Come on. Attack me. Let’s see what you got.


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    • Botched_Lobotomy on July 20, 2023 at 11:07 PM

    If Trump is just another actor playing a role for the Globalists then there are only two options left. Either submit or start refreshing Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty. If they actually put Trump in jail though I think that would be hard to reconcile with him being part of the conspiracy. I guess we’ll see.
    I would note that they really do seem to hate him and not want him to be president again. I realize that could be part of the ploy and perhaps the people running everything haven’t told their media minions that Trump is one of them so their hatred wouldn’t have to be faked and possibly seen through.
    Another interesting aspect to consider about having to ask whether Trump is part of the conspiracy is that we’re at a point where we have no idea what to believe anymore. They have successfully gotten us to question everything we believe and we have no idea what is true anymore. So whether or not  Trump is part of the conspiracy, they have succeeded in causing us to be doubtful and tentative because we don’t know what to believe anymore.  In this state, its much easier to push us in any direction they want. 

    1. One of the reasons I have no firm answer for What Then? is your second option. Who is the general and his staff to organize the opposition? Trained and armed by whom? And guerilla tactics, such as suggested in the novel Unintended Consequences, was conceived before cell phones, GPA, chips and cameras were everywhere and before hog excrement was subjectable to DNA testing.

      On your second point. Group think makes hatred of him an easy thing. No need to fake it and the radicals love it (see Rules for Radicals.)

      As to your last point involving paranoia and uncertainty: without faith in a Higher Power, victims can indeed be pushed in whatever direction the predators choose.

    • Mike in Canada on July 21, 2023 at 8:22 AM

    You have no idea, then, how often this subject comes up in polite conversation…. since COVID, since Whitewater, since any number of malfeasant events that have been largely ignored or at the very least gone unexamined to any useful degree…
    I for one am now at the point where it really doesn’t matter. Here in Canada, the writing has been on the wall for decades; it is only recently that it become sufficiently legible that anyone still denying its message is either monumentally stupid or in on it.
    The choices before us are equally clear, and stark, and difficult. This is not new.
    Carlin said it was a big club, and none of us were in it. I see no reason to suspect that Pres Trump is any different, given his background. Regardless, expecting one man to do the work of generations in a few short years is patently ridiculous, even if of pure intent.
    I see no way out of this that does not involve rule308. God help us.

    1. The piece is by Pascal, Mike.

    2. You are blessed then that it ever comes up.

      Maybe it comes up in Canada and not in America has much more to do with the differences in our constitution.

      I sadly suspect so many Americans of my generation have a much stronger faith in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers than in God, and so revere the Constitution as if it were a foundation of a religion based on reason and hope (that man’s dark side can be held in check forever) than one based on faith in the order found in nature.

      There is a mountain of evidence at least suggesting the universe was built by a Hidden Hand, and a sadly ever-growing mountain of evidence that too much power centralized in too few men cannot ever be held in check for long. Faith in the constitution alone is far too insufficient and we have found out the hard way.

    • OneGuy on July 21, 2023 at 10:03 AM

    This all begs the question.  Without exception everyone opposed to Trump, or more correctly what Trump represents, is either duplicitous, ignorant or a traitor.  Don’t waste your time arguing that there is a fourth or fifth possibility just acknowledge your bias and go from there.  There was an insurrection, in fact two.  The first one occurred in Nov 2008 and the second in Nov 2016.  Your country has been taken over, stolen from you.  That fact isn’t even arguable, we are all sitting here watching them loot everything.  But there was a hiccup in the looting and that was Trump.  Some 80-85 million voters were not duplicitous, ignorant or a traitor and they elected Trump.  Yes the Dems cheated in 2016 just as they have cheated in every election in our lifetime (since 1865) but they believed their own MSM and thought Trump would lose so they failed to cheat enough.  A failure that the over compensated for in 2020.  The movement isn’t “Trump” although he is essential to it at this time.  The movement is the 85 million voters and the families they represent and THAT is not going away no matter what.  This can be peaceful (well, I’m actually doubtful that it can be at this point) or we can acknowledge that about half of Americans are really pissed at the looting the other half is doing and allow a free and honest election.   But the duplicitous won’t allow it nor will the traitors and the ignorant will just allow their vote to be bought as usual.  

    1. You’ve sounded in the past to be entirely in the group identified in problem number one. It is very hard to separate Trump from the TEA Party sentiment that he came to represent. And that will remain the troubling part for us.

      Reagan told us the TEA Party rise was inevitable, and although that particular speech wound up in the official memory hole, I remembered enough of it to reproduce a key portion of which I republished here at Liberty’s Torch: A Deliberately Buried Extension of Reagan’s Political Model.

      The sentiment is America herself, and is far bigger than any single man. What’s lacking today is the faith and courage and vision that existed in Americans of 1776.

      As an aside. You noted only two insurrections: 2008, and 2016. How come you didn’t include Nov 4, 2020?

    • OneGuy on July 21, 2023 at 9:53 PM

    I realize I wasn’t clear in describing Nov 2016 as an insurrection.  What I was referring to is what took place in the Obama administration and all the alphabet agencies after Trump won.  That insurrection lasted over four years to include the 2020 election.  You could easily argue it continues today.  Insurrection, coup, a rose by any other name.  The Obama/Clinton faction supported by foreign countries and billionaires continues.   

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