The Chronicle of the DC, 27 Aug 23: Admission By Inuendo

In attempting to assure Maui residents that help would eventually come to them, the White House tweeted they were — ahem — laser-focused:

Well, the Dew Point is where the temperature drops to the point that water-vapor condenses out of the atmosphere.

The DEW point is where a high temperature laser is targeted.

I don’t believe our Sus worshiping enemy has a conscience, so there is no way this was a Freudian slip. So I’d interpret it more along the lines of:

“Yeah, we coulda done it. So what do you think you’re gonna do about if we did?”


    • Drumwaster on August 27, 2023 at 8:13 PM

    I’d like to note the difference between the “one-time $700 payment per household” as opposed to the $1,000/night hotel rooms being used by FEMA and other officials.
    Cue the “No More Kings” episode of School House Rock.

    1. Sadly our public servants overlords have not yet exhausted finding ways to demonstrate their contempt for us, their constituents subjects. Guaranteed they’re moving their printed dollars into something that retains value that is more substantial — perhaps even land that has recently been stripped of structures and awaiting federal credit for builders, eh? They have even been granted 5 star accommodations as they decide what parcels to purchase.

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