Category: victimism

The Process Observed

     Every now and then, a case of the Left’s victimism-power tactic is played out where we can see it. You know the sequence: An “oppressed group” pleads for tolerance. Once tolerance has been obtained, the plea changes to social acceptance. Once acceptance is in hand, the group presses for mandatory inclusion. Inclusion having been …

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Charles Manson Might Have Called It Accurately

     You have to be fairly old, and have an unusually good memory for atrocities involving celebrities, to remember the details of the Manson Family murders. One that tends to slip recall is the prophecy Charles Manson laid upon his followers:      Manson believed in what he called “Helter Skelter”, a term he took from …

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Don’t Push It, Friends

     Though I’m a Catholic Christian, I have often been extremely vocal in support and defense of our Jewish cousins. They are demonstrably the most persecuted identifiable demographic cohort over the two millennia behind us. When I encounter anti-Semitism on the Web, I slap it down hard.      But then, every so often, I encounter …

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