Category: war between the sexes

Trends In The Sociopsychology Of The Fairer Sex

     I have no idea whether that’s a recognized field of study. Well, perhaps it is now, as I’m a scholar of sorts, and I’ve been studying it. And I have found a “red thread” that runs among the angriest female voices in American life:      They have nothing to offer us but their anger. …

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The Gods Of The Not Quite Copybook Headings

     You know the old Kipling poem, don’t you? You should, really. Like many of his poems, it speaks of something beyond our preferences: laws that no amount of human effort or ingenuity can repeal. That there are such laws is a reflection of what Clarence Carson called “the moral order of the universe.” That …

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Is Comment Required?

     There are days when even an idiot would easily draw the moral:      In this purported hot sauce incident, a few weeks back, Drake had allegedly met up with some model on Instagram at a party, and the two ventured back to his hotel room. Reports note that Drake and this woman engaged in …

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