Gosh, what are the odds?

I mean, I’m totally sure that the people attacking a movie that exposes child sex trafficking and pedophelia are doing it for the noblest of reasons, right?


What IS IT with these Leftist rags trying to tie ‘Sound of Freedom’ to Q? Guys, gals, whatever you call yourselves, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING is sadly very real and an issue that should never be partisan. If you find yourself defending child sex trafficking to own the cons, you’re a horrible person.

And quite possibly connected to pedophilia … like the writer of that piece up there.

At this point I’m forced to consider the fact that anyone attacking the movie “The Sound of Freedom” is in some way connected to child sex slavery. I’ve intuitively known that child trafficking was huge business for years. Sometimes you have to look at where things don’t make sense, where the dog doesn’t bark. Why, I can almost here you yell at me for examples.

How about the fact that Jeffery Epstein was sentenced and jailed for sex trafficking, his “assistant” Ghislain Maxwell was also sentenced and jailed for being his accomplice, and yet we still don’t have any word from the FBI or any US investigative agencies on just who it was that was having sex with kids and teens on Epstein’s Pedo Island. All those names in Epstein’s little black book. The thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours of video and audio proof that Epstein himself collected on the creeps that the FBI has in their possession. None of it will ever see the light of day. And why is that?

Because if those names ever came out, huge swaths of our government would be implicated. Look at the drooling Chinese hand puppet installed in the Oval Office. Look at what he does any time there’s a kid around. That man is a pedophile. He’s just so crippled by senile dementia that he can’t hide it in public any more. His own daughter wrote in her diary that she would wait until he went to bed before she would take a shower, because otherwise he would force her to shower with him.

But I digress. Here we have the write of an opinion piece is Bloomberg railing against a movie that rips the cover off of child sex trafficking, and apparently Bloomberg didn’t bother to see if this guy was a certain flavor of pervert.


Let’s be blunt, shall we? The Left has for years now been defending sex with children. They might not have been as blunt about it as Noah Berlatsky has been, but it has been constant. Anyone remember that obnoxious cow Whoopie Goldberg defending Roman Polanski? “It wasn’t rape-rape” she wheezed into a microphone. Ah, so drugging a fourteen year old girl and anally sodomizing her isn’t “rape-rape”? Good to know.

These people, these death cultists, can be part of more than one cult. The cult that many of them belong to is something I call “The Cult of the Almighty Orgasm”. Their orgasm is their ultimate goal. All that matters is their orgasm, and anything that gets in the way of their orgasm is bad. Hell, their participation in this cult is why Monkeypox is still spreading. Would you like to know how to stop the spread of Monkeypox? Stop having group orgies with anonymous men. But even in a world where we were told we couldn’t see grandma because a virus would kill everyone within 30 feet of an infected person, did the government, controlled by Leftism, tell gay men to stop having anonymous orgies? Did any government official tell gay men to stop having random sex with random men?

It says quite a bit about the people involved, doesn’t it? The cult shall not be denied by its members.

The California Legislature, a group of Leftists and Democrats in lockstep with their cult status, blocked a bill that makes child sex trafficking a serious felony. They only reversed course after a large public outcry. The implications of that are mind-boggling. Given the chance to prosecute child sex trafficking, California refused to do so until forced into it by public rage. Tell me, by what reasoning would someone refuse to prosecute child sex traffickers?

You know the answer, folks. Just like you know the reason so many people on the Left object to a movie that exposes the truth about child sex trafficking. If some movie came out that attacked motorcycle riding, or the joy of bacon, or a fine glass of whiskey, I would object most strenuously because I enjoy those things.

Look around at how many people are screaming in rage over the movie exposing child sex slavery. And act accordingly.


    • Chicolini on July 18, 2023 at 4:55 AM

    Berlatsky. Every. Damn. Time.

    • George Mckay on July 18, 2023 at 6:14 AM

    There have been multiple lists circulated that may or may not be correct of all the “visitors” to Epstein’s island.  The same names crop up and they are in the entertainment industry, government at all levels and academe.  The REAL list must be published and the vermin brought to justice.  
    Kiddie diddling is not only a vile and disgusting practice for moral reasons it violates man’s law and more impotantly God’s law.  Children have so much to deal with without these degenerates using them for their deviant and disgusting pleasure.  Kids should be protected from these vermin but, it would seem those who are supposed to be protecting them are just as guilty as the rest.  Let kids be kids.  Why is this so difficult for some to grasp?   Because they only care about their pleasure – their orgasms if you will.  Cut their peckers off and stuff them down their throats is a good start.  But I digress,  that would be “cruel and unusual” now wouldn’t it?

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