It’s amazing what happens when you enforce the law

Texas shows how it’s done

.It shouldn’t be a shock that when you enforce the laws and shut down the border, illegal criminals stop coming through. And we all know this, even the National Socialist Democrat Worker’s Party, who is now being stymied in their goal of flooding the country through mass illegal entry. Of course, we now have anywhere from thirty to fifty million illegal aliens in this country, many of whom are military aged males from countries other than Mexico. Can’t wait to see what happens when THEY decide to act.

So now the criminals are being diverted through New Mexico, Arizona and California. But that means they have to go through multiple cartel territories. They can’t just use one cartel. So the cartel up against the Texas border loses money, we will probably see cartel in-fighting, and the states with Democrat governors get exactly what they voted for. Well, not Arizona. If anyone thinks that Katie Hobbs was legitimately elected, I have some oceanfront property right next door to Phoenix that I can sell you. It’s cheap. Cash up front, no returns.

The Democrat party talking heads have been avoiding this news story like the plague, as it shows that the Biden administration has been deliberately flooding this country with criminals, rapists, drug mules, child sex traffickers and other assorted scumbags. Oh, I don’t give a shit about the “Oh, most of those people just want a better life!” Yeah, I bet they do, and they want me to pay for it. How many immigrant families are on government aid? My question is, why are ANY of them on government aid? When my great grandparents got here, if they were going on government aid they were DENIED ENTRY. The government back then knew that people cannot come to this country and start sucking off the resources that the native population has paid into, as that would remove those resources from the people WHO ACTUALLY PAID FOR THEM.

You come here and want Uncle Sugar to take care of you? Fuck you, get out. Oh, you squirted out a crotch goblin and now you want your bennies? Fuck you, get out. You come here and break the law? Fuck you, get out, unless your crime caused harm or death to and American citizen in which case you should be publicly hung, and then your corpse buried in an un-marked grave. Broadcast the executions to Univision. Let them try to show how horrible a nation we are. Sure, fine, call me horrible if you want to. “OH MY GOD DAVE, HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN?”

Ask the mother of the five year old girl murdered by a drunk driving illegal alien if I’m being mean.

If we actually punished these criminals, more American citizens would be alive.

And more again.

And again.

Tell me, how many American lives have to be lost before we as a people tell the virtue-signaling pro-criminal crowd to fuck off? How much further must our lives sink before we start expelling not only the illegal aliens, but those who enable them?

Call me cruel and heartless if you wish, but if I had my way, nobody would have to look into the eyes of a grieving mother and tell them that the person who murdered their babies wasn’t even supposed to be in this country.

That doesn’t even get into the human trafficking being done by the cartels, to include CHILD SEX SLAVERY. Yes, if you’re for open borders, you’re for child sex slavery, and I’ll scream it to the heavens every chance I get. Every single open borders advocate is advocating for underage girls, teenage girls, to be raped, repeatedly, multiple times a day, either beaten into submission or drugged into submission, over and over and over again. And in my book, that makes you evil.

Bravo, Texas, for showing how it’s done. Shame on everyone else who allowed this crap to continue. There is a clear line between good and evil here. It’s not a murky grey area. This isn’t a hard choice, unless you’re trying to aid and abet the cartels, enable child sex slavery, overwhelm our social systems, and destroy the country as we know it. And to those who are actually trying to do that, I hope your death is violent, painful and drawn out.


    • OneGuy on February 2, 2024 at 1:52 PM

    Now we need to vote congress people out of office if they support illegal immigration or any form of welfare assistance for illegals

    • Drumwaster on February 3, 2024 at 12:11 PM

    There was a illegal alien criminal (BIRM) in NYC that had mentioned he had arrived there from Florida, and when asked why he didn’t stay in Florida, his reply was, “Why? They throw you in jail there.” And of course, NYC is so much more lenient with its no bail, no felony, no ICE notifications that it’s Heaven on Earth for the illegals who want to shoplift their way to prosperity. (One member of a scooter-riding gang of illegals ripping off purses, clothing, phones, etc. from pedestrians was arrested ten times in a single 24-hour period, released by the courts even before the cop finished filling out the paperwork.) Regular folks, not so much. And of course, since those crimes are much more rampant in those gentrified “communities of color”, it’s officially racist to notice.

    • George Mckay on February 4, 2024 at 6:46 AM

    At one time – long long ago people who wanted to come to the United States had to come here through legal channels.  They had to provide for themselves and their family.  They had to assimilate to OUR society.  We had a lot of fantastic people come here and we are all the better for it.  
    Now, we have open borders (north and south) that are allowing ANYBODY to come here with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  The vermin and detritus of the earth flocks here to get on the government teat and sell drugs and young girls and any other illegal and immoral thing they can get away with.  The current crop of idiots in DC should be stopping this but, no they encourage it.  The 30 to 50 million number might be low.  I suspect there are at least 15 million military aged males here for nefarious purposes sent here by Iran, North Korea, Russia and any other regime that wants to destroy us. 
    Mass deportations of any and ALL illegals must begin immediately.  This flies in the face of Bidets goal of destroying the American way of life and replace it with – what?  They want us to all sing kumbaya and smoke weed and smell like patchuli???  No, they want us to die – any way possible and all they care about is power and money – LOTS of money.  Trump must be reelected and Congress needs excision of all the warts, pimples and boils on the American people – you know Rinos and Dims.  

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