Has A Super-majority Had Enough?

Because, as we learned the hard way in 2020, a majority is not enough.

Come 8 November, the final scene below is the least they could do.

It was apparent, even in 1975, what the elitists were thinking and plotting. And the vignette’s creator, even then, was hoping beyond hope that the vast majority would wake up in time.

Sadly, over the last couple of years, millions went over the cliff. That a great many did not go of their own volition fuels the thinking behind this, and this and this to name a few.

So man the polls as you have never done before, because the enemy knows they have everything to lose. And so do you.


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  1. A happy ending.

    • Dusty on November 2, 2022 at 12:36 AM

    Enjoyed this very much. The music was great.

    1. Then you should probably checkout the rest of the feature length cartoon “Allegro Non Troppo.” There are at least two other vignettes that are quite pleasing, but none with the political viewpoint like this one. Although the “behind the scenes” making of the cartoons is quite an “up yours tyrants” kind of thing. Some portions NSFW.

    2. This one could make the elegiac “Valse Triste” unforgettable. https://youtu.be/du1qc9M35n8

      And this one, the marquee piece of the film, humerously employs “Balero” extremely well. It suggests that all life on earth arose from the microbes left by visiting aliens when they discarded their Coke bottle before blasting off. https://youtu.be/5pgANtzO2G4 .

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