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Time for a “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Moment

Random Miscellany in the Middle of the Night

It’s seldom that I manage to sleep through the night. The only thing that keeps me sane is that I can get up, read for a while, and eventually become tired enough to lay down again for a brief return to sleep before my day officially begins. This is a problem that needs to be …

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You Can Extend this Thinking, and it Would STILL be True

The Truth About Bums. It’s true of many things. If you think about it, avoidance of realizing that Truth is the Foundation of Progressivism. Most people are responsible for much of what happens to them in life. Now, some events in life are random – being the victim of a crime. Really? Because, although there …

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I’m a BIG Fan of Local Groups

As in, block-level organization. The best ones start off as Neighborhood Watch-type. It can be informal (barbeque buddies shooting the bull, and deciding on organizing to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Those who need to walk a dog are likely recruits; they are out there already, and might as well make themselves useful. In …

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Any political settlement that the Afghans pursue to avert bloodshed must include having women at the table. ~ Nancy Pelosi, Statement on Afghanistan, 8/14/21.

More pearls of expression.

This person of apparent European heritage should be charged with cultural appropriation! Comment by Efficacy on “Unusual weapon in road rage…“

Pearls of expression.

It’s no surprise, certainly around here, that the Taliban has won the war without firing a shot, if you don’t count the last 20 years. Comment by gottlieb at Moon of Alabama.

2nd Day, No Vox Populi

I found his new (perhaps temporary) site – here. Let this be a warning: The Co-opted PTB can take you down anytime they want. There is no appeal or recourse. It will be unexpected and sudden. So, make sure to back up regularly, offline. Have an idea of where you could post, should the hammer …

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The enemies of our liberty.

Sam Jacobs has provided a disturbing and compelling picture of the Great Reset.[1] In times when words and politics have broken loose from their moorings in common sense, history, custom, and decency, it’s important to educate yourself, at the very least, about how government has completely abandoned the idea of salus populi and its responsibility …

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The Meaning of Blood Feud, and How it Affects You Today

Here – at The ZMan. Now, this puts the WWI-WWII entertwined and extended wars into a different perspective. The reaction of the Allied side – Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan (yes, JAPAN!), and the late-entering USA – to assign all blame for the mess, and the entire cost of compensating the Allied side for …

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Timid, feckless, useless, peckerwood Republicans.

He [Christopher Roach in The Salazar Option ] only wants to tell us that the revolutionary Left is relentless and ruthless, today just as much as a hundred years ago, and won’t be defeated by gentlemanly forbearance and appeasement—which has basically been the posture of the Republican Party in recent decades. As he comments: Thus, …

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A Matter of Interpretation

I was reading an article/opinion piece on Class and the New Economy. I didn’t disagree with the basic idea that the younger, Elite-educated crowd tends to cluster in a few Way-Left cities. The writer mentions – San Jose, San Francisco, Washington, Austin, L.A., and New York as the most stratified by occupation. “The creative class …

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That Leap of Faith

The third Indiana Jones movie (in some ways, the best) focuses on the conflict between a man of faith (Dr. Jones, Sr.) and one of doubt (Indiana). The elder Jones deeply believes in the reality of God and his son’s story, and uses his research to try to find temporal proof. When they have reached …

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I’ve been offered a “full time” blog position at Granite Grok, the New Hampshire based conservative blog that is the dominant one for the state.  I’ve been doing contributory op-eds there, but they apparently like me enough to want me there in a more regularized capacity.  Our host has graciously suggested that I take that …

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Inflation: A Reminiscence

     Now that it appears that the Usurpers are determined to destroy the dollar through Lenin’s favorite tactics, it seems appropriate to review some of the developments that arose in the wake of America’s last great surge of inflation. And while correlation is not a definitive proof of causation, I think a strong case can …

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YAGO – Yet Another Government Overreach

My take, here.

An Observation or Two on Jab Mandates

This weekend we went on a hike with the wife’s BFF and fam.  The hubby, with an air of devotion to the Covidian Cult, again wore his “Science will win” shirt (above the pharma company logo), which was the subject of discussion by he, his wife, and my wife at lunch.  I kept my mouth …

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When You Are Ready to Give Up on People…

…Read Sean of the South. Trust me on this – you will be renewed.

Some Random Observations About 1/6


Much ado about el zippo.

After all, the average (IFR) death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected (this is a stat that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention to the public). This means that 99.7% of the public is in NO danger from covid whether they are vaccinated or not.[1] Actually, the source reports …

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