Fear Alone Provides Insufficient Test Subjects

What Felix Rex implies is that the forced vax campaigns provided billionaires’ scientists billions of non-consenting human guinea pigs upon which to test potential life-extending technology. They must’ve anticipated that fear alone wouldn’t turn all of humanity into Howard Hughes type germaphobes, hence the gradual forced campaigns were already planned for when fear no longer worked.

Well the Gates’ and Bezos’ of the world can’t take their wealth with them, so why not pay to put into power men who will ruthlessly put to good use all the world’s subclass (that means not their class)?

Megalomania applied on a global scale.

What could go wrong?


  1. A practice run.

    1. Yes, of the mNRA technology, and to assess how successful would be compliance. I pray the latter ultimately fails and the former selectively boomerangs.

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