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The War Is Over

     All right, enough of that uplift stuff. Let’s get back to the depressing crap:      Yes, do have a nice day.

Mood Elevator

     Aware that my mood and my writing have been trending darker, I’ve been trying to post as many uplifting pieces as possible. Have one right now;      Many virtuosi are more concerned with promoting themselves than with making music as it should be made. Pat Metheny is not of their ilk. Unparalleled in skill …

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The March Of Malevolence

     I was about to say “words fail me,” but in truth, they don’t:      There have been transwomen and transmen for at least five decades. Time was, they were tolerated without much comment…because they were discreet and undemanding. They practiced public modesty. They worked to perfect their presentation, the better to be accepted by …

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A Great Man

     There are people who don’t believe in great men. That is, they don’t believe that a man can be “great” in any sense that would command the attention and respect of others. Such a person, upon hearing a man called “great,” immediately takes exception. He tends to regard it as a personal insult.      …

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This Piece Needs No Title…

     …except possibly “Holy shit!” They’re not even trying to hide it any longer:      The owner of a New York City supermarket chain predicted the food prices will increase sharply in the coming months, with some increasing 10 percent in the next two months.      John Catsimatidis, the billionaire supermarket owner of Gristedes and …

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Three For Tuesday

     Good Morning, Gentle Reader. As the Usurper Administration, figureheaded by Joe “Gee your heir smells terrific” Biden, proceeds with its campaign to reduce the U.S. to a Third World banana republic, albeit without the bananas, we have some interesting developments for your perusal. One is massively ironic, a second illustrates the extent to which …

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Where Are They Now?

     People occasionally ask this question about the formerly famous who are no longer mentioned in the entertainment magazines and gossip rags. “Whatever happened to Deanna Durbin?” rises the cry. “What became of Andrea McArdle?” was heard for years after Annie finished its run on Broadway. “And what about Naomi?” is heard in certain less-populated …

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Homicide Rates: Racism Or…Something Else?

     Jared Taylor has the numbers, courtesy of the FBI – and virtually no platform but BitChute is willing to host his presentation: BitChute embedding powered by      The numbers tell quite a different tale from that purveyed by our mainstream media.

Warning: The Following Conversation Did Not Happen…

     …as reported here, that is: MAJORITY LEADER: All right, why are you holding us up now? MINORITY LEADER: The usual reason: you’re overspending, you’re doing unConstitutional stuff, and you’re weakening the country. MAJORITY LEADER: You’ve gone along with us before. I know this bill doesn’t have as many sweeteners in it as previous ones. …

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When Good Figures Trump Bad Facts

     I’m beginning to think there’s room in the media universe for a publication, notionally titled The Daily Outrage, which merely catalogues the many horrifying stories that festoon the Web. There have certainly been enough of them lately. The brutal treatment accorded the January 6 Capitol protestors, capped by the murder under color of law …

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Your Most Informative Two Minutes Of The Day

     This little video will tell you everything you need to know about the “vaccines” being pushed upon us for COVID-19:      Told you so!

Systemic Claptrap

     [NOTE: This will be a linkless piece. Either you’ve been keeping up with the news, in particular the developments in left-wing agitprop, or you haven’t. The former group will know what I’m talking about and therefore will need no links. The latter might as well play Solitaire. — FWP]      Among the highest contributions …

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The Vampire And The Caretaker

     [For today I have an agenda that strongly resembles chattel slavery, so have a short story. I wrote it just after seeing 30 Days of Night. It’s the story that gave birth to Evan Conklin, the co-protagonist of Antiquities. — FWP] ***      Gavin’s alarm clock buzzed with its usual peevish insistence. He cracked …

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Media Strategies And Tactics

     “Your enemy is your teacher.” – Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game      There’s vast insight in those five words…and most people miss it completely. How is your enemy your teacher? His objectives are antithetical to yours. Surely he isn’t trying to teach you how to beat him! And yet, in a combat situation, he’s …

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“A Decent Place To Live”

     Fairly recently, a dear friend became troubled about the way his neighborhood was changing. He was reluctant to speak of it at first, because it involved the anthropological and sociological third rail of American public discourse: race. Several homes near him had recently been purchased by Negro families. After that, several more homes in …

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When A Nun Says Something Like This

     You’d bloody well better listen: BitChute embedding powered by      Note that she explicitly called out Pope Francis as a component in the globalist / Great Reset campaign — and capped it by reminding us that “I’m not telling you anything that hasn’t already been revealed.”      Is this a second “hour of …

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An Echo From Better Times

     I saw this story via AoSHQ:      Lily Roberts is a pitcher for the Adairsville JV Softball Team. The team they were playing against a couple of weeks ago was about to lose when their pitcher got sick.      “They were struggling and I knew if I didn’t step up, the game would have …

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Irony Meters Are Shattering Across The Nation

     It comes as little surprise that Russia’s strongman president – who, whatever you may think of his tactics, clearly loves his country – should castigate the American federal government for violating the rights of its citizens and undermining the security of the nation. Given the developments of recent years, that was almost inevitable. But …

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Just Because I Feel Like It

     I’m in something of a mood this evening, so have a couple of songs from two of the paramount singers of the Twentieth Century. First, from the late, great Stan Rogers:      And for dessert, the two pieces that made Tom Rush a legend:      I suppose the Twentieth Century wasn’t all bad, after …

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Something You Won’t See On YouTube

     The Powers-That-Be will not tolerate any dissent from the Gospel Of The Holy “Vaccine.” Yet the casualty count is high and still rising. Beware!

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