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More Anarchy, More Tyranny

     I’m in a particularly dark mood this morning. It derives from several causes, most of which my Gentle Readers would deem irrelevant to them. However, there is one that’s worth a mention.      Though I disapprove of the linguistic hijacking that has conflated anarchy with chaos, I can do little about it. Worse yet, …

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     Circus knife throwers go through a lot of beautiful young assistants in scanty costumes. That’s not because they “miss” all that often; obviously not, or their unique occupation would have been banned long ago. Rather; it’s because the young beauty’s fear that sooner or later the day will come eventually wears her down. She …

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Anarcho-Tyrannical America, The Continuing Story

     It’s beyond the possibility of dispute today.      Consider the following short video:      Stephen Miller of America First Legal has stated the matter perfectly. But it’s not just medical care that’s at risk:      Manhattan’s new DA has ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade …

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The Proof Is Here

     This whole pandemic nonsense was planned:      The time to resist is now.

Well, Well! What Do We Have Here?

     I’ve been having a lot of “What’s the use?” days lately. For the reasons, start with the Glenn Beck video below, add a few issues of a personal character, and stir briskly. And then, every so often someone adds an olive:      Augustin Garcia, 63, was arrested thrice last week for stealing a 12-pack …

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This Man Speaks For Me

     I’ve admired Glenn Beck ever since his days on “Headline News.” After viewing the video below, I admire him even more. I’ll bet, after you’ve watched it, you’ll say he speaks for you too:      Does he?

Peering Over The Horizon

     (With observations from an assortment of Freds.)      First, a helpful graphic:      Next, an observation from a Fred:      “A country deserves what it tolerates, and will assuredly get more of it.” – Fred Reed      The point appears to have eluded about half the country. We’re being impoverished, overrun, and generally abused …

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Destruction Tests Are Destructive

     The only way to learn just how much abuse an item will accept is to test it to destruction. Such a test should start gradually, with mild abuse, and escalate by small increments through higher and higher levels of abuse until the thing being tested is a pile of rubble. Any other approach would …

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State Of Fear

     I apologize to the ghost of Michael Crichton for appropriating the title of one of his best novels for this piece. Sorry, Mike, but it just fits our milieu too well to pass up.      The theme for a Liberty’s Torch piece often comes to me in the middle of reading something from another …

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So You Think?

     Matters are coming to a head in several ways. A collapse into complete civil chaos looms on America’s horizon, and we’re speeding toward it in a Bugatti Veyron. The evidence is available to the eyes, ears, and sometimes the noses of anyone who ever ventures out of Plato’s Cave. Even so, there are forces …

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The Price Of Clarity

     Our favorite Bookworm has produced her best column ever. I hope she’ll permit me a lengthy excerpt:      For several decades, leftism has been that ghost in the American machine. For decades, leftists were the “good guys.” While they were already haunting the Democrat party, they were still invisible. The Democrat party was able …

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Concerning The Current Urban Anarcho-Tyranny

     Twenty-seven years ago, a wise man named Samuel Francis, whom the “conservative elite” – Kurt Schlichter would call them “Conservatism, Inc.” – despised and routinely denigrated, wrote an essay that should have been read by everyone in America. It wasn’t: in part because it appeared in Chronicles, a publication “Conservatism, Inc.” has long despised …

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Barefaced Thuggery Part 2

     What relationship is defined by having no rules?      Trust me: it’s not one of the more obscure puzzles you’ll encounter:      “Are you ready?”      Christine raised her chin and presented her mentor with a feral smile. She had waited for this morning with a Christmas-like anticipation.      “Bet your ass.” I’ve never …

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Capturing The Moment

     Were you under the impression that the United States is not currently in a state of civil war? Minneapolis City Council Candidate and Former City Employee Encourages Rioters to Burn Down Wealthy Neighborhoods Right On Cue: Portland Rioters Go On Destructive Rampage After Chauvin Verdict, Police Actually Intervene BLM Minneapolis: ‘I Don’t Want to …

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Where Is The State?

     The operational definition of a state is an entity which is conceded the privilege of using coercive force by the residents of some region. The residents of the region concede the state that privilege because they also concede it to have jurisdiction (remember that word) over events in that region. Thus, there exists an …

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