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The Suburban Horror

     Homeowners know it well. At least, they do in the moist and temperate Northeastern United States. Each of us who opts for the privacy, space, and comfort of a single-family home must cope with it. The more spacious your domain, the more burdensome it is.      No, it’s not the traffic, nor the property …

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An Eloquent Yet Melancholy Summary

     From the Web’s foremost one-legged blogger:      Outdated, clapped-out concerns such as Constitutions and Founding Fathers and principles and the like hold no sway over such duplicitous frauds, being no more meaningful to them than the oaths they dishonestly swear when they take office—oaths they never had the slightest intention of even attempting to …

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What It Means To Be Ruled By Criminals

     The weight of the law is never turned on a member of the ruling elite. Instead, it marshals all the oppressive force it possesses to break anyone who stands in opposition to it.      Would you like a demonstration? Here’s one from the 2020 campaign season:      When [Barack] Obama first ran for the …

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He Meant What He Said!

     Elon Musk is my new hero:      Elon Musk has launched a $41.39 billion hostile takeover of Twitter, the world’s most influential social media platform.      On early Thursday, Musk made his “best and final” offer to buy Twitter Inc., stating that he intends to unlock the company’s “extraordinary potential.” As predicted by Rebel …

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     This image speaks concisely and clearly of what has been done to normal Americans in the name of “tolerance:”      If it’s normal and wholesome, whatever it is, it’s under attack today. From the Left, of course. The Left must destroy the chief buttresses to our sense of normality before it can remake the …

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Concerning Grooming

     As a follow-on to yesterday’s rant, ponder well this article by Thomas Lifson. It and the other items it links will reinforce your fears.      Yes, it is happening.      Yes, there’s a lot of it.      Yes, it’s across the nation.      If your children are in a government school, they are not …

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I Know, I Know

     I really shouldn’t…but it got me laughing so hard I hurt myself:      Applause to Kenny “Wirecutter” Lane.

Groomers And Their Agendas

     Considering the imperative nature of this subject, it surprises me that it took so long to become a subject of national discussion. But perhaps it shouldn’t. We dislike to discuss our own failures, and the explosion of groomers and grooming in our schools constitutes a failure of our responsibilities toward the weakest and most …

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Holy Week Starts With A Bang!

     Yes, it’s another of those dreaded “Assorted” columns. Keep the groaning down. ***      I found this at Ace’s place:      Plastic Martyr     @plasticmartyr      I wonder how these conservatives would feel if we passed a law making it illegal to teach your kids about religion until they were adults.      The “Don’t Say …

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Faith Among The Faithless

     Relax, this won’t be a religious piece. Rather, it’s about one’s reluctance to award credence to persons who’ve already proved unreliable.      We start from this story:      Nearly 100 House Republicans are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, saying they had the …

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The Message

     These days, virtually no one in the public eye speaks plainly and clearly. How long has it been since you last heard a politician answer a direct question with a direct answer – especially an answer of “yes” or “no?” Come to think of it, how long has it been since the last time …

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Depressing Or Uplifting?

     Once in a great while, and usually through the assistance of another blogger – usually Gerard Van der Leun — I’ll stumble on a piece that “splits the uprights.” This is one such: a tirade that ruptures the categories and makes the reader ask himself, “What now? Do I unpack the Barrett .50 and …

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Some Fiction News

     While I’ve had my novels at Amazon in the “KDP select” system for some time, it hasn’t done anything for the expansion of my readership. Therefore, I’ve decided to slough “KDP Select” status, so I can distribute more widely than just through Amazon.      I’ve just resubmitted all 19 of my novels to Smashwords: …

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Political Sleight Of Hand

     The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. – H. L. Mencken      “The bull wears himself out on the cape and never sees the sword.” – Robert A. …

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Day Off

     I’m having a hellish day, so no essay today. Instead, have a little something from internationally respected financial guru and commentator Doug Casey:      I can’t argue with him. Can you?

We’ve Lost Another One

     You have to be my age or older to appreciate the loss of certain artists. Indeed, being my age or older is no guarantee that you’ll remember them at all. Like Paul Siebel, who passed away just last night at age 84:      Siebel’s 1970 Elektra album, Woodsmoke and Oranges, is a treasure few …

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A Prediction That Drips Blood

     If you haven’t yet viewed last night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the first fifteen minutes of it, at least, are very much worth your time. Carlson is forthright in predicting the imminent removal of “President” Joseph R. Biden – by his own party. His analysis of the reasons for foreseeing this unprecedented event are simple …

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The Power Continuum

     As the status quo is quoing along steadily just now, I thought I might resurrect an earlier Fran and write about one of my earlier areas of inquiry: power as exercised in the anarchic world of the “international order.”      Commentators on geopolitics often refer to the distinctions between “hard” and “soft” power. Mostly, …

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Exceptions Have Consequences

     These past few years, there’s been a lot of loose talk about “the rule of law.” Quite a lot of that chatter has come from persons who seem not to understand it. Or perhaps they do, and are just using the phrase as a rhetorical bludgeon with which to flail their political opponents. That …

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An Uncomfortable If Necessary Reminder

     A few days ago, Michelle Malkin reminded us about a horrific event that should have been prevented, but wasn’t:      This week marks the 17th anniversary of the court-sanctioned murder of Terri Schindler Schiavo. Under the order of a Florida judge who never bothered to visit her and an adulterous spouse-in-name-only who ranted “When …

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