Dedication To Reality

     Reality, it was once said, is all the stuff that, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. That’s as good a definition as any, considering that defining reality is essentially impossible. To define is to limit: to say that “an X is this and not that.” It is inherently exclusionary…but what can we legitimately “exclude” from reality? Even fantasies of things that are not and can never be have some role in it. After all, fantasies, like ideas of any other kind, have an existence of sorts in some people’s minds. That’s real enough for many purposes, including claims of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

     That having been said, have a gander at this story:

     As part of his trend of tweeting confusing takes and meme posts about currency, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter and seemingly suggested that money isn’t real.

“Goods & services are the real economy, any form of money is simply the accounting thereof,” Musk said in a tweet on Saturday.

     (The publication,, might not make that article widely available. If you’d like to read the whole thing, let me know and I’ll send you my saved copy.)

     Let’s pass for them moment over that opening claim that Musk has “suggested that money isn’t real,” a statement Musk did not make. The article’s author, whose name is given as Tony Tran, proceeds to pour sarcasm and intimations of inconsistency on Musk, one of the most accomplished men alive today. On what grounds? Because Musk has speculated, as many wealthy persons have, in various cryptocurrencies, some more briefly than others. That makes them, in Tran’s words, “an asset class that one can invest in… and also manipulate with a single tweet.”

     Just what is Tran trying to imply with that last? You be the judge.

     Item 1: Money as a concept is real. A money is “a medium of exchange and a store of value.” Indeed, it doesn’t matter whether the “money” under discussion has any intrinsic value, as long as those who use it believe they can “store value” by acquiring and saving it.

     Item 2: Musk is absolutely correct that “Goods and services are the real economy.” No one, upon being told that he was being sentenced to live out his life alone on an isolated desert island, would bring money of any kind with him. Money’s sole practical importance is its exchangeability for goods and services. Just as “we buy drills, but we really want holes,” we acquire money, but – Scrooge McDuck excepted – we don’t do so for its inherent properties; we do so in the expectation that we’ll be able to exchange it for goods and services at a later time.

     Item 3: Musk’s observation, which was probably read by many thousands, comes at a strikingly appropriate time. The Federal Reserve Bank, in complying with the borrowing demands of the U.S. Treasury, has recently created about $4 trillion in new currency and credit. That will cause the devaluation of all the dollars already in existence, including any you or I earn, save, or spend. Because a greatly increased volume of dollars will be “chasing” a largely unchanged supply of goods and services, each dollar’s purchasing power will be reduced to a fraction of its previous level. Consumers will experience this reduction as a rise in the prices of goods and services. This is called inflation.

     Elon Musk knows this. You’d better know it, too.

     A lot of people have become fliply dismissive of the federal debt. We’re beginning to see the return of the old canard that “we owe it to ourselves.” Nothing could be further from the truth. There are persons and organizations, including several governments, that hold U.S. Treasury Bills: promissory notes issued by the United States Treasury. It is to them, and not to any of the rest of us, that the federal debt is owed. The rest of us, as taxpayers, are the debtors whose wallets will be hoovered to pay that debt…if it’s ever paid and not simply repudiated. In the meantime, we’ll all be affected by the decline of the dollar’s purchasing power.

     Musk is in a position that enables him to speculate: i.e., to place bets, long or short term, on alternatives to the dollar without taking a big risk. Has he “called in” some of those bets? He has. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it his money, and no one else’s, that he’s betting with? So why should he consider his bets to be permanent commitments?

     That’s reality, Mr. Tran. That’s what’s going on in consequence of ever-accelerating federal borrowing and spending. And that’s why a lot of smart people like Elon Musk – tell us all, please: what accomplishments can you put up against his? – are on the lookout for alternative currencies that might prove stabler than the ever-weakening fiat dollar.

     Personally, I prefer the precious metals: gold and silver. But the alternative currencies have something to say for themselves, especially as regards ease of convertibility. The competition among them, and with the dollar and the precious metals, is a decentralized investigation into what works best as money: an inherently educational process from which many – not just those currently speculating in the alternatives – could eventually benefit. As economist Brian Loasby has written:

     The argument for competition rests on the belief that people are likely to be wrong…. In the end, the case against an authoritarian system of resource allocation rests on the same principle as the case against an authoritarian structure in any discipline: part of the case…is that no person or body of persons is fit to be trusted with such power; the (other) part…is that no one person or group of persons can say for sure what new knowledge tomorrow will bring. Competition is a proper response to ignorance. [Loasby, Choice, Complexity, and Ignorance]

     Tweeted any wisdoms of your own lately, Mr. Tran?


     If you’re over the age of six, you’ve almost certainly heard someone use the phrase, “They say,” or “That’s what they say,” or “You know what they say.” (There may be other variants, but I think those will suffice.) Just this morning, the C.S.O. used one of those, which gave rise to the following exchange.

FWP: I’ve been thinking about a name change.
CSO: Hm? To what?

FWP: From “Porretto” to “They.”
CSO: (guffaws) You’re jealous of all the respect “They” get, aren’t you?

FWP: Aren’t you? How better to appropriate a little of that? From then on, whenever someone refers to what “They say,” he’ll be referring to me! There’s just one hitch.
CSO: The grammar, right?
FWP: Yeah. It would have to be changed to “That’s what They says.” I wouldn’t have it any other way.

CSO: Wait: I have an idea!
FWP: Hm?
CSO: Change your name to “They They!” Then we could be Mr. and Mrs. They They, and then both phrases would be correct!
FWP: Excuse me, but who are you and how did you get in here?

     This is what happens when a couple of lunatics try to have a conversation at 5:00 AM, before their second pot of coffee.

MG Geoffrey B. Higginbotham on Kamala Harris.

Not for the faint of heart: “USMC GENERAL.” By Carol’s Blog, 4/27/21.

Note the part about Khalid al-Mansour and Barack O’Bama.

The stupid, pointless, greasy leftist revolution.

What are now referred to as superannuated WASPs managed it all [America’s achievements in the first part of the 20th century] while their impeccable manners hid their will of iron. After them came LBJ, Vietnam, social unrest, too much migration, and the deluge. All great states fall from within and America is no exception. Uncle Sam’s fifth column targeted the family and religion. The monopolies of Silicon Valley turned against those two institutions, as did Hollywood and the media. Once Biden packs the Supreme Court and adds a couple of Democratic stars to the flag, the undoing of America will be complete.[1]

Only imbeciles would so earnestly desire the destruction of a truly great country that enjoyed freedom, enormous resources, a homogeneous culture, and unimaginable creativity and productivity. They have worked unceasingly to foul their own nest, to replace rib eye with the happy meal, and to “flirt with savagery. The worship of perversion and unreason became bedrock values.

[1] “The Undoing of America.” By Taki, Taki’s Magazine, 5/8/21.

Corpus Christi

     Today is Corpus Christi Sunday, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. It’s a day most significant to me, for reasons I delineated in this baseline essay. If you haven’t read it before this, I urge it upon you. And please, reflect upon the goodness of a God who, in contrast to all the other “gods” men imagined before Him, demands no sacrifices of flesh from His people…who loves us so greatly that He sent His only Son to be the Sacrifice in reparation for all our sins, past and future.

     And may He bless and keep you all.

The Deep State at work.

The Deep State, or whatever you want to call the ruling oligarchy controlling the levers of society, have been able to deflect responsibility for the current state of affairs by having their captured media mouthpieces deny their existence and classify those of us who call out their misdeeds as conspiracy theorists. [1]

There’s a second part to this article showing, part, “how the Deep State weaponized the Covid virus to implement their reset agenda. This weaponization seems blindingly obvious now with the enormously destructive lockdown mania, constant pushing of the vaccine, infection and death rates manipulated out the wazoo, and the hyper-energetic demonization of the discussion of simpler and more effective alternative treatments. It sure looks like desperation to advance and scotch tape together the rotten agenda of the Deep State.

[1] “There Are No Solutions.” By Administrator, The Burning Platform, 5/31/21.

Fighting Back 101

The End Game

One scenario here.

A Saturday Smorgasbord

     I haven’t done a “grab-bag” piece in a while, and I have quite a few browser tabs to close, so here goes.


1. What’s The First Rule Of Holes?

     Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to know:

     “It is not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage bins for human beings. We need to treat people and see them as human,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “If we want to reduce violent crime, if we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.“

     Someday, someone will build a Hall of Extremes, to preserve and commemorate humans’ most extreme behaviors and achievements. I have no doubt there will be a Stupidity Wing…and that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s name will appear over the entrance.


2. The Assault On Normality.

     (Note the last word in the title: it’s normality, not “normalcy.” I have spoken.)

     OregonMuse, whose emissions at AoSHQ have been badly missed until recently, presents, if not a definitive roundup, at the very least a disturbing selection. Hope over there and abuse your eyeballs with it. But you’re likely to know about most of it already. It’s OM’s summation that’s most valuable:

     The elites’ hatred of normal life, which, in this case, means normal heterosexual intercourse, is so intense that it goes beyond trying to turn straight men gay, but rather it’s to confuse every possible sexual boundary and identity so that there are no longer any straights, gays, bisexuals, etc, but rather, it’s all one big undifferentiated continuum where nobody has any real sexual preferences at all, but rather just a non-specific desire for hooking up, and it doesn’t really matter who or what you hook up with. Ultimately, their goal is to make it impossible to identify as ‘straight’, or even ‘gay’.

     So here is what they want us to do:

  1. Eat bugs.
  2. Live in pods.
  3. Have sex with any orifice in any warm body.
  4. Oh, and I almost forgot: Wear bizarre, crappy clothes.

     …and that’s their idea of civilization.

     Let’s not forget the assault on the innocence of children while we’re at it. Of all the disturbing phenomena of our time, this one has the most potential to do widespread damage. It really does look like a precursor to an argument for pedophilia. But what do I know? I’m just a cranky cis-male heterosexual septuagenarian who thinks kids should be allowed to be kids.

     If it’s not an outright conspiracy against normality, what on Earth could account for it? I’m keeping the guns loaded, just in case.


3. Left-Wing Racism.

     I make no bones about it: I’m a racist. That is, I believe, based on the accumulated evidence, that the three recognized races differ as statistical aggregates in ways that can be contextually important. I consider John Derbyshire’s “The Talk: Nonblack Version to be a critically important social document as well as a magnificent act of commentator’s courage. This, of course, makes me unfit for the company of “the better sort:” i.e., the rich white folks who live in gated mansions with armed security.

     But soft! Look at what they believe about the American Negro! A sample follows:

     Blacks cannot function without government assistance. Simply incapable.
     Black people should not prioritize nuclear families. It’s just not our culture, and we shouldn’t be held to such standards.
     Blacks can’t do math. Math is hard.
     Black people can’t be expected to speak proper English. Learn ebonics, that’s all blacks really know.
     Black people can’t be on time and to expect them to be is racist.

     Yes, Gentle Reader: white leftists have said all the above and worse. There’s lots more, but you should surf over to Ksenya Aleksandrova’s essay to read the rest. (PSSST! I wouldn’t call them “liberals” any longer, Ksenya. There’s absolutely noting liberal about them.)


4. “Critical Looks Theory.”

     Yes, Gentle Reader: it’s coming, if it isn’t already here:

     Critical theory and other socialist-adjacent woke theories are all about jealousy.

     Need proof?

     Take a gander at this very woke screed against the violence of “lookism” that is perpetuating deep-seated injustices against normal-looking people everywhere:

     I have to admit, she used all the proper terminology.

     She’s (seriously) saying that attractive people are inherently bad because their beauty makes everyone else look ugly in comparison.

     Surf over there to read the rest.

     American men have already been castigated for “fat-shaming.” We’ve been told we’re bigots for not wanting to date and mate with transwomen. Women with copious tattoos and facial piercings? Let’s not go there. It was already bad thirty years ago, when I was still trying to get mated. Today it’s beyond belief…but we’re told we mustn’t be repelled by it.

     Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a rocket sled, as I once had a character exclaim. If there’s more to come after this, I don’t think I’ll be able to write about it. My fists will be too tightly clenched.

     So have a palate cleanser: a taste of what American men once enjoyed and admired:

     (Borrowed from Ninety Miles From Tyranny.)


5. Americanism In Action.

     Cassandra Fairbanks at Gateway Pundit has the story:

     When you go to the website for Fenix Ammunition you are greeted by a single question on a full page: “Did you vote for Joe Biden?”

     If you click on “yes,” you are redirected to Joe Biden’s website and his plan to attack the Second Amendment. If you click on no, you are redirected to the Fenix Ammunition store.

     The balance of the story concerns a Biden voter who didn’t think the proprietor of Fenix was serious. It includes too many screen shots to excerpt usefully here. Go forth and enjoy!


     That’s all for today, I think. I have a great many duties to address, so have a good Saturday and I’ll be back…well, if not tomorrow, sometime reasonably soon.

Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctness.

This link is to Mr. Whittle’s superb video on political correctness and the astonishing disease dreamed up and loosed upon America by the Frankfurt School.

Marxism and socialism were subversive and wrong on their own merits but the Frankfurt School devised a way of looking at America that enshrined the Big Lie. Simple matters such as identifying body parts have become blindingly “controversial” and if the hopes of young women of outstanding athletic ability get destroyed where are the loudmouthed zealots of the “women’s” movement?

Utterly deceitful in every comma and preposition, political correctness and the totalitarian agenda behind it now dominate the American political culture. Political correctness is a loathsome revolutionary “contribution” and no decent man or woman should advance its agenda. “Propositional nation,” “living Constitution,” “open borders,” “diversity, and “white suprmacism” are all concepts that are integral to the destructive agenda of left and are nothing but pure poison.

Note that attempting to embed the link to this video using YouTube’s own code yields only a page that says the content is “age-restricted” (there being nothing in the video remotely justifying such a designation) and that it must be viewed on YouTube itself.

Everyday Humor

     My friends (that’s what I call them; never mind what they call me) say I have “a weird sense of humor.” They may be right; at any rate, I laugh at things other people find puzzling…or even repellent. But I have a good time, so I try not to let their opinion of my foible concern me overly.

     For example: What’s funny about cancer? Nothing, right? I’m told a Jerry Seinfeld episode used cancer to “bomb,” quite deliberately, in an attempt to keep a rival comedian from “stealing his laughs.” So the belly-laugh I got out of the image below:

     …might be deemed “inappropriate.” But fess up, Gentle Reader: didn’t the notion of cancer cells laying in supplies of Mountain House Freeze-Dried Diced Beef tickle your funny bone for an instant? C’mon now!

Asides: The Unwittingly Self-Undermining Extra Argument

     (Yeah, yeah, I got tired of calling them “quickies.”)

     Via Weird Dave at AosHQ, we have this citation by Bari Weiss:

     Just ask Norman Wang. Last year, the University of Pittsburgh cardiologist was demoted by his department after he published a paper in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) analyzing and criticizing diversity initiatives in cardiology. Looking at 50 years of data, Wang argued that affirmative action and other diversity initiatives have failed to both meaningfully increase the percentage of black and Hispanic clinicians in his field or to improve patient outcomes. Rather than admitting, hiring and promoting clinicians based on their race, he argued for race-neutral policies in medicine.

“Long-term academic solutions and excellence should not be sacrificed for short-term demographic optics,” Wang wrote. “Ultimately, all who aspire to a profession in medicine and cardiology must be assessed as individuals on the basis of their personal merits, not their racial and ethnic identities.”

     [Emphasis added by FWP.]

     The second paragraph above is both sufficient and morally inarguable. The emphasized portion of the first paragraph is the troublemaker. It elicits a nasty response:

“So if diversity initiatives had succeeded in increasing the percentage of black and Hispanic clinicians in cardiology, they would have been acceptable?”

     Watch out for this kind of thing, Gentle Reader.

     If a thing is wrong, it is wrong — and vox populi can’t change it. – Robert A Heinlein

     Neither can “success” at attaining some morally irrelevant “diversity outcome.” Verbum sat sapienti.

The Tactics Of Tyrants

     They’re remarkably consistent – and the failure of common folk to notice the patterns is incredibly tragic.

     Good morning, Gentle Readers. No, I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m 90% finished with Novel #17 (soon to be ignored at an ebook vendor near you!) and have been flogging myself to stay focused on that particular albatross around my neck…and say, isn’t it weird that in golf, whereas an “eagle” is to go two under par on a hole – quite an achievement – going three under par – a truly incredible feat – is called an “albatross?” But I digress. Anyway, most of what I write about here involves patterns and connections that occur to me but that others might not see. This morning I’ve been musing about one that’s relevant to our current national nightmare.

     The tyrant is less interested in the well-being of his subjects than he is in maintaining his power. That’s practically the defining characteristic of the species. But the typical tyrant doesn’t rule “in a vacuum.” The existence of tyrant-level power gives rise to competition: i.e., the emergence of other tyrant-wannabes who seek to displace the Maximum Leader and take his throne for their own. Such persons are usually no better than the reigning tyrant, and are often worse (cf. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov and Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili). The point is that a tyrant who wants to remain alive and in power (departure from office is usually feet-first, in a pine box) must be aware of those persons’ existence, whether actual or potential.

     However, it’s unwise for the reigning tyrant to admit openly to the existence of such competitors. The public might start making comparisons. This is considered hazardous to the whole tyrant occupation…which, incidentally, is always over-subscribed, so unemployed folks in the audience shouldn’t get any ideas. (Try the window for “philosopher-kings.”) So while the Big Dude must be aware of those who would like to replace him, he’s unlikely to mention them in any of his public orations.

     However – and this too is an essential feature of the quasi-successful tyrant – there must be an enemy to blame for whatever ails his subjects. That figure must be someone other than himself, of course. It must also be someone the subjects cannot fight on their own hook: i.e., someone whose threat to the nation can only be thwarted by the tyrant, his genius, and the resources, both human and material, he appropriates from his people.

     This results in a state of perpetual militarization. War is the tyrant’s favorite pastime. Even if there are no threats at the borders and his forces need never fire a shot, maintaining that “There’s a war on” provides a rationale for anything and everything else he might do, including – of course! – the suppression of all opposition to him and criticism of his policies. Subjects are encouraged to monitor one another and to report deviations from conformance to the decrees of Der Fuhrer. One never knows who might be an enemy agent…yea verily, even within one’s family.

     (A compelling dissonance arises here. In the usual case, the tyrant’s border guards are more concerned with keeping subjects in than with keeping outsiders out. Were there real external threats to be countered, you’d think all those guns would be pointed the other way…but no. It’s for the greater good, don’t y’know. Anyway, the needs of the State come first.)

     Now, throughout all the previous drivel runs an unspoken assumption, to wit: that the “enemy,” fictitious though it may be, has the form and aspect of Man. That is, it’s driven by human wills, human ambitions, and human intentions. Adversary regimes, their armies, infiltrators, and other “enemies of the realm” have traditionally been of that sort.

     But it need not be so, and the year-plus just behind us proves it. The Wuhan Virus has proved eminently suitable for the thoroughgoing regimentation of the American people. “Clearly,” we were told, only a nationwide suspension of Americans’ God-given rights, plus an imposition of warding rituals meticulously designed and decreed by the all-knowing health bureaucrats in Festung Washington, would serve to thwart this Twenty-First Century Plague! What’s that? You disbelieve in the lethality of the Kung Flu? You demand to operate your business, to socialize as you always have, and to walk about freely? Enemy of The People! Fine him into bankruptcy! Lock him up before he can infect you or me!

     Comparisons between the attitude of the freedom-minded Donald Trump and that of the power-obsessed Usurper Regime are left as an exercise for my Gentle Readers.

     (Sorry folks. I don’t have any icecreams, I’ve just got this albatross. But do have a nice day.)

Hammering on the panic button.

While negative views of Russia increased in the U.S. during Russiagate mania, few outside of hard-core Democratic partisans viewed that country as a genuine threat or primary enemy. Few Americans woke up shaking in fear about what the Kremlin might do to them.

The search for a new enemy around which the Biden administration could coalesce and in whose name they could keep fear levels high was quickly settled. Cast in that role would be right-wing domestic extremists.[1]

Glen Greenwald lays out the agenda of the government fearmonger machinery.

Our real enemies go unmentioned. Our pretend enemies twist the media and the Democrats into tiny, hard knots. We live in a soup of super charged hysteria, rank government dishonesty, misdirection, suppression of free speech by government lap dogs in the “private” sector, pathetic cowering in the face of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” ad hominem attacks as the new national pastime, and celebration of actual street thuggery, riot, arson, looting, and murder. But those white supremacists!

Black supremacists? Not so much.

[1] “Greenwald: The Democrats’ New War On (Domestic White) Terror Has Already Begun…” By Glen Greenwald, ZeroHedge, 6/2/21.

Why I want to catch COVID

So this last weekend I was sniffing, sneezing, coughing up my lungs, and even had a mild fever.  Not typically a day napper, I took not one but two naps on Saturday.  I couldn’t focus (unusual for me even with a cold) and more or less autopiloted my way through the weekend.  I did not lose my sense of smell or taste, so I emailed my doctor and was told that such losses were not necessary for it to be Covid… it’s a typical and common symptom, but not a necessary one.  They, of course, recommended a Covid test – and that I need to quarantine even from my own family who doubtless would catch it from me.  Horsefeathers on that.

One kid did catch whatever-it-was.  So off to the walk in care clinic where a rapid test showed they had… no Covid.  So I have inferentially deduced I, too, do not have the CCP Virus.  But I was disappointed.

I thought to myself Boy, for something that’s as ubiquitous and communicable as we’re being told, my not wearing masks, not washing hands and sanitizing obsessively, touching my face, eyes, and rubbing my nose while grocery shopping, and not socially distancing – this has sure been a bust! 




Yes, I’ve been wanting to catch this thing.  And for two primary reasons.



I do not trust that synthesized genetic material not-vaccine.  Period.  Never mind its connection with eugenicist / population reduction megalomaniac Bill Gates, it is just my survival instinct kicking in.  This thing injects artificially-created mRNA strands that worm into your cells and hijack your cells’ protein production system to manufacture the spike protein that then – in theory – sits on your cell walls exposed to the blood flow to trigger an immune response.  No, no, no.  Never mind that there is increasing evidence that these spikes themselves can actually do damage (see here, here, and here), let alone strong rumors of shedding to affect others.  And in watching the vociferous “fact checking” to deny all this, don’t forget Bismark’s dictum:



For a virus that is, even for my age group, >99.something percent survivable.  No, too many things are triggering my NO F-ING WAY alarm bells.



Let’s not ignore the jihad against Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc, aka one of the Zelenko Protocols – and get this, the gist of which is that Fauci was aware HCQ had benefits but pushed back against its use this time.  Never minding his own 2005 study and supporting its use against MERS in 2013.  TPTB also pushed back against Ivermectin which is showing enormous positive effect now that it is being deployed in India, for example.  Australia, too, is commenting on its effectiveness.  Yet it is still not approved in the US, is actively cautioned against, and any news about it potentially having clinical successes – never mind doctors discussing those successes – is ruthlessly squelched. If the goal is to heal and save people, it makes no sense… but it makes perfect sense if the goal is the Jab into everyone.

For a disease that hype shrieked is one small step from another world tour of Yersinia Pestis, there is a remarkable lack of willingness to try anything except for pushing the not-vaccine (except now it is in the dictionary – another warning sign for me is when the very definitions of words are changed to meet the current Ministry of Truth-style reality).  I know, I know, the generic drugs that have been safely used for decades, are off-patent, and are available over-the-counter in many countries so they just aren’t going to fill the pharma coffers like novel vaccines that the makers (and possibly the employers who mandate them) can’t be sued for if you have problems.  Never mind the ongoing problems, like over 4000 people dead in the US alone and uncounted people with permanent side effects.  Compare and contrast: the Swine Flu program under Ford was stopped after 25-odd deaths (number from memory – that fiasco was actually the subject of one of the books we had to read for a class on science, technology, and public policy that I took in college).

Fold in the desperation and pathological obsession with driving this into the arms of every person on the planet, even infants down to six months old (now being trialed) makes me exceedingly leery of this.  This obsession includes the growing compulsion to be hired or keep your job, be able to travel, etc., but only if you’ve had The Jab.  As a fellow congregant said, “the population control aspect grows likelier”.

If there’s even a chance there really is a plan to reduce the population through a worldwide vaccination program – no way will I voluntarily participate.




The second reason, though, is the long-term protection afforded by naturally-obtained immunity (also see here and here).  Unlike the needs-boosters Jab.  Why, it’s almost as though we have this thing called the immune system that has evolved over untold millions of years to be able to handle pathogens and their counter-evolution.  This is why Merck – you may have heard of them – said this as they stopped attempting to develop a Covid vaccine:

This decision follows Merck’s review of findings from Phase 1 clinical studies for the vaccines. In these studies, both V590 and V591 were generally well tolerated, but the immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines.

Got that? Natural infection and recovery were better than The Jab.

So come on, Covid, infect me already!  You’re slacking – you’re supposed to be as infectious as a 10’s smile, so what’s the hold up?  Do I need to go to the local hospital and start licking doorknobs in the Covid ward?

Some Ideas to Toss Around



I’ve heard of selfless people, but this is a whole new level of generosity.

Suspicions Confirmed

     You knew there was something dodgy, as our English cousins would say, about the way the government and the media heaped endless plaudits on Anthony Fauci. You knew, from the way Big Tech defended Fauci’s pronouncements from contradiction, close scrutiny, or even analytical discussion, that there were reasons to question them—and him. You knew, from his dissimulations and prevarications before Congress – especially when he was questioned by Senator Rand Paul, who deserves copious praise for his courage in confronting this cracked-plaster saint – that something was rotten in the federal health bureaucracy. But the media kept trumpeting Fauci as the Source of All Wisdom on SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / the Wuhan Virus and insisted that we trust him…as if an honest man could, much less should, trust anything federal in our time.

     Fauci has a decades-long record of mediocrity. Before the Kung Flu he was best known to the public for his “screening” activities during the 2014 Ebola scare, and secondarily for his participation in the creation of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which focused on AIDS in Africa. His manner alone is enough to doubt his sincerity. His frequent flip-flopping on anti-COVID measures has been noted by many. Yet he’s been held up to a trusting public as the touchstone for antiviral wisdom throughout the pandemic.

     But now the truth is coming out:

     Please, please watch the video. I do hope Fox provides Tucker Carlson and his family with heavily armed guards, round the clock. They who have profited from this Communist-engineered obscenity must be contemplating terrible things, including Tucker Carlson’s demise and disgrace. They could surely wield sufficient force to see to the first part. Their media handmaidens still command enough respect to see to the second part.

Concerning The Current Urban Anarcho-Tyranny

     Twenty-seven years ago, a wise man named Samuel Francis, whom the “conservative elite” – Kurt Schlichter would call them “Conservatism, Inc.” – despised and routinely denigrated, wrote an essay that should have been read by everyone in America. It wasn’t: in part because it appeared in Chronicles, a publication “Conservatism, Inc.” has long despised for the unparalleled quality of its writers and editors; and in part because of Mr. Francis’s acuity on matters that touch upon race and ethnicity. Nevertheless, that essay remains a beacon of hope and sanity to which Americans of this Year of Our Lord 2021 should attend.

     Here’s a vitally important snippet, which has great relevance to the tumults in so many of our cities today:

     At least as far as crime and personal safety are concerned, some are awakening to the ancient lesson of republican government, that in order to govern yourself politically you must first be able to govern yourself personally and morally. And, that lesson means assuming responsibility for your own protection. For months in 1987 in Detroit, citizens complained to the police about teenage prostitutes from a crack house in the neighborhood who solicited old men and adolescents on the street, about drug dealers firing guns in the air for fun, and about a shoot-out between drug gangs while neighborhood children played in the street. Not once did the police respond to any of the repeated calls. Then one day after the shoot-out, two local men named Angelo Parisi and Perry Kent walked up the street, set fire to the crack house, and burned it to the ground, and within minutes police arrived to charge them with two counts of arson and assault with a deadly weapon. With community support, both men were acquitted by a jury of all charges, and there are stories similar to theirs in other American cities.

     Soon after the Los Angeles riots, the New York Times recounted the story of a 20-year-old janitor, David Penso, who enjoyed the less-than-bracing experience of watching a local discount store being looted and burned by rioters as Los Angeles police cars drove past and did absolutely nothing. Mr. Penso—unlike George Bush, Jack Kemp, Bill Clinton, and George Will—learned something. “The cops were there,” he told the Times, “but they didn’t do anything. The only way people can be protected in Los Angeles is if they protect themselves with guns.” Some months before the Los Angeles riots, the Washington Post carried a story about women and guns, reporting that there are now about 12 million of them across the country, and one of them, a woman named Paxton Quigley in Beverly Hills, a former activist for gun control and now owner of a gun store that offers firearms training to women, told the Post, “We cannot depend on anyone to protect us. We must do it ourselves. And, the only way is to acquire the firepower it takes to dissuade violent criminals.”

     How is this not utterly and completely obvious? It defeats me. Yet half the country would shy back from its implications. “You mean we should protect ourselves? How is that our responsibility? Isn’t that why we have police?”

     Mr. Francis picked up on the fascistic tendencies of those who’ve called for “police saturation” (e.g., George Will) long before most of the rest of us. That got him denounced as the second coming of Hitler…a sobriquet infinitely more appropriate to the “police saturation” advocates.

     Running across Mr. Francis’s essay for the first time in some years sparked my memory. It caused me to dredge up an old piece that first appeared at the late, lamented Palace of Reason:


     “States, like men, have their growth, their manhood, their decrepitude, and their decay.” — Walter S. Landor.

     Why do nations, which, being composed entirely of ideas, are potentially immortal, age, stumble, and collapse? There are many causal threads to follow. Today I will explore “them”.

     Who’s responsible for the poor condition of the roads, the axle-breaking potholes, the piles of detritus that offend the eye and nose? Not you nor I, but “them.” But getting “them” to deal with any of it is like pulling teeth, whereas none of us have the time or wherewithal; we’re all too busy earning enough to pay our taxes. That’s just the way things are.

     Who’s responsible for that elderly widow down the block, the one who can’t really get around any more and should get a visit about three times a day to make sure she’s all right? Not you nor I, but “them.” And “they” haven’t been doing such a good job of it, or she wouldn’t have broken both hips in six months’ time. But “they” took the job, and it’s not ours to question their performance now that we’ve surrendered it to “them.” That’s just the way things are.

     Who’s responsible for dealing with the gang that claims to “own” this block, that’s committed one mugging after another for years but never seems to be taken in hand? Not you nor I, but “them.” “They” claim to own all the police powers, though they exercise them quite selectively, and only when it suits their mood. “They” forbade us our own means of defense, too; for us to own and carry guns is far too dangerous to the public peace. What public peace, you say? Well, yes. But we can’t seem to get our guns or our authority as citizens back, so we have to hide behind the double-locked doors of our homes and leave the streets to animals that walk upright. That’s just the way things are.

     Why is it the way things are? Because at various times and on various grounds, “they” persuaded us to transfer our responsibilities to them. It’s not clear why we did it. After all, “they” hadn’t been doing that well with the jobs we’d previously assigned “them.” But we did it, perhaps out of wishful thinking, perhaps out of laziness. And there seems to have been a ratchet involved, for, much as we’d like to, we can’t seem to transfer the responsibilities back into our own hands.

     Can the ratchet be undone? I don’t know. I think it would require far too many men willing to court danger and possible death to wrest back the police powers, however unwisely they were delegated. We’ll get our guns back only by armed insurrection. As for the sweeping transfer of civil responsibility and public property back into the hands of common citizens, that’s almost as unlikely. They require tax revolts and organized resistance to the seizure of property through condemnation, which, though guaranteed successful if enough people participate, are as rare as snowballs in July. The wrath of the State is terrible toward those who deny its power to tax and confiscate, and everyone fears to step forward in defiance only to find himself alone.

     We should have known better. We probably did.


     Have a nice day.

Open-borders, Ryan acolyte Elise Stefanik.

The repulsive Liz Cheney is out of the House Republican leadership structure but her replacement is no prize. Rep. Elise Stefanik reeks of open borders, Paul Ryan, and Paul Singer and George Soros money.

Republican stand for nothing.

Michelle Malkin lays it out here:

Beware Elise Stefanik’s Moneyman.” By Michelle Malkin, The Unz Review, 5/20/21.

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