As I’ve mentioned before, the C.S.O. and I have been watching a great many British murder mysteries and police procedurals since we terminated our cable-TV subscription. Beth loves the genre, and I’m willing to go along with whatever viewing fare she prefers as long as it holds the trendy PC crap to a minimum. Fortunately, the Brits love their mysteries quite as much as Beth does, and have largely resisted the pollution of the genre with such irrelevancies.

     There is a downside, of course: Our evenings are filled with death and evil. Anyone who derived his impression of the Sceptered Isle from these shows would surely conclude that Britain is the murder capital of the globe, especially if he were a devotee of Midsomer Murders or Silent Witness.

     Midsomer Murders, which kills an average of three victims per episode, is especially “murderous.” In consequence it uses up Supporting Cast actors at a rate exceptional even for British TV. It knocks ‘em off so fast that Neil Dudgeon, who plays DCI John Barnaby in the current run of the series, was once used as a Supporting Cast character, a lecherous gardener, in an episode some time before he assumed the leading role.

     Just now we’re immersed in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries based on the novels of the great Elizabeth George. There’s a romantic subplot involving DI Thomas Lynley’s wife Helen Clyde, a police profiler, who separates from him for a year in the course of season three. As of the second episode of season five, Helen returns to Thomas – but the actress who originally played Helen, Lesley Vickerage, is not present. Instead the role is played by another actress, Catherine Russell, who doesn’t look at all like Vickerage. This gave rise to the following exchange:

     Reflecting on this gave rise to the following exchange.

CSO: So Lynley and Helen are back together at last!
FWP: Well, yeah, but it’s a different Helen.

CSO: Still…
FWP: What if he preferred the other Helen?

CSO: Are you worried that that would destabilize the marriage?
FWP: Worse: what if the other Helen comes back in a later episode? Can you imagine the confusion? “I’m Helen!” “No, I’m Helen!” Could be bad news for Lynley.

CSO: I wouldn’t worry. You know how British actors circulate around all those mystery shows. The original Helen probably took a job in Midsomer.
FWP: Those tend to be very short-term jobs.
CSO: Yeah.

Why No Post on 9/11?

Yesterday was a busy day. I woke sore, packed a lot of activity into the day, and returned home, late, tired, and about ready for bed.

Unusually, I didn’t spend any time watching the memorials, either.

It’s not that I didn’t care. It’s not even that I was tired of the attention paid to the heroes and victims.

Instead, I started to think about the normal progression of American memory.

Other than the South, and among politicians eager to ‘wave the bloody shirt’ for votes, the Civil War memorials assumed less importance very shortly after. The continued rush of immigrants from Europe and Asia (particularly China) brought that issue to the surface, and, in some ways, provided a substitute for the intense fervor of the pre-CW and War Years.

During that run-up, there were more than a few overeducated people – many of them women – who found no suitable mate to equal their exalted sense of self. They threw themselves into Good Works (whether connected to a church or not), Abolition, and other time-consuming activities that filled their lonely days and nights.

Gee, sounds more than a little like the Woke, doesn’t it?

Well, the War MORE than fulfilled their aims. Some of them went down to the defeated South after it ended, to put all their theories about how to uplift the ‘Darkies’ into practice.

It didn’t take long for the CW-Woke to become hopelessly disillusioned about reforming the South into a more perfect society. They were incapable of teaching those who were illiterate, found that the Reconstruction governments were as corrupt as any other, and that the lives of so many of the freed slaves quickly returned to a similar social and economic status that they’d had before.

Some Black people benefited. Many of them were those that got the hell out of Dodge, and went west for greater opportunities. But, there were also some who managed to make their way into a comfortable social and financial state.

Which left many of the reformers with little to no purpose in life.

What took the place of agitating for the abolition of slavery? For the older crowd, not much. A few went into other endeavors, but most were like the fictional Aunt Pittypat, and lived off the generosity of their relatives, sticking their noses into everything they could. You know the kind – you love them for their good points, but you also roll your eyes at them when they go off on their rants.

Kinda like listening to Cousin Moonbeam, extolling the virtues of solar energy (but, not actually contributing to the expense of putting a system in).

Many Americans, and immigrants, were heading to the West. There was opportunity, and the younger people responded by picking up and moving. The news still moved slowly, and local/regional news dominated peoples’ attention. They were aware of events happening east of the Mississippi, but it didn’t have the same immediacy as the life they faced in their new homes.

I was the same, growing up in the 50s. I knew my father and many other family members had fought in WWII, but, other than telling some funny stories about their experiences, they had little to say – they were focused on the here and now. Making a living, buying homes, raising children.

Even the Korean War had little impact on me. I was only 1 when it ended. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the first time adults discussed a defense issue with us. Mostly, that was ‘parent talk’, and they kept us out of the discussion.

I remember having teachers in middle school who had fought in WWII or Korea. They seemed amazed at how little we knew about the events of that time, other than “Hitler BAD!”.

For most younger people – under 30 – 9/11 is just ‘something that happened’ a very long time ago. Ilhan’s perspective isn’t that unusual.

We’ve moved from a culture that made men who didn’t volunteer to fight feel ashamed of themselves, to one in which those who don’t volunteer think of the military as filled with ‘chumps’.

So many of the ‘Woodstock Generation’ raised kids that didn’t even consider the military. My own son bucked that norm – he’d gone to MLK’s Law and Public Service magnet in Cleveland, and, despite the staff’s pro-left inclinations, he had a friend who planned to join the Navy.

So, he was open to the idea.

When I first heard that he’d joined, I was aghast (this was pre-9/11). He had looked seriously at the potential for him, and persuaded us that he knew what he was doing.

He served actively for 6 years, and was inactive for 2 more. What he learned in his MOS was skills he still uses in his job. With not even a two year degree (he attended for a brief period), he has bought a house, provided for family, and achieved a comfortable level of living.

But the benefits weren’t as interesting as the experiences, and the desire to serve his country.

His sister later joined the Army, and married another military member.

And, others experienced the same, after 9/11. Pity that the politicians couldn’t be bothered to manage the wars better – I very much blame the Leftist ROE (Rules of Engagement) for much of the lack of success in the outcomes. And, the takeover by the Woke contingent has virtually guaranteed that the military will NOT be an option for Normals in the future.

I will never forgive them for their cavalier attitude towards deaths and injuries to OUR troops, while admonishing soldiers about any casualties to the enemy. Nor will I forgive the continued screwups by the VA (SOME facilities, and medical/nursing staff, are terrific – my son-in-law had superb care with his treatment for cancer. The facilities that suck continue to suck).

The meltdown that caused so many deaths and casualties in Afghanistan, and led to some people being evacuated who shouldn’t have been, while leaving Americans behind, is something that needs to lead to a major shakeup in the brass – and, by that, I mean court-martials and resignations/discharges under less than honorable conditions.

In any future efforts to control dissident Americans, we must remember – today’s military is NOT our ally. They will go along with anti-Constitutional actions without a qualm.

So, that’s the long story about why I didn’t reflect on 9/11. I’m currently more focused on a future where the guys in uniform are out to GET people like me.

The Run-Up Part 2: The Progenitor

     If you know of Herbert Marcuse, the following Leftist definition of “liberating tolerance,” from his 1965 essay “Repressive Tolerance,” might be familiar to you. If not, read on!

     Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word. The traditional criterion of clear and present danger seems no longer adequate to a stage where the whole society is in the situation of the theater audience when somebody cries: ‘fire’. It is a situation in which the total catastrophe could be triggered off any moment, not only by a technical error, but also by a rational miscalculation of risks, or by a rash speech of one of the leaders. In past and different circumstances, the speeches of the Fascist and Nazi leaders were the immediate prologue to the massacre. The distance between the propaganda and the action, between the organization and its release on the people had become too short. But the spreading of the word could have been stopped before it was too late: if democratic tolerance had been withdrawn when the future leaders started their campaign, mankind would have had a chance of avoiding Auschwitz and a World War.

     The whole post-fascist period is one of clear and present danger. Consequently, true pacification requires the withdrawal of tolerance before the deed, at the stage of communication in word, print, and picture. Such extreme suspension of the right of free speech and free assembly is indeed justified only if the whole of society is in extreme danger. I maintain that our society is in such an emergency situation, and that it has become the normal state of affairs. Different opinions and ‘philosophies’ can no longer compete peacefully for adherence and persuasion on rational grounds: the ‘marketplace of ideas’ is organized and delimited by those who determine the national and the individual interest. In this society, for which the ideologists have proclaimed the ‘end of ideology’, the false consciousness has become the general consciousness–from the government down to its last objects. The small and powerless minorities which struggle against the false consciousness and its beneficiaries must be helped: their continued existence is more important than the preservation of abused rights and liberties which grant constitutional powers to those who oppress these minorities. It should be evident by now that the exercise of civil rights by those who don’t have them presupposes the withdrawal of civil rights from those who prevent their exercise, and that liberation of the Damned of the Earth presupposes suppression not only of their old but also of their new masters.

     Withdrawal of tolerance from regressive movements before they can become active; intolerance even toward thought, opinion, and word, and finally, intolerance in the opposite direction, that is, toward the self-styled conservatives, to the political Right–these anti-democratic notions respond to the actual development of the democratic society which has destroyed the basis for universal tolerance. The conditions under which tolerance can again become a liberating and humanizing force have still to be created. When tolerance mainly serves the protection and preservation of a repressive society, when it serves to neutralize opposition and to render men immune against other and better forms of life, then tolerance has been perverted. And when this perversion starts in the mind of the individual, in his consciousness, his needs, when heteronomous interests occupy him before he can experience his servitude, then the efforts to counteract his dehumanization must begin at the place of entrance, there where the false consciousness takes form (or rather: is systematically formed)–it must begin with stopping the words and images which feed this consciousness. To be sure, this is censorship, even precensorship, but openly directed against the more or less hidden censorship that permeates the free media. Where the false consciousness has become prevalent in national and popular behavior, it translates itself almost immediately into practice: the safe distance between ideology and reality, repressive thought and repressive action, between the word of destruction and the deed of destruction is dangerously shortened. Thus, the break through the false consciousness may provide the Archimedean point for a larger emancipation–at an infinitesimally small spot, to be sure, but it is on the enlargement of such small spots that the chance of change depends.

     Note that Marcuse strongly advocates both the silencing of the Right (“regressive movements”) and violence against the Right (“it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word”) in the name of “tolerance.” To justify this, he claims a “clear and present danger” (of what?), invokes the old Rousseauian / Marxian notion of “false consciousness,” and implies that it has been imposed to suppress “small and powerless minorities” (“racist!”).

     While no one in the Usurper Regime has been foolish enough to quote Marcuse’s lunacies as justification for their tirades against the Right, the lineage of their ideas should be obvious.

     The run-up has deeper roots than most are aware.

The Run-Up

     Scene-setting, stage-dressing, “battlespace preparation,” call it what you will.

     It didn’t begin with Biden’s fatuous and inflammatory “soul of the nation” speech. It’s been going on for years. It can be traced back at least as far as the November 2000 election of George W. Bush as president. My fear is that it’s reaching a climax. Yet the more listened-to commentators are only just noticing.

     Here’s an example from Lance Morrow:

     If there are fascists in America these days, they are apt to be found among the tribes of the left. They are Mr. Biden and his people (including the lion’s share of the media), whose opinions have, since Jan. 6, 2021, hardened into absolute faith that any party or political belief system except their own is illegitimate—impermissible, inhuman, monstrous and (a nice touch) a threat to democracy. The evolution of their overprivileged emotions—their sentimentality gone fanatic—has led them, in 2022, to embrace Mussolini’s formula: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Or against the party. (People forget, if they ever knew it, that both Hitler and Mussolini began as socialists). The state and the Democratic Party must speak and act as one, suppressing all dissent. America must conform to the orthodoxy—to the Chinese finger-traps of diversity-or-else and open borders—and rejoice in mandatory drag shows and all such theater of “gender.” Meantime, their man in the White House invokes emergency powers to forgive student debt and their thinkers wonder whether the Constitution and the separation of powers are all they’re cracked up to be.

     There’s a lot of bilge in Morrow’s column, including extensive unfounded denigrations of Donald Trump and his style – does Morrow actually understand politics as opposed to policy, or is he under orders from WSJ’s Never-Trumpist masters not to show Trump even a shred of respect? – but in the assessment quoted above, he is correct. The Left is following the playbook first composed by Benito Mussolini and refined by Adolf Hitler. Kevin Downey has laid out some of the timelines; review them for yourselves.

     We are in a run-up to the forcible suppression of free expression, the elections system, the right to keep and bear arms, the presumption of innocence, and much else that has characterized the United States of America under its Constitution – by the very people screaming that we dismiss the Constitution, the rule of law, and so forth. Their delegitimizations, their orchestrated media attacks, their deliberate, fascistic treatment of Steve Bannon and other important Trump supporters, and their attacks on whatever elements of the judicial system refuse to fall in line are of a single piece.

     But of course they accuse us of what they’re doing, right out in front of God and everybody. A failed Viennese painter wrote that part of the procedure, too.

     “Public school” teachers are getting into the act. Usurper Figurehead Biden, no doubt out of fear of November, is chivvying the DoJ along. The DoJ is targeting an expanding list of Trump advisors and fundraisers. Usurper-friendly media are cheering them on. And of course, the Harpy of Chappaqua is always happy to help defame the man who defeated her fondest ambition.

     This concerted attempt to make us in the Right look like enemies to the rest of the nation might not be enough all by itself, but with a sufficient admixture of poll fraud and manufactured votes, it could do the trick two months hence.

     Given the breadth and intensity of the defamations and demonizations, the facts of the matter might not prevail against the Left’s Narrative. It wouldn’t be the first time.

What Endures?

     A different sort of reflection today. Current events combine horror and mind-numbing sameness in equal measure. If I were somehow confined to talking about politics, policy, and current events today, I’d give up talking. I’d rather cut my lawn with a cuticle scissors.

     In his essay of this morning, Roger Kimball announces a paperback edition of his book The Fortunes of Permanence. I haven’t read it yet, but his essay excerpts its preface in a challenging and thought-inspiring way. Here’s the snippet that sparked my thoughts of today:

     In Henry IV Part 1, Sir John Falstaff, a thoroughly modern rogue, asks, “What is honor?” He concludes, not without a bitter dram of contempt, that honor is but a word. And what, he asks, “is in that word ‘honor’? What is that ‘honor’? Air. A trim reckoning,” he says, “a mere scutcheon.”

     Russell Kirk’s life was a campaign against this species of existential depreciation. It’s a campaign to which I hope The Fortunes of Permanence might make a modest contribution. For Kirk, honor was a reality, not “air,” not nothing, and I suspect his pantheon of realities had plenty of room for angels as well.

     This calls to mind a key segment from C. S. Lewis’s towering essay The Abolition of Man:

     In actual fact Gaius and Titius [the authors of a particular “modern” children’s book] will be found to hold, with complete uncritical dogmatism, the whole system of values which happened to be in vogue among moderately educated young men of the professional classes during the period between the two wars. Their scepticism about values is on the surface: it is for use on other people’s values; about the values current in their own set they are not nearly sceptical enough. And this phenomenon is very usual. A great many of those who ‘debunk’ traditional or (as they would say) ‘sentimental’ values have in the background values of their own which they believe to be immune from the debunking process. They claim to be cutting away the parasitic growth of emotion, religious sanction, and inherited taboos, in order that ‘real’ or ‘basic’ values may emerge. I will now try to find out what happens if this is seriously attempted.

     Let us continue to use the previous example—that of death for a good cause—not, of course, because virtue is the only value or martyrdom the only virtue, but because this is the experimentum crucis which shows different systems of thought in the clearest light. Let us suppose that an Innovator in values regards dulce et decorum and greater love hath no man as mere irrational sentiments which are to be stripped off in order that we may get down to the ‘realistic’ or ‘basic’ ground of this value. Where will he find such a ground?

     First of all, he might say that the real value lay in the utility of such sacrifice to the community. ‘Good’, he might say, ‘means what is useful to the community.’ But of course the death of the community is not useful to the community — only the death of some of its members. What is really meant is that the death of some men is useful to other men. That is very true. But on what ground are some men being asked to die for the benefit of others? Every appeal to pride, honour, shame, or love is excluded by hypothesis. To use these would be to return to sentiment and the Innovator’s task is, having cut all that away, to explain to men, in terms of pure reasoning, why they will be well advised to die that others may live. He may say ‘Unless some of us risk death all of us are certain to die.’ But that will be true only in a limited number of cases; and even when it is true it provokes the very reasonable counter question ‘Why should I be one of those who take the risk?’

     At this point the Innovator may ask why, after all, selfishness should be more ‘rational’ or ‘intelligent’ than altruism. The question is welcome. If by Reason we mean the process actually employed by Gaius and Titius when engaged in debunking (that is, the connecting by inference of propositions, ultimately derived from sense data, with further propositions), then the answer must be that a refusal to sacrifice oneself is no more rational than a consent to do so. And no less rational. Neither choice is rational — or irrational — at all. From propositions about fact alone no practical conclusion can ever be drawn. This will preserve society cannot lead to do this except by the mediation of society ought to be preserved. This will cost you your life cannot lead directly to do not do this: it can lead to it only through a felt desire or an acknowledged duty of self-preservation. The Innovator is trying to get a conclusion in the imperative mood out of premisses in the indicative mood: and though he continues trying to all eternity he cannot succeed, for the thing is impossible. We must therefore either extend the word Reason to include what our ancestors called Practical Reason and confess that judgements such as society ought to be preserved (though they can support themselves by no reason of the sort that Gaius and Titius demand) are not mere sentiments but are rationality itself; or else we must give up at once, and for ever, the attempt to find a core of ‘rational’ value behind all the sentiments we have debunked.

     Lewis was my sort of thinker: one who seeks the foundation beneath contentious propositions. Let it be said at once that there is no proposition more contentious than this one:

There are absolute values,
Metaphysically given ab initio,
That nothing can erase from reality.

     The whole program of contemporary relativists and “social constructionists” is an attempt – possibly a last-ditch attempt – to deny the existence of those values and erase all trace of them from the minds of men.

     True conservatism inheres in the defense of those values…but not as a rearguard fighting desperately in a beloved but lost cause.


     As a (somewhat) younger, more politically focused blatherer, I liked to answer the question “What is a libertarian?” with the response “A libertarian is a conservative who remembers what conservatism used to be.” For conservatives were once what are called libertarians today. Their political pole star was freedom. They also venerated and sought to preserve a range of social and cultural traditions. However, that desire expressed itself largely in an invitation to persons unacquainted with those traditions to explore them and compare them to others. It was not a relativistic, “they’re all equally good and valid” mindset that lay beneath this. Rather, it was confidence in the soundness of the foundation beneath the traditions they found worthy. A mature mind engaged in honest inquiry would find their roots to be as real and reliable as the earth beneath our feet.

     But of course, no mortal is born with a “mature mind.” For the purposes of adult life, the mind of the young human is tabula rasa. What first enters it determines the scope of things to which it will be receptive in its adult years. Thus, the tradition of education in the eternal verities and the cardinal virtues lay at the core of the conservative attitude toward child rearing. With that foundation in place, the young adult is equipped to do his own exploring, with his parents’ confidence that he will stay true to the truths that are permanent and irrevocable.

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

[T. S. Eliot, Little Gidding]


     A man’s “life adventure” ends only with his demise. Throughout his life he will encounter novel ideas, innovations and their promulgators, and challenges to his premises. Sincere conservatives know this. Indeed, they celebrate it, for without the stimulus of such things, what point would there be to life? The drive to learn of other ways and the practices of those who’ve followed them rests upon a premise without which our minds could not function: the premise that there is an objective reality. That reality, which C. S. Lewis called the Tao, is where the only truly permanent things may be found.

     Thus, the conservative’s veneration of certain traditions harmonizes with his love of liberty. The lack of liberty forecloses the learning that makes studying and reinforcing the traditions he cherishes possible. He sees in the totalitarian ideology – of any variety – the denial that reality is, if I may, really real: precedental, enduring, and trustworthy.

     The conservative project is and has always been to ask “What endures forever, immune to anyone’s likes, dislikes, or adverse preachments?” and to insist that those things be given their due. But this inherently requires a regime of liberty…and in this we find the refutation of all the twaddle promulgated by the nihilists, the moral relativists, and the censors who demand that only their view deserves to be heard.

Seems to Be Back

I’d tried to log in this morning, but kept getting an error message. It’s working now, but I decided to put the post on Right As Usual – The Next Generation.

Failure By The Numbers

     You may not know the statistics, but Divemedic does:

  • Blacks are 13% of the population, but commit 43 to 53 percent of the murders (due to year to year variation) For example, in 2018, 43% of homicides were committed by blacks.
  • Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
  • When a black person is the perpetrator, forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic.
  • When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
  • Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

     Those are just the first five entries on a long and frankly terrifying list. Divemedic’s conclusion is equally terrifying:

     On average, Blacks either won’t or can’t form successful societies.

     There is absolutely no objective data to countervail his reasoning. Indeed, out of fear that others will reach the same conclusions, the FBI has ceased to report on the racial distributions pertinent to felony crimes. But there’s worse in the offing.

     For several decades, the best predictor of whether a man is likely to be incarcerated for a felony crime is a yes answer to this question:

Was he raised in a single-parent / female-headed household?

     For some years now, nearly seven out of every ten black children have been raised in a single-parent / female-headed household.

     This, as they say, does not bode well.

     Yet merely to cite those statistics evokes cries of racist! and imputations of the foulest sort. Ask the great Charles Murray. He’ll tell you. But then, so can I. So can Divemedic:

     This is what the members of the rose-colored-glasses set always do: They misquote. They put words in the mouths of others who did not speak them. And if that should fail, they’ll arrange to have their targets “protested.” Often at home and at night. Always with bullhorns and chants of racist!!

     This is the reality of Twenty-First Century discourse on a supremely important question: Can the Caucasian and Negro races share a country without strife?

     A great many white Americans no longer believe it possible.

     I’m beginning to think that this scenario is the best future we can hope for. Interracial amity has been destroyed, through the efforts of black race-hustlers and white Leftist enablers. The restoration of harmony, so painfully built after World War II, seems impossible. A peaceful separation of the races seems so improbable as to be negligible.

     What makes this subject even more painful is the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth Windsor’s life spanned the years over which the British Empire gradually abandoned the administration of its African and Asian colonies. In parallel with the dissolution of the Empire, Britain opened its borders to persons who hail from its former protectorates. Now those former colonies, many of which had trembled at the border of true, First World civilization, have nearly all reverted to squalor, while the Sceptered Isle itself has become a hotbed of racial and sectarian strife. And those who forever seek reasons to hate reality itself have poured oceans of venom on the late Elizabeth, merely for having lived through it.

     Divemedic and I report; you decide.

“Our” Media

     Democrat Robert Telles, an official in Clark County, Nevada, recently stabbed a journalist, Jeff German, to death. You had to be pretty sharp-eyed to discover Telles’s political affiliation, but it did come out – usually in the 36th paragraph of reports on the homicide. But have a gander at the following:

     That should relieve you of any doubts about for whom “our” media really work.

This Is How Much They Fear You

     And it’s no small amount:

     Steve Bannon is no threat to anyone…except as a purveyor of facts and theses. But the vicious, utterly low-minded Letitia James, who’s founded her entire political career on hating and vilifying Donald Trump and everyone who ever worked with him, demanded that Bannon be “perp walked” for the photo-op it would provide.

     Did she seriously think it would do anything constructive for her personal brand of racialist left-wing politics? If so, she’s as stupid as she’s homely. But then, she is a Negress, isn’t she?

     Steve Bannon is one man. His influence arises from the great number of people who share his sentiments and are eager to listen to his podcasts. And those many thousands of American patriots will not forget this. Letitia James had better have her resume up to date…though what she could qualify for in the private sector job market – other than asking customers “Do you want fries with that?” – I cannot imagine.

The Passing Of A Monarch

     Monarchs aren’t what they once were, to be sure. The First World has no recognized kings or queens who wield the powers once associated with those titles. Elizabeth of the House of Windsor, a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, certainly didn’t wield the powers of Henry VIII. Yet in the wake of her long and gentle life, many in the First World sense that something large, and ultimately more significant than mere political power, has departed.

     Perhaps it was graciousness: the virtue nominally vital to those of the aristocracy yet so rare among today’s aristocrats.

     Though the British Royal Family has known its scandals – could anyone be ignorant of Charles’s dalliance with Camilla Parker-Bowles while he was still formally married to Diana Spencer, or the tabloidesque death of Diana after a high-speed chase? – nothing touched Elizabeth. Even at the passing of her beloved consort Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, she indulged in no great show of public mourning. She maintained at all times that most English of all English attributes: a dignified reserve. Her bearing was queenly in the best sense of the word.

     Perhaps this is the proper function of the monarch in the Twenty-First Century. Rather than wield the powers of life and death, powers no mortal truly deserves, let them show us what is best in their nations. Let them exemplify to their nations the virtues that ought to live at their core, that their subjects shall be known for them wherever they may go. Elizabeth did that. May God gather her to His bosom and hold her close. Requiescat in pacem.

To Law-Abiding New Yorkers

     … who, like me, would like to be equipped to defend yourselves in public: this is your “governor:”

     Criminals don’t purchase their guns from retail gun stores. They don’t use credit cards to finance the purchase, either. And no law will take the guns out of their hands. Rational people understand this; Kathy Hochul does not. Therefore…?

     How this arrogant, moronic woman became the governor of the Empire State is a tale to be told next to that of Elliot Spitzer.

     Lee Zeldin may be a typical Northeastern “moderate” Republican, but:

  • He’s a combat veteran;
  • He’s pro-firearms rights;
  • He’s not Kathy Hochul.

     ‘Nuff said.

I Almost Missed It!

     Glory be to God! Today, as I’ve only just discovered, celebrates my favorite ASCII character: one without which a great many important phrases – including a lot of company names – would be both longer and less memorable:

It’s World Ampersand Day!

     Yes, Gentle Reader, the mighty ampersand has been honored with a special day to be celebrated around the globe for its contributions to concision, calligraphy, conjunctionless conjunctions, and…and…

     Well, and!

     According to the National Day Calendar, here are the facts:

  • The ampersand used to be the last letter of the alphabet.
  • It is a ligature of “e” & “t”? That’s “et” in Latin, meaning “and”!
  • The word “ampersand” is a slurring of “real words” run together over time.
  • Even the plus sign is actually an ampersand!

     Why, there’s even a website devoted to Ampersand Art!

     So get out there and use it! It’s fun! It’s quick! And it’s international! The ampersand isn’t just an American thing; it’s celebrated around the world for its contributions to our written and printed text.

     Here’s a sneak peek for you: My novel-in-progress will contain more ampersands than any of my previous novels! Yes, Gentle Reader: I’ve embraced the glory of this elegant and supremely useful character. And if I can, so can you!

And a giant middle finger salute to you, muchacho.

“You can reach a place in your society where the people in charge and their lapdogs in the media become so completely disconnected from the concerns of actual people, become so totally uninterested in the lives of citizens, that society becomes very volatile, and we are fast approaching that point,” [Tucker Carlson] further warned.

Carlson pointed to government warnings across Europe of severe power outages in winter and crack downs on energy use while they, along with the U.S., funnel billions from their own economies to Ukraine.

This is not just bad policy, this makes no sense,” Carlson concluded, adding “It only makes sense if the goal is to completely destroy the west.”[1]

Tucker’s referring indirectly to the statement of the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock:

If I give the promise to people in Ukraine – ‘We stand with you, as long as you need us’ – then I want to deliver. No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine.”[2]

No, I am not making this up.

Not particularly crazy about having your taxes support a horrific, brainless war, Hans? Too bad, señor. Your government wants all that killing, destruction, and misery that entails because it completely forgot about the suffering, waste and horror of WWI and WWII and lessons to be learned therefrom by, say, oh, someone above the age of seven.

But wait! There’s more. That cabal of moronic lefties and cross-dressers wants a guaranteed arduous, unpleasant, winter of little or no energy for you and yours. And it couldn’t care less about you or your opinions. It’s telling you that straight out, to your face. You being part of the sovereign people and all.

But be sure to vote for our lunatic green, socialist, mass third-world invasion-loving, NATO-subservient, censorious, oppressive, EU-worshipping coalition next time around! We’re counting on you.

Does anybody reading this think this is going to turn out well?

[1] “Watch: Tucker Carlson Warns “Elites Are Making Things Worse On Purpose.” By Paul Joseph Watson, 9/7/22 (emphasis added).
[2] “German foreign minister vows to support Ukraine war effort, ‘no matter what my German voters think’.” By War Is Boring, 9/1/22 (emphasis added).

These Are The Fruits Of Dependency

     Becoming dependent on others for a necessity is always a risky course:

     Switzerland is considering jailing anyone who heats their rooms above 19C for up to three years if the country is forced to ration gas due to the Ukraine war.
     The country could also give fines to those who violate the proposed new regulations.
     Speaking to Blick, Markus Sporndli, who is a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, explained that the rate for fines on a daily basis could start at 30 Swiss Francs (£26).
     He added that the maximum fine could be up to 3,000 Swiss Francs (£2,667).
     And companies who deliberately go over their gas quotas could face punishment.
     Additionally, according to the potential measures, temperatures in gas-heated buildings can be no more than 19C (66.2F), with water heated up to 60C (140F).

     As my Gentle Readers are surely aware, in response to European war sanctions against Russia, Russia has shut off the Nord Stream gas pipeline that fuels much of Europe. It’s about to get chilly over there. Not that 66 degrees Fahrenheit is unbearable, mind you, but I have a feeling that the Old World is at the start of a slow devolution.

     How do those windmills and solar panels strike you these days, my distant cousins? Of course, we in the U.S. can’t smirk too gleefully; California, home to an eighth of our population, is in the same bag. Then there’s the little matter of our electronics, our rechargeable batteries, and our non-recreational drugs, a frightening percentage of which are made in Red China. As I need some of those drugs to stay on the sunny side of the sod, I’m a little more frightened than most. But I digress.

Insanity Is A Spectrum

     I’ll say it again: I have two friends who are transwomen. As far as I know, they’re self-supporting, physically healthy, and socially acceptable. One of them, an accomplished software engineer, has even functioned as an “alpha reader” for my last few novels. But I encountered them through Liberty’s Torch V1.0, which attracts only persons of above-average intelligence and (mostly) good sense. (I almost wrote “moistly,” which should give you a sense for the evil imp who lives in my backbrain.) So we have an “existence proof:” there are transgendered persons who are not so thoroughly deluded that they constitute a danger to themselves, others, or the general order of the universe.

     But hey! Have a look at Canadian Green Party potentate Amita Kuttner:

     If offhandedly referring to you by the pronouns proper to your biological sex hurts you so greatly, “Mr.” Kuttner, your emotional fragility suggests that you shouldn’t be in public life. At least, I would doubt the aggregate sanity of a political party that would choose you to be its chief representative to your nation. But then, Greenies are somewhere “out there” on the sanity spectrum, too.

     I know, I know. “It takes all kinds.” I’ve heard that often enough. But no one has ever told me why.

     (Applause to David Thompson.)

The 2022 Based Fall Book Sale

     Hans G. Schantz, author of the Hidden Truth trilogy, is once again hosting a gigantic $0.99 or free sale of “non-woke” books:

     Some complain about the culture. Others do something about it.

     Support non-woke authors and get yourself some great books from both established and emerging talent for only $0.99 – many titles free! It’s a sale too big for just one blog post, three sales in one!

     Fan Favorites: These are some of the most popular titles from previous sales. This is a great place to start, if you’ve never been to a sale before, or if you want to be sure you haven’t overlooked a great deal.

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     Non-Fiction Sale: We even have a few non-fiction titles, all new to the sale.

     And yes: once again, my stuff is included among all those more notable names. So fill up your Kindle or NOOK or what have you! What are you waiting for, Saint Swithin’s Day?


1. Conversations.

     Let’s start with something light:

FWP: How on earth did the word “lumber” pick up the secondary meaning of “to move slowly and clumsily?”
CSO: What makes you so sure that wasn’t the original meaning?

FWP: Well…all right, then how on Earth did the word “lumber” pick up the secondary meaning of “a piece of wood?”
CSO: Because of how slowly the Ents move!
FWP: (groans)


2. The Hate-Whites Campaign.

     This article from Information Liberation demonstrates the depth of the Left’s need to hate someone:

     From Wokeness Studies scholar Zach Goldberg:

     1/n If 2016 was the year white liberals started rating non-whites more warmly than whites, 2020 was the year they started.. a) rating whites as more violent than blacks

     — Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) September 2, 2022

     Please read it all. It’s mostly a series of tweets. Every opinion cited is in direct contradiction to the objective, easily observable facts. And ponder this: How deep does a man’s need to hate have to be to get him to hate himself? The great majority of those on the Left are as white as I am!


3. “Whom The Finger Of Allah Hath Touched.”

     One of my fiction idols, the late, great Robert A. Heinlein, wrote in his Future History series about “the Crazy Years:” a period in which mass irrationality had come to dominate the public American landscape. Yet his stories of that time were mild compared to what we see around us today. Have a few guaranteed-non-fattening slices:

  1. Transgender evangelists spoiling for a fight…in Utah!
  2. A thoroughly discredited has-been claiming that We in the Right are the ones who want a civil war.
  3. Yet another case of prolonged Hollywood exposure driving an innocent young woman off the rails.

     Sometimes comment is completely unnecessary. Well, maybe a little:

  1. A glare, a menacing rise from one’s seat, and a growl of “What the fuck is your problem?” will often avert an unpleasant encounter of this kind. If not, there’s always fisticuffs.
  2. We speak here of the lowest imaginable form of celebrity: one with absolutely nothing to offer anyone.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence is a fine actress, but Hollywood has plainly ruined her. She should have spent less time with Harvey Weinstein and Amy Schumer, and more with Jim Caviezel and Chris Pratt. She could have learned something worth knowing.


4. Death Cult Speculations.

     Beloved Co-Conspirator Pascal has on many occasions urged me to emphasize the “Death Cults” motif. It is to him and equally beloved Co-Conspirator Linda Fox that credit for this little tome should go. And indeed, there are easily observed, easily identified forces that are nudging Mankind toward extinction by is own hand.

     This morning, in an email recommending this podcast — which, unfortunately, I cannot play, as I refuse to use any Apple product – he comments thus:

     Sachs explains the blowback he received once he began discovering the task force he headed was totally infiltrated.

     Fully involved in the development of this virus as a bioweapon – Fauci, Baric, Daszak and the CIA.

     I don’t want to believe it – I’m desperate for some sign that, as bad as the Usurper Regime demonstrably is, it doesn’t intend our extermination – but the evidence is accumulating to a terrifying height. Especially in light of the contemporaneous accumulation of evidence that the “vaccines” are decidedly more harmful than the COVID-19 virus itself.

     Form your own opinions, but as for me, no one will get near me with that crap unless I run out of ammo…and I have a lot of ammo.


5. Relations Between The Sexes.

     The institution of marriage, which evolved for the protection of each party from the other’s caprices, has been under assault for quite a while now. In commenting on the matter, SteveF at Cold Fury makes some penetrating observations, the key to which is this one:

     “Women control access to sex. Men control access to marriage.”

     This is a special case of an important principle of interaction: the ability to say “no” confers the ultimate degree of control. Yes, women control access to sex…but today, they no longer reserve sex for the married state. Men retain the ability to decline marriage, which implies that the desire for sex – with women, that is – is no longer a deciding factor in their decisions about marriage.

     Despite that, and despite the well-documented hazards, men continue to marry women. Indeed, we retain the initiative in decisions marital and are almost always the ones to make the move toward marriage. It’s something that should inspire more thought than it usually gets, especially as contemporary marriage is so heavily slanted in the woman’s favor. Another powerful one-liner from SteveF:

     One should never enter into a contract with someone who will be rewarded for breaking it.

     While the man retains control over whether or not to marry, the woman’s incentives to marry are far more imperative. This is especially true if she wants children – and most women do.

     Things are bad. Indeed, it’s not clear how they could get worse. Combine it with the other factors that have arisen to discourage marriage and childbearing – especially among whites – and it begins to look as if the Death Cults will win after all.

Solving the mystery of fanatical opposition to Trump.

MAGA cannot be purchased. It is a political outlook that seeks only to enhance the best interests of the American people, regardless of consequence for the multinationals or foreign beneficiaries of globalist U.S. economic policy. Unfortunately, as a result, all of the beneficiaries are aligned to make sure the MAGA economic policy outlook is extinguished. There are literally trillions at stake. This reality underpins the opposition to Donald Trump.

When you understand why the national economic outlook of the President is so important, you can also understand why every political candidate is told not to discuss it by the handlers and campaign managers who are essentially selling their candidate to a millionaire and billionaire donor class who do not want an America-First economic policy agenda.

* * * *

For decades middle America was begging the McConnell’s, Ryans, Boehners, Romney’s, McCain’s, Bushes, et al, to make America-Fist economic policies their priority. All of our shouts for help fell upon deaf political ears plugged by corporate donations and influence. Our communities were literally collapsing around us (see rust belt), and yet no national politician would do anything of consequence.

By the time Donald Trump arrived decades of frustration exploded in an eruption of massive applause because he was articulating the central economic issue that was being ignored by the professional political class. The America-First agenda is the restoration agenda.

I Am a MAGA Republican, and Donald Trump is My Weapon.” By Sundance, Conservative Treehouse, 9/6/22.

The Undiscussed Nationalization

     Just a quick thought this morning, as I’ve decided to give today to people and things fictional. Fiction is a restful place for me. While our nation swells with lunacy and strife, I can compel my characters and the consequences of their actions to make sense.

     Ever since the World Wars, the attention of the nation has been almost exclusively on developments in national politics and policy. That was to be expected: as Washington D.C. sucked the authority out of our state and local governments, our attention followed the usurped powers to focus on their usurpers. What good would it do to watch state and local executives and legislators, when they no longer have significant influence over our lives and fortunes? “The action” is plainly on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

     That implicitly gave the national media immense influence over national opinion. Few of us can personally monitor the mandarins of Washington. To learn what they’re about, we turn to those who send reporters there. Even today, when the majority of us have awakened to the media’s biases, they can sway a sufficiently large fraction of Americans to determine majority sentiment on most political issues.

     The two mega-powers are closely coupled. While Big Government is what gives Big Media their influence, Big Media are essential in maintaining Big Government’s hold on our attention. That holds for both the Legacy Media and the New Media. If either could be neutered, the other would badly undermined as well – and when it comes to the media, We the Great Unwashed hold the deciding vote.

     CNN has already discovered what happens to an outlet that loses the majority of its viewers. Other outlets should be made to feel the heat as well. “Irish Democracy” wielded against the titans of the media could and should be coupled to our resistance of the Usurper Regime and its campaign to transform us all into rightless serfs. To discontinue your TV subscription and your Facebook account would both be strokes in the cause of freedom. Besides, there’s plenty to watch on Acorn and BritBox, especially if you like detective stories.

Undercover MAGA insider speaks out.

H/t: Conservative Treehouse

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