Something to Bookmark for the Next Time ‘Climate Change’ is Brought Up

The phrase “anthropomorphic activity” is often used in the Leftist push to decrease the number of those Wretched Humans (Non-Elite), and their Disgusting Activities (those that help them survive and thrive).

But, what does that even mean?

Anthropomorphic activities are those that MIGHT lead to increased free carbons in gaseous form:

  • Driving a combustion-powered vehicle, whether for pleasure or necessity
  • Living in a comfortable home, heated/cooled with petrofuels
  • Eating high on the food chain (mmmm, MEAT!)
  • Breathing
  • Procreating – at least, the Natural Way – M-F interactions, unimpeded by contraceptive means. Ironically, the Not-Natural Lab Facilitated Process may involve more energy – it DEFINITELY involves more money and time.
  • Laying down the infrastructure to make it easier for the NON-Elite to travel, whether for work or pleasure – a BAD thing
  • Giving road priority to human-powered vehicles (which inhibits travel by the poor, the old, and those caring for minor children)
  • Limiting the number of homes that will be occupied by the Non-Elite, through zoning rules
  • Imposing fuel emission standards that limit the capability of poorer people to own a car

Are you seeing a trend? Elites want to rid the world of those ‘yucky’ peons.

For their own good, of course.

It’ s a hard thing to push back against popular/trendy beliefs, particularly when the Elite have a vested interest in making sure that their view prevails. That’s why the truth about COVID was so difficult to get traction – the Elite were working overtime to make sure that the message did not escape the confines of their Echo Chamber.

For another example of one of those popularly-believed tropes:

Were the National Parks segregated? According to The Grist, absolutely. According to them, it’s why Black people don’t go outside for fun.

But, the truth is more complicated. One of those many times that you have to answer, Yes, But. No, the Non-Dixie national parks were NOT segregated, so that is a clear overstatement of the reality. Not uncommon when Leftists try to make a point; they generalize and exaggerate.

So, like many claims from Leftists about America’s history, it’s a straight-out LIE, wrapped in a tissue-thin covering of truth.

And, to clarify more, no, Black people DO enjoy the outdoors. It’s just that they are less likely to travel to Official Parks to do so. They gather in large numbers (well, when not under COVID restrictions) at summer picnics, family reunions, boating, and hunting/fishing (yes, Black people do BOTH – trust me, I live in a part of the country with LOTS of Black people).

Experts: The Quintessential Tragedy

     Good morning, Gentle Readers. I haven’t fallen deathly ill, taken a vow of inscripience (i.e., a vow not to write), or been kidnapped by the Scientologists. I’ve just been working feverishly on a novel you’ll soon be declining to purchase. At any rate, I trust you’ve all had pleasant weekends. Remember that today is not a celebratory occasion. It’s a day to honor those who died in the service of our country. And now for some of my traditional bilge.


     Just the day before yesterday, our favorite Bookworm, in the middle of a piece on the “expert-baffling” popularity of Agatha Christie, tossed off this aside:

     …so-called “experts” have been spectacularly wrong about everything.

     This is actually an illustration of a natural law. Perhaps we could call it The Law of Mass Inquiry. When many persons opine on a given problem, the great majority of them will be wrong. Any respected “senior scientists” in the collection will be over-represented among those who are wrong. The pattern has occurred many times in all of the natural sciences. It is especially prevalent in physics.

     The reason is not far to seek. “Senior scientists” are the last people to whom one should look for insight into a new problem. Their seniority inclines them to view anything and everything as a manifestation of something they already know about – preferably something to which their names are attached. On occasion they will be correct…but when the phenomenon of interest is at the fringe of human understanding, they’re far more likely to be wrong.

     So why do they bear the label of “expert?” Well, because when it comes to solved problems, they know their stuff. And it’s likely that they know how to solve a number of problems that you don’t. So when you’re reasonably sure that the difficulty you’re facing is one that others have faced and conquered in the past, consulting an expert is likely to be fruitful.

     As he was on so many other occasions, Robert A. Heinlein was penetrating on this subject:

     “Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you what can’t be done, and why. Then do it.” [From Time Enough For Love]

     The “expertise” of the “expert” is frequently useful as a challenge. “Experts” are notorious for being wrong, especially so about “what can’t be done.” I once had an old physics textbook, published in 1912, that contained the statement, “It is well established that the atom, the basic building block of all matter, cannot be split.” That same book, in discussing uranium, professed a complete inability to imagine what that element’s neutron emissions might be good for. I have absolutely no doubt that it was written, or at least edited, by persons conversant with “the best physical knowledge of the day.”

     In challenging the “wisdom” of the “expert,” you will frequently be wrong. So what? They’re wrong often enough; why should that condition be barred to you? When it comes to the “softer,” less mathematically susceptible disciplines, there’s no reason to hesitate. Go forth and make a fool of yourself in public! You’ll be participating in a hallowed tradition that encompasses many famous men (and a few infamous women).

     It seems paradoxical, but “expertise” is one of the strongest of all justifications for paying serious attention to “old wives’ tales:” i.e., the encapsulated counsel of earlier generations. Many have been the times I’ve wished that I’d done so. “Ve get too soon old und too late schmart.” For the “old wives” are experts whose degrees and awards were issued by experience. They would not preserve a custom or a tradition if it had let them down. While their ways may be old, they are also tested. They may be inefficient, but they produce the hoped-for results. As a Salada tea bag tag of antiquity once said, “Experience is a stern teacher; she gives the test first, and the lesson afterward.”

     So be judicious in selecting “experts” to heed and when to heed them. Remember Tanner’s Paradox:

     “At any given moment, of N scientists in a given field, N-1 are wrong. Therefore, for practical purposes (say, in administrator’s terms), all scientists are always wrong.” [Bob Leman, “Conversational Mode”]

     This generalizes without distortion to all fields of human inquiry.

The left-right divide.

It’s not complicated.

[L]eftists are the ONLY subset of the population seeking and supporting government dominion over American lives. Not only that, but they have consistently partnered with global corporations that they supposedly despise in order to leverage more power.

They are the only people supporting mass censorship, mob intimidation of those with different political views, mass violence against innocent people and businesses, they supported government lockdowns and extensive violations of the Bill of Rights, and now they are supporting vaccine passports which would destroy all personal liberty in this country for all time.

* * * *

Conservatives want to be left alone, and leftists want to dictate the lives of others. Conservatives are for freedom, and leftists are not. There is no debating this any longer. The question is, which side are you on?[1]

[1] “Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay.” By Brandon Smith, ZeroHedge, 5/28/21 (emphasis removed).

And the Media Hits Just Keep Coming

It’s not just the Official News. It’s not just commentary and opinion.

It’s the permeation of just about every form of mass communication – TV, cable, music, movies, print media.

And, now, the more technically-oriented media – Wired Magazine (although, the content has deteriorated from its initial issues, and become Just Another Woke-a$$ Takeover.

I fisk one of the recent offerings, on the Truly Tragic Case of a Gentle, Innocent Lass Who is Violently Assaulted by the Insurrectionist White Supremacists here.

So Perhaps We Weren’t Crazy After All?

     Say what you will about Fox News and its steady slide to the left, it continues to provide a platform to at least one honest, courageous reporter:

     The evidence will be hard to gather, and probably harder still to verify and collate. However,. given the Chinese ruling class’s undisguised intentions:

  • To rise to world power;
  • To weaken the United States;
  • To absorb Taiwan and other Southeast Asian states;

     …it’s about BLEEP!ing time someone with investigative resources seriously considered a highly plausible thesis: that China’s elite, unable to overwhelm the U.S. militarily or economically – really, sports fans; it’s essentially a Third World country that steals intellectual property and imports whole factories, for Pete’s sake – has chosen to use low-intensity biological warfare as its imperialist modus operandi. Yea verily, even at the cost of millions of lives among its own subjects. That’s entirely consistent with the totalitarian ideology of its rulers.

     They confronted a firmly nationalist, non-accommodationist American President. He had broad popular support and a swiftly accumulating record of success, and he was determined to end their seizures of American IP and their pilferage of American manufacturing jobs. They could not budge him. So he had to go – but wait: We could attack his one known personal weakness: his germophobic willingness to trust medical authorities, even after they’ve been proved wrong. And there’s a laboratory in Wuhan, under tight military control as are all such labs in Red China, that has just what we need for the job…

     What’s that you say, Comrade? We might lose a few million of our own subjects? Well, what of that? We’ve got plenty more where they came from!

     Never mind that the American political Establishment has pounded us relentlessly about dismissing such “conspiracy theories.” That’s what elitists do: whatever the common citizen believes must be wrong. They’ll use the power of the State and its media handmaidens to force-feed you whatever ridiculous, inherently humiliating counter-thesis they deem suitable for their purposes. But what are those purposes?

  • Expanded and solidified power;
  • Enlarged prestige and profit for their allegiants;
  • Accelerating encroachment of their globalist allies in commerce over all things.

     To achieve those goals, they seek to increase the subjugation and physical dependency of the commoners upon the elite. That’s the formula for the creation of an undisplaceable elite. (“The aim of the High is to remain where they are.” – George Orwell) It worked in pre-Industrial Revolution Europe, despite the relatively short geographic reach of commerce in that time and place. It continues to work in South America and the Asian “enterprise states.” Why wouldn’t it work here?

     There are patterns to be noted, Gentle Reader. Take a moment to think about the effects of pervasive, inescapable taxation – and reflect on this stunning bit of insight from the late Cyril Northcote Parkinson:

     Wasting the labour of the people “under the pretence of caring for them” is exactly what our governments do. Freedom is founded on ownership of property…. It cannot exist where the rulers own everything, nor even when they concede some limited right of tenure. But the modern belief is that spendable income is a concession of the State. The taxation which is intended to promote equality, the taxation which exceeds the real public need, and above all the tax which is so graduated as to prevent the accumulation of capital, is inconsistent with freedom. Against a State which owns everything, the individual has neither the means of defence nor anything to defend….

     There are many human achievements, including some of the finest, which need more than a single lifetime for completion. The individual can compose a symphony or paint a canvas, build up a business or restore order in a city. He cannot build a cathedral or grow an avenue of oak trees. Still less can he gain the stature essential to statesmanship in a highly developed and complex society. There is a need for continuity of effort, spread over several generations, and for just such a continuity as governments lack. Given the party system more especially, under the democratic form of rule, policy is continually modified or reversed. A family can be biologically stable in a way that a modern legislature is not. It is to families, therefore, that we look for such stability as society may need. But how can the family function if subject to crippling taxes during every lifetime and partial confiscation with every death? How can one generation provide the springboard for the next? Without such a springboard, all must start alike, and none can excel; and where none can excel nothing excellent will result.

     [C. Northcote Parkinson, The Law, Complete. Emphases added by FWP.]

     And do have a nice day.

Full rigor mortis positively baked in the cake.

Centuries of economic wisdom fly out the window. Not just on some peripheral matter. The whole shootin’ match. The Interloper-in-Chief Waves his wand.

All this fake money being created out of thin air is going to be used EXCLUSIVELY on propping up the dead currency. The more the FED intervenes, the more inflationary the money emission, the less confidence in dollar, the more intervention will be needed. In short, the Ponzi scheme has outlived its usefulness and become a deadly addiction that will ultimately kill the addict. Of course our masters know it. Everyone knows it, but everyone is trying to suck out one last drop of blood out of the economy’s carcass before it goes into a full rigor mortis. And because everybody is kicking the can down the road, this country has no meaningful plan or program of reform — just an endless, wall-to-wall FOMC statements and declarations, Elon Musk tweets and Janet Yellen’s urbi-et-orbis. Our economy has become a sole domain of bullshit artistry.

Precisely because there are no plans to carry out any meaningful reforms, more and more of the nation’s budget is being wasted on ever-growing number of less and less productive government market interventions. The point of diminishing returns has been reached decades ago, we are now at a point of paddling frantically in order to avoid the waterfall. This is why Joe Biden’s $3 trillion “infrastructure” (read: money market intervention) program has ballooned to a $6 billion figure budget in less than 3 weeks since his “infrastructure” program has been announced (since when is Wall Street an “infrastructure”?) . Essentially, the more worthless money the FED pumps, the more it will be forced to pump at at ever-increasing pace. I predict that before the end of July, the Biden administration will announce yet another fake “American Infrastructure rescue program” which will – you guessed it – require more fake money. This time, probably about $20 trillion.

Meanwhile, back at the grocery, your 12-pack of eggs will probably end up costing $75 or so.[1]

Note the prediction of another “American Infrastructure rescue program.” Within 60 days? A totally reasonable prediction.

[1] Comment by Deda Cvetko on “Biden Unveils $6 Trillion Budget That Will Raise Federal Spending To Highest Post-WW2 Level.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 5/27/21.

Oh (my G-d), Canada

I have made the acquaintance of a number of Canadian patriots over the last couple of years.  I will occasionally send them links specific to Canada, chat, email back and forth, and have been getting to know one particular person in more depth through many discussions. This person has been very active in fighting the mask requirements, the increasingly-draconian vaccine pushing for Jabs (e.g., enticing 12 year olds with free ice cream), the creeping tyranny up there, e.g., the on-the-highway arrest of a Catholic priest for the crime of daring to worship G-d, not The State’s mandates.  (This brave man, who grew up in Poland, knows first-hand what Communism is and has been vocal about warning about the coming tyranny.)

This patriot was, for example, the one who send me the video about the camp in Hamilton, ON, which I posted in this piece earlier at this site.  (Please note, in full disclosure, that I have their permission to discuss them – anonymously – as well as cite our communications.)

So it happened that we were discussing election fraud, and I asked how – how in the Seven Hairy Hells –that putz Trudeau got re-elected.  Oh, I can fathom to some extent how he got elected the first time: voter inattention, nostalgia (huh?) for his father, and so on.  Plus, visually, my personal take is that his appearance could have some kind of charismatic appeal even if, personality-wise, he’s a nightmare.  But re-elected?  This is, verbatim, their reply:

He didn’t get re-elected, it was rigged. I watched it happen.

For the federal election, I didn’t expressly see ballot boxes being carted in (although I heard rumors and it wouldn’t surprise me) – but it was definitely death by a thousand cuts.

They did very obviously rig the Conservative leadership election – there were more ballots cast than conservative party members. And then multiple candidates requested a recount, and the Conservative party destroyed the ballots instead of doing the recount. This story, stating exactly that, was covered by the MSM for crying out loud! Maxime Bernier was in the lead for party leadership in every round up until the last round, when he “lost” by something like 1%. Great leader, common sense conservative policies; if he had gotten the leadership, he’d be the Prime Minister of Canada right now.

But instead, they installed weak globalist Andrew Scheer, who I liked at first for his free speech support but he bailed on that really quick. So Maxime Bernier started a new party, the People’s Party of Canada. So a ton of conservative voters who liked his policies didn’t want to “split the vote” and stuck with the globalist Conservative party. But it was so much more than that.

Our sitting government made up new rules to ban Maxime Bernier from multiple federal debates. And he was completely smeared by the MSM as a Nazi. In MSM interviews where he did well – there was one with the Toronto Star, another I think with the CBC – they went and set the video to “private” on youtube so it couldn’t be found in search. And he and his candidates were censored and shadow banned on social media.

The Conservatives (or Liberals?) planted fake candidates who ran with the PPC and then quit and went public about “racism” in the party. They had them quit just after the deadline to run new candidates so that they couldn’t be replaced.

Someone hacked into the PPC email account and sent out a fake racist email to turn candidates and supporters against them; that was also covered by the MSM. The RCMP confirmed and announced that they were investigating.

They found another man with the name Maxime Bernier and ran him for Canada’s Rhino Party – it’s a satirical political party – in Maxime Bernier’s home riding so that his supporters would get confused and vote for the wrong guy by mistake.

And then there was a bunch of BS about how you had to use pencils on the ballots, when that’s not true. And I saw reports about a LOT of extra ballots being printed, far more than voters. And they sent voter cards to non-citizens. Oh, and not IDing voters. The Rebel did a story where their reporter, a full grown man, went and voted while wearing a burka. No one IDed him.

Oh, and Elections Canada got complaints about fraudulent voting (people voting multiple times) and refused to investigate.

And on elections night, the MSM turned off the comments on youtube because everyone commenting was shocked at the results.

So yeah. Canadians are very weak and very Marxist, but we’re not THAT stupid. They had to pull out all the stops to get Trudeau in and even then they couldn’t give him more than a minority because it would be too obvious that he didn’t win.

This person is in the process of attempting to flee Canada, including sundering their relationship with their spouse, because of the coming tyranny up there.  Consider this: in Ontario they’re handing out tickets for shaking hands.  A $1400 fine for shaking hands.  And then there’s the proposed sweeping censorship.

Said person’s spouse doesn’t see it coming and their relatives are all Covidians too.  (My wife, too, thinks I’m “paranoid” despite her growing up in the USSR and her own ethnicity’s history with Communism –1/3 of the Kazakhs being starved to death, just like the Ukrainians.)


Ronald Reagan once recounted how a Cuban refugee, in hearing people talk about how lucky we in the US were, said “You’re lucky?  I had somewhere to escape to”.

I live in New Hampshire, a state where the natives and RED-blooded immigrants like myself are desperately trying to maintain its Conservative character in the face of migration by blue-state residents who come here and then want to change here to be like there.  For example, this charmer who ended up fleeing back to Calif*ckistan; That Was Quick: Cali-Progressive Gracie Gato Leaves New Hampshire to Go Back to LA.

But we see this phenomenon everywhere.  Liberals migrate in, fleeing the policies and environments of where they left, but then work to change HERE to be like THERE:



A tale told me by Adrienne was of a California family that came up to take advantage of the cleaner air, lower crime, etc., of the locale where Adrienne lives… and this past election had a Biden sign out.

So we face a trinary choice:

1. Submit, be subservient, knowing that sooner or later even groveling & mewling acquiescence will not be enough.

2. Flee – but to where?  And know that fleeing / separation (as Surak often discusses) is only a temporary palliative as the in-migration and infiltration will resume anew.  There is no way the Left will permit a peaceful separation between them and those whom they view as heretics.  Just as Islam views infidels as being in the “House of War” so too do liberals view anyone to the Right of Stalin.

3. Stand and fight, first by words but prepare for much more.  Alas.

The line must be drawn, here, now… alliances forged, plans made, and minds, bodies, and weapons prepped… or we will sooner or later have nowhere to fall back to.



One of the charities I support in Israel plants trees.  Its motto is ZO ARTZEINU – “This is our land”.  The same applies here.  America is my land.  I will not cede it, for if America falls, even Israel, where my soul lives, will soon cease to be a refuge.

Here.  Now.  For America, for the Constitution, for Liberty.  And more broadly, for Western Civilization.



Unforced And Uncorrected Errors

     In his book In Pursuit: Of Happiness and Good Government, one of Charles Murray’s arguments for the policies he advocates is that they watch the correct “dependent variables:”

     When the way we add up results is combined with the difficulties of operationalizing hard-to-reify constructs, the nature of what I call “the dependent variable problem” becomes clear. If the dependent variables in social policy have been properly defined, measured, and aggregated, we will eventually make progress even if we make mistakes with our policies—because mistakes will be recognized. If in contrast we have misconstrued the dependent variables, no degree of skill in implementing policies or of precision in calibrating results will prevent us from making disastrous mistakes, because mistakes will not register as mistakes on our measuring devices.

     The paragraph above is worded in a fashion that requires careful reading. Murray is talking about focusing on the relevant results of social policies and the programs they inspire. Oftentimes, such policies are defended from critical attention by interest groups that benefit directly from them whether or not they achieve their nominal results. Under pressure from such an interest group, governments have a natural tendency:

  • To defend the intent of their actions and operations;
  • To appease the interest group with an increase in inputs to the program, especially funding;
  • To deflect attention from the program’s failure to deliver the social and economic consequences the program’s advocates promised would flow from the program.

     That dynamic is as old as representative government – and as destructive as any force that operates in political economy. When and where it dominates, it results in mistakes going uncorrected, and their negative consequences usually increasing in magnitude. Not coincidentally, it also results in an increase of government power and predation.

     When an erroneous policy and its programs persist for sufficiently long, the consequences can rise to stand over the governments that made them. This occurs when the “interest groups” that promote the mistaken policy become so large and so militant that politicians and bureaucrats fear to oppose them in any degree. From point forward, the policy and its programs become institutionalized despite the contrary desires of anyone, whether inside the government or outside it.

     Keep that pattern in mind as I warm up my time machine.


     The first Negro slaves arrived in North America long before the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Slavery was an established and accepted practice virtually everywhere on Earth at that time. The great men who crafted the founding documents of the United States of America largely recognized the moral horror of it – yet they refrained from abolishing it in the new nation. Some felt they could not endanger the Revolution, or the eventual acceptance of the Constitution, by acting too swiftly to expunge it. Even so, anti-slavery sentiment was sufficiently strong in 1787 that the states where slavery was practiced accepted the provisions made for the curbing and gradual abolition of slavery twenty years after the Constitution’s ratification:

     The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person. [Article I, Section 9, first clause]

     While the approach might not be to the taste of contemporary moralists, nevertheless it probably struck the Founders as the best they could do. They feared to take any more definite action against the “peculiar institution:”

     All summer this question was to be agitated; in the end it would be settled by a bargain which, with a kind of brutal expediency, turned on the slavery issue. . The Northern states agreed that Congress should not pass any navigation law by a mere majority, but must have a two-thirds vote of each house; agreed also that the import tax on slaves would not exceed ten dollars a head; that slaves would be counted, for purposes of representation and taxes, in the proportion of five slaves to three free white inhabitants – the “federal ratio.” In return, the Southern states conceded that the importation of slaves would cease in the year 1808.
     Hamilton said that without the federal ratio “no union could possibly have been formed.” It was true, and true also that the Constitution could not have gone through without the slavery compromise. The question before the Convention was not, Shall slavery be abolished? It was, rather, Who shall have power to control it – the states or the national government? As the Constitution now stood, Congress could control the traffic in slaves exactly as it controlled all other trade and commerce.
     Yet always when the question came up, members spoke out bluntly and with feeling upon the basic moral issue. Roger Sherman said he looked upon the slave trade as “iniquitous,” but he did not think himself bound to make opposition. Gouverneur Morris declared slavery to be a “nefarious institution, the curse of heaven on the states where it prevailed.” Travel through the whole continent! declaimed Morris angrily. Compare the free regions, their “rich and noble cultivation…with the misery and poverty which overspreads the barren wastes of Virginia, Maryland, and the other states having slaves….The vassalage of the poor has ever been the favorite offspring of aristocracy!”

     [Catherine Drinker Bowen, Miracle At Philadelphia]

     And so, rather than accept a Union without the slave states, the Founders arrived at a Constitution that permitted the continuation of slavery but sought to limit it by the importation clause and the hoped-for eventual triumph of what was already majority sentiment.


     Like it or not – and many do not – the Civil War did bring an end to slavery, among other things. On December 6, 1865, when Georgia ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, the word slavery, previously to be found nowhere in the Constitution, at last acquired a place in it:

     Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

     Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

     And so thousands of previously enslaved persons, the great majority of them Negroes descended from previous generations of slaves, were freed by Constitutional amendment. But problems due to the presence of those Negroes would persist. For at that time, while sentiment was nearly unanimous that slavery was morally unacceptable and that its abolition was mandatory, sentiment was almost as strong that Negroes were not the equals of white Americans. Throughout the 36 states of the Union at that time, local and state lawmakers tolerated at best, actively proposed and supported at worst, practices that disadvantaged the freedmen socially, economically, and politically. While “Jim Crow” laws and ordinances were most openly supported and enforced in the previously-slave states, few parts of the country went untouched by the conviction that Negro and white could not live side by side, much less engage in the same occupations, attend the same schools or churches, conduct equitable commerce with one another, or – gasp! – intermarry. Segregation of the races, de facto where not de jure, was the virtually everywhere in America.

     Even a century downstream, when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, the majority attitude among whites was that the Negro was not substantively the white man’s equal. Though it was expressed sotto voce when it was expressed at all, it was real and common nevertheless.


     The original focus of civil-rights action was desegregation: the removal of restrictions on the American Negro’s access to public institutions and “public accommodations.” This was soon displaced by integration: a government-supervised attempt to intermingle the races whether they liked it or not. The original manifestation of this new action was in the schools: the forcible destruction of the Plessy v. Ferguson regime by the deliberate busing of Negro children to attend previously all-white public schools. It subsequently took aim at zoning and other practices deemed “exclusionary.” However, the integrationists had no intention of stopping there…and they didn’t.

     Soon after Brown v. Board of Education, the integrationists tackled “employment discrimination:” i.e., the statistical under-representation of Negroes among the employees of white-owned and operated businesses. The “Great Society” years brought us the phrase “Equal Opportunity,” which became the marching slogan of racial-equality activists of the latter Twentieth Century. That the phrase is incapable of being interpreted objectively with regard to differences in educational attainments, aptitudes, learned skills, and prior work experience would not be permitted to slow the progress of the activists. From “integration” they proceeded apace to demanding affirmative action: i.e., a conscious, systematic effort to alter the statistical balances of the races within American workforces, both in macrocosm and microcosm. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was born and given broad power to impose its will on American employers.


     The Johnson years saw the birth of militant black activism. Figures such as Martin Luther King were quickly succeeded by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Malcolm X. Black “leaders” abandoned peaceful tactics for threats and outright violence. Riots in Detroit, Watts, and less well known places added emphasis to the new racial thrust. The Black Panthers began to command national attention. According to his spokesmen, the American Negro is owed.

     White Americans responded, on the whole, sympathetically. The marchers and activists largely got what they wanted. Yet with each concession and each new program, the demands escalated still further. No end could be envisioned to America’s efforts toward “racial equality.”

     There were some curious consequences. Despite the “a hand up, not a hand-out” philosophy under which federal welfare policy was enacted, the fraction of the American Negro population that required governmental welfare continued to increase. Black marriage rates dropped precipitously and black illegitimacy rates shot skyward. Interracial tensions worsened, especially in those districts where a predominantly white population had altered its ordinances to accommodate access by blacks. Crime, especially drug-related crime, ran rampant in heavily black districts. And the annual income of the black racial spokesman, whatever his current demands, steadily increased.

     We would soon hear about the transcendent values of “diversity and inclusion” and “cultural relativism.”


     Fast forward to this Year of Our Lord 2021. Our major cities are in shambles, ruined by continuous looting, rioting, and other expressions of black disaffection from American norms. Every social, religious, cultural, and commercial institution is under pressure to defer to the black-racialist gospel. The black racialists have demanded that blacks not be prosecuted for the crimes they commit. Large militant black organizations have mounted outright offensives against American society – most especially white European-derived American society, with its notions about individuals’ rights and the proper sphere of government. White Americans have become ever more uneasy about any nearby manifestation of racial activism.

     Need I mention the fantastic surge in the purchase of guns and ammunition?

     There has never been as much tension or suspicion between white and black as exists in America today. The mistakes of our forebears, no doubt all of them made with the best of intentions, are on the verge of destroying the greatest nation in all of human history.

     I’d like to say that we weren’t watching the right variables. I can’t. We saw what was happening quite plainly. We chose to ignore it. We couldn’t make it square with our pre-formed convictions about “racial equality.” Neither could we imagine how our manifestly sincere attempts to “help” the American Negro to an equal position with whites in American society and the American economy could evoke so much hostility from its intended beneficiaries.

     “But which of the things you cited above were mistakes?” you may ask. Virtually all of them, Gentle Reader. When a course of action is adopted in the name of “equality,” even if it’s utterly noncoercive, it is guaranteed to eventuate in catastrophe. The reason is simple:

Equality is a myth:
The races are not equal.
The sexes are not equal.
No two creeds are equal.
No two cultures are equal.
No two individuals are equal.
And the best intentioned of men cannot change it.

     To close, have a snippet about a prominent black activist, originally cited by fantasy and SF writer Theodore “Vox Day” Beale:

     Outlining the party’s manifesto in what was [British black activist Sasha Johnson] first interview with a national publication, she called for a national register of alleged racists that would ban them from living near people from ethnic minorities.

     This would include people guilty of ‘micro-aggressions’, which the Oxford Dictionary defines as ‘indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalised group’.

     ‘It’s similar to the sex offenders register,’ she told MailOnline. ‘If you were to be racially abusive to someone, [the register] would question whether someone is fit enough to hold a particular job where their bias could influence another person’s life.

     ‘A lot of racism happens at work and places of education in a micro-aggressive way. If you exhibit an element of bias at work, you should probably receive a warning first [before later being added to the register] so people know in future that you hold these views.’

     Ms Johnson said inclusion on the list would mean you could be excluded from ‘certain fields’ of employment – or even banned from living near people from ethnic minorities.

     ‘If you live in a majority-coloured neighbourhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people – just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,’ she said.

     Segregation, exclusion, deliberate political and economic disadvantaging…but this time, of whites. Don’t imagine that such notions are rare among blacks, Gentle Reader. Remember, they’ve been told they’re owed — and they intend to collect from you and me.

     Have a nice day.

Insight into William Barr.

Check this out:

An interview with Peter Navarro.

Now ask yourself, just how far was that “investigation” (((shiver))) into Russiagate with John Durham going to go? Are you thinking “merciless pursuit”?

Probably not.

Hillary’s emails? Hunter’s laptop? Hunter’s bribes from the Ukrainians? Epstein’s murder? Fugedaboudid.

Demand, Supply, And The Indie Writer

     No, this won’t be a plaint about how there are just too many of us. The world can never have too many storytellers. The stories are infinite, and all of them deserve to be told…whether or not anyone is listening. And even the most inept apprentice to the art can improve at it, with study and diligent practice.

     This is about what indie writers “demand:” hope. Specifically, the hope of a readership.

     The great explosion in indie fiction has meant that only a few of us could “break through” to large audiences of loyal readers. That’s in the nature of things. Where many try, few will succeed greatly. The rest of us must content ourselves with small fan bases, however ardent their members may be.

     However, where there is a demand, a supply – assuming it’s not ruled impossible by the laws of Nature – will arise. The demand, in this case, is every indie’s desire for assistance at garnering a readership. And in accordance with the laws of the market, persons and organizations that purport to assist in that effort have multiplied like maggots on rotting meat. That comparison flatters the great majority of them. Maggots are a vital part of the ecology; most of these “promote your book” flacksters do nothing of any value for their fees, which are frequently substantial.

     It should surprise no one that these flacksters seek as much profit as they can get from the naive indie writer. Most of them stage their offerings on an ascending ladder: e.g., “copper,” “silver,” “gold,” and “platinum” service packages with escalating fees and promised varieties and degrees of promotion. The pitch is calculated to draw the mark up the ladder to the highest level he can afford. The indies I know have found the appeal of the highest levels hard to resist…if they’ve resisted at all.

     The purchase is made; the flackster fulsomely compliments the indie on his “wise choice;” the promotion is scheduled with much fanfare; and the indie sits back in eager anticipation of sales volumes he’d only dreamed about…which never arrive.

     But wait: there’s more! The indie who doesn’t “throw the hook” becomes a saleable item! His name, contact information, and the rest are freely offered for purchase to other flacksters hungry for a little of the action. While “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” has a long and venerable record of transmission from parents to children, apparently it’s remembered in the breach less often than it should be.

     As one who once fell for the bait, I’ve become cynical and distrustful…well, let’s say more cynical and less trusting than I was previously. So when a new pitch arrives in the email – on average, I get two per week – I allow myself a spot of sarcasm. Herewith, the latest such exchange;


FROM: Author Week <>
TO: <my email address>
SUBJECT: The Warm Lands

Hi Francis,

I came across your book and found the cover design absolutely brilliant!

Do you want us to include your book in our newsletter sent to 50000 Subscribers?
And Tweet about your book to 450000 Readers 105 times.
And also List your book on our website for 2 years straight?

If so, please submit your book here:
We have only 20 slots left for the ‘Featured book promotion’ for next week.
You can use the coupon code “RT20” to get a 20% discount.
Book promotion will begin on 31st May 2021 and run till 06th June 2021.

Thank You
Regards Ratnesh


Dear Ratnesh:

          >>> I came across your book and found the cover design absolutely brilliant! <<<

     I’ll bet you say that to all the hope-starved indie writers. Whatever you may have thought of the cover of The Warm Lands – are you aware that the Kindle cover image is not the same as the paperback cover image? – I’d also bet that you haven’t read any of the novel itself. The covers were contracted out to capable artists, for whose work I can take no credit. I, on the other hand, wrote the novel. So your flattery has not merely failed of its purpose; it has also suggested that you have not thought much about your “pitch.”

     I’ve already been taken for a substantial amount by two other “promote your book” flacksters. They haven’t done a blessed thing for me. (They have, however, sold my contact information to others of their ilk, such as you.) As I have no way of verifying your promises of action on my behalf – which you plan to offer to twenty more writers, at that – I would need substantial, verifiable confirmation of your claimed effectiveness before spending a penny on your services. But whose testimonials do I find at the AuthorWeek website? Two writers: Cara Miller, who churns out cheap tripe about romances that involve billionaires, and Brian Lucas, who – if he’s real, which a comparison of his picture at your website with the picture at Amazon makes questionable – has written only one book, and that one nonfiction.

     In brief, which I seldom am, I decline to serve as grist for your money-making mill.

Francis W. Porretto

     I got a modest degree of satisfaction out of writing and sending that reply. Yet I must tell you in all candor, Gentle Reader: when I read “Ratnesh’s” email, I still felt that tiny twinge of hope that an indie who has failed to achieve a substantial readership feels at any glimpse, however fantastic, of the possibility of a successful promotion. Fortunately, an extra cup of coffee and a few strokes of the “You’re too smart to be that stupid a second time, asshole” flogger, and I was once again right as rain.

     Verbum sat sapienti. Beware!

The House of the Rising Sun, Updated for Our Times

There are ways to fight back against the destructive zeitgeist that I see as being under the influence of powerful misanthropic forces. One of these is to take a popular tune and transform the lyrics, get it performed well, and post it. Should others like it too, it will take on a life of its own. At which point I’d pray that its new life might save a few people from their self-destruction or the destruction of their children as perhaps did the original.

My update of the classic folk tune, reinvigorated by The Animals in the 1960s, would be entitled: A House That Transforms Our Sons. The following squib is my final stanza.

    Tell your children
    Don’t do what I have done
    And condemn your life
    to sterile misery
    At a house where they transform your son.

Cartoon: Masks and Vaccines Macht Frei


(This slightly-edited post originally appeared at GraniteGrok – and, last I knew, I had our host’s permission to cross-post in either direction.)


So, the background of this cartoon:

I was in one of my favorite local-area bakeries, family-owned.  A classic small business which, preferentially, I support even if more expensive than the same product at a chain store.  They have been following the mandatory mask ordinance of Nashua which is being dropped (not where I live, but I’m in town a few times a week).  I asked if they were going to remove the mandatory mask sign as well and was told they were thinking about it.  Fine so far, and I chimed in with my vote to drop it.  Then the woman said “Well, maybe for people who show their vaccine cards”.

Screeeeeech.  Wait, what?  I told them that if I need to show my papers they’d better ask in the original German, and that’s the last time I will ever go in their store.  The clerk, understandably, was “Hey, I just work here”, so I told her to pass that along to the owners.

This whole bovine scatology of “Well, it’s OK, because it’s not the government doing it” just doesn’t cut it – which is what inspired this cartoon.

And recalling to memory one of my favorites, Democula: Eager to Devour.  For it certainly seems like the Democrats are ready to consume America and, by extension, Western Civilization too – down to its very soul.



Please note:

All my cartoons are copyrighted by me, NITZAKHON aka RED PILL JEW.  Permission is given to use them, gratis, with the following conditions:

1. No alterations to the images or the notice on the image are made.

1. Credit is given to the site where you saw it, in this case, here at Liberty’s Torch.

3. A linkback to this post is given.

4. The cartoon is not to be used commercially, i.e., to make products.  Only I am allowed to do that.


Adding a thought here at Liberty’s Torch: This is enormously troubling to me.  Yes, it was the National Socialist party that set the policy on Jews (and others), but it was private companies and individuals that carried out & enforced those policies.  I don’t recall where I saw it and I’m paraphrasing from memory, but if “proper” Socialism is the public ownership of everything, then Fascism is – functionally – the state control of things to the Nth degree, but letting companies and individuals still have the illusion of their private ownership.

And nobody bats an eyelash at the coming medical apartheid.  Or, I fear not long after, attacks on the unmasked as heretics.  Because… yes, it’s a cult.  Watch this and cringe at some of the things the Covidians are doing.  Shudder.



Those who are convinced they are good and virtuous, and those opposed to them are evil for opposing them and their virtuous and noble goals, seldom have limits in what they’ll do to those who they view as The Enemy.

A Call To Action

     And when the days of the Pentecost were accomplished, they were all together in one place: And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a mighty wind coming, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them parted tongues as it were of fire, and it sat upon every one of them: And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they began to speak with divers tongues, according as the Holy Ghost gave them to speak.
     Now there were dwelling at Jerusalem, Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. And when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded in mind, because that every man heard them speak in his own tongue. And they were all amazed, and wondered, saying: Behold, are not all these, that speak, Galileans? And how have we heard, every man our own tongue wherein we were born? Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea, and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, Egypt, and the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews also, and proselytes, Cretes, and Arabians: we have heard them speak in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.
     And they were all astonished, and wondered, saying one to another: What meaneth this? But others mocking, said: These men are full of new wine.
     But Peter standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and spoke to them: Ye men of Judea, and all you that dwell in Jerusalem, be this known to you, and with your ears receive my words. For these are not drunk, as you suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day: But this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel: And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And upon my servants indeed, and upon my handmaids will I pour out in those days of my spirit, and they shall prophesy. And I will shew wonders in the heaven above, and signs on the earth beneath: blood and fire, and vapour of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and manifest day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

     [Acts of the Apostles, 2:1-21]

     The Pentecost, which we commemorate today, is generally regarded as the birthday of the Church. Well that it should be so, for the Church Temporal is inherently an active body. Christians are a corpus of workers in Christ’s vineyard, whose labor, it is hoped, will bring the world more in conformance with His teachings with every day and every effort.

     Like it or not, all Christians share in the Great Commission to “Go and teach all nations” the Gospel of the Redeemer. Some have the “pure” form of that gift. They become active evangelists: priests, ministers, deacons, nuns, lay brothers, catechists, and other servants of the Faith. Others are more indirectly equipped, and serve the Gospels with their deeds. They perform as vital and as meritorious a variety of service as anyone in Holy Orders. They demonstrate the Faith and its value by example. This was also the style of Saint Francis of Assisi:

     Saint Francis of Assisi was known for his embrace of poverty and utter simplicity. His evangelism was largely by example. An illustrative story about his style of evangelism concerns a brother in a monastic order where Francis had taken lodging. One day the young monk begged Francis for permission to accompany him on a day’s preaching. The saint assented, and they went forth from the monastery at daybreak.

     First they came upon a group of men laboring in the field. Francis said “Let us work beside them,” which they did, in silence, for several hours before passing onward.

     Next they came upon a village where they found a group deep in prayer. Francis said “Let us pray with them,” which they did, in silence, for another hour before passing onward.

     Late in the day they entered a village where a wedding celebration was in progress. Francis said “Let us rejoice with them,” which they did. At last dusk was upon them and it was time to return to the monastery.

     When they had returned to the monastery, the young monk said to Francis, “Brother, was it not your intention to preach today? Yet we spoke not a word of preachment from departure to return.” Francis smiled. “Brother,” he replied, “from dawn till dusk this day, we have done nothing but preach.”

     It’s a simple prescription, but to be effective it requires that its practitioners be known as Christians…and those are fewer than they should be.

     The Faith asks little: adhere to the Ten Commandments and the two Great Commandments on which they’re based; bring our petitions and contritions to God in prayer; do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and follow the dictates of our consciences as best we can. Yet those willing to uphold its banner where others can see are fewer than we should be.

     If you’re a Christian, of whatever denomination, ask yourself in the silence of your soul:
     Have I been called?
     What is the nature of my gift?
     How might I exercise it effectively?
     Am I doing so?

     Alternately, have a query that’s made the rounds of the Web a few times:

If you were to stand trial for being a Christian,
Would there be enough evidence to convict you?

     May God bless and keep you all.


     The title word has a checkered history. There are any number of people who’ll tell you that “you can’t be neutral about X,” where X is something they particularly favor or disfavor. And to be fair, there are subjects on which I would view perfect neutrality – i.e. “I’m neither for it nor against it” — as rather suspicious.

     During World War II, George Orwell said that:

     “Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me’.”

     I’ve seen few completely intemperate statements from Orwell, but this is definitely one such. He could have stopped at a condemnation of “active” pacifism, which involved trying to impede participation in the war. That variety of pacifism is anything but neutral. However, he went on to foreclose the possibility that one might be neutral about it: i.e., disinclined to take a position on whether participation in that war was a good or a bad thing. Had he asked some hermit for his position on World War II, what would he have said if his questionee were to reply that “I don’t know enough about it to allow myself an opinion” — ?

     In discussions of public institutions, we often encounter controversies about “value neutrality.” This is an especially contentious subject in discussions of public schools and state-supported universities. It arises whenever some controversy with significant communities on both sides of the question is addressed in a classroom setting. Just now, the most frequently encountered such controversy is about allegations of “systemic racism” in American society. Consider this article on developments in North Carolina:

     A bill proposed in North Carolina would force teachers and government schools to post the materials used in class online, allowing parents and taxpayers to see what is going on. Naturally, tax-funded “educators” and their unions, along with their Democrat allies elected with union money, are fighting back so they can hide what is being taught.

     The legislation, known as the Academic Transparency Act or House Bill 755, would force government schools to post everything used in the classroom on their websites. That would include handouts used in class, lesson plans, textbooks, reading materials, videos, digital materials, websites, and even online applications. Any speakers brought in during the school day would be listed, too.

     Later on in that article, we have this:

     When a vote was taken in the House of Representatives, every single Democrat voted against it. Still, the measure passed by 66 to 50 amid growing parental suspicion and outrage.

     Democrats made clear that they opposed to the measure because they thought parents would be upset by what is being taught.

     “We have to be very careful when trying to micromanage for no reason, because that’s what this is,” complained Democrat Rep. Kandie Smith.

     So allowing parents to know what goes on in their public schools’ classrooms is “micromanagement!” Clearly, Miss Smith is worried about parental reactions to indoctrination displacing facts, something that occurs in a great many public-school classrooms these days. One of the few positive consequences of the Pandemic Panic has been parents’ exposure to those episodes through their kids’ Zoom-modulated classes. The Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch will already know about “educators’ unions’” attempts to bar parents from watching those Zoom class sessions.

     In theory it would be barely possible, with great difficulty, to operate a completely “neutral” school: i.e., one in which only verified, objective facts are ever introduced or discussed. That having been said, the probability that any government-run school would attempt to do so is small enough to be treated as zero.

     It “should” be “obvious” that interest groups of any sort will never be “value neutral.” The very existence of an interest group proclaims that in its members’ and donors’ opinion, a particular value or values is generally under-prioritized. Even an “against” group makes such a statement, for why else would one be against the promotion of some interest except that it clashes with other values of greater importance?

     Controversies abound over religious values, family values, civic values, cultural values, international values, interpersonal-relations values…you name it. They’re everywhere. Avoiding taking stands about them, especially if pressed on the matter, is getting to be one of the greatest challenges of life in American society. It’s made social life more difficult for Americans than it has been in many decades – and it underscores the social and civic necessity of keeping the State, in any guise whatsoever, out of the values-promotion business.

Can’t Make This Stuff Up Dept.

Asian-Americans need to locate anti-Asian violence as part of a pattern of white [sic] supremacy which also targets Black [sic] and Brown [sic] and indigenous [sic] people. Even if the perpetrators of violence are people of color [sic], the solution is not to fallback [sic] on racist assumptions.[1]

So, in case you were wondering, whitey done it.

No getting around it. Diversity is an unalloyed blessing. You can just about taste the gratitude and respect. The complete article by M.G. will leave you with no illusions.

[1] Tweet of Viet Thanh Nguyen quoted in “Hunting Asians for Sport: A Trans-Atlantic Tale.” By M.G., Those Who Can See, 4/20/21.

Professionalization Versus Vocation

     I’ve been in something of a state recently: a creeping sense of desperation, a desire to reject the evidence of my senses that’s almost strong enough to overwhelm my reason. Perhaps the best short characterization of that state is “Make it all go away!” Nevertheless, I remain committed to reality, and to the best, most objective appraisal of reality a Certified Galactic Intellect can produce.

     There are a lot of folks out there who think they’re smarter than the rest of us. Their self-awarded airs license them to commit systematic deceptions of those whom they think they can exploit. They are chief among the reasons that I have said – and will continue to say – don’t trust anyone, including me. Do your own research. Apply your own criteria for validating the evidence presented to you. And try sincerely to keep your preferences for “the way things ought to be” from overwhelming your sense for the way things really are.

     “What has him going on this tack?” I hear you mutter. It’s fairly simple: Events recently reminded me about an ugly encounter with a wholly insincere cleric. As David Ackles once put it, he sings the hymns on Sunday but mocks them on Monday:

     I desperately wanted to disbelieve in this person. Yet there he was, cassock, clerical collar, and all. He became my model for a cleric in one of my novels:

     [B]ehind her, grinning broadly, was the gray-templed man in the cassock.
     “Ah! Miss Woolard!” He approached with his hand extended, but, on seeing that he would receive no reciprocation, let it fall to his side. The sense of falsity still throbbed beneath his saturnine good looks and urbane manner. Moira’s jaw set into an unpleasantly firm line. The lawyer from New York City excused herself and scurried away.
     “We’ve missed you these past few, ah, sessions.” The man smiled unpleasantly at Andrew. The confidence in his eyes made Andrew wonder what had occurred since their first, aborted encounter.
     “Have you, Arthur?” Moira’s eyes had turned dark. “Have you found no one else to gift with your theories?”
     The cassocked man chuckled. “No one as responsive as yourself, dear girl.” He offered his hand to Andrew. “I’m sorry, we’ve not been introduced. The Reverend Arthur Connolly, Church of England, London born but late of Belfast parish.”
     Andrew took the proffered hand uncertainly. “Andrew MacLachlan, Onteora County, New York.”
     “A colonial! Of course.” Connolly’s eyes gleamed. “Moira’s always had a strong attraction for the rougher sort. It was what sent her to us.”
     Moira’s hiss of indrawn breath stopped conversation for many feet around them.
     “It’d not hurt you to show a bit of respect, Arthur. Andrew is what you claimed to be but never were.”
     The unpleasant smile grew broader. “And what is that, dear girl? I never claimed to be but what I was: the parson of my congregation, duly appointed by the archbishop.” He looked Andrew up and down. “The young frequently hold strange notions about what qualifies a man for the cloth.” His smirk was a silent but articulate dismissal of any fitness Andrew might have possessed.
     Andrew’s blood rose. A detached part of him mused over why a reaction that had developed to improve the survival prospects of a living body would afflict him here, in the land of the dead.
     That doesn’t make it any less.
     “And what are your views, Reverend?” Andrew’s voice rang surprisingly loud. He hadn’t intended to shout, but as his words died away it seemed to him that no other sound could be heard in the hall.
     Moira’s hand tightened on his arm.
     Some of the self-satisfied humor bled from the not-priest’s visage. “He has to want it, Mr. MacLachlan. That and nothing more.”
     “Nothing, Reverend? There are no aptitudes, no skills, no special knowledge required to be a man of God?”
     Connolly laughed hollowly, as a debater might do in dismissing an opponent’s sally. “A man of the cloth needn’t be a man of God, my good fellow. He merely has to meet his congregation’s needs.”
     “But Reverend, what needs could they have that would not require a man of God? Other than the kind a grocer could satisfy.”
     Connolly’s smirking smile spasmed, revealing the snarl beneath. The thrust had hit home.
     “Absolution and orders, my good man. The merchandise all churches keep in stock. Sit up straight, do as you’re told, put your pence in the plate and your trust in the divine plan, and we will lift the guilt from your shoulders as necessary. But above all, you must do as you’re told. And we reserve the right to change the rules with no explanation.”
     “How interesting.” Andrew forced back the urge to flee and met the mocking gaze with all the steel he could pour into his own. “A churchman who views his church as an instrument of pacification and control.”
     “All churches, Mr. MacLachlan,” Connolly said. “Each and every one, from the earliest of the pagan faiths to the greatest of the bodies of Christendom. Go into one and all and hear what is said there. Only the details vary. The core is always the same: Do as you’re told and keep your questions to yourself.”
     Connolly swooped at the buffet table, plucked up a raspberry danish and took a monstrous bite. “And why,” he said through his sweet, “should one think otherwise? Did you ever visit Belfast, Mr. MacLachlan? A sane man wouldn’t, I suppose. Did you know that in that lovely little city, we have more murders per week than you have in New York? Did you know that violence is my city’s leading cause of death?” He jammed the remainder of his pastry into his mouth, chewed and swallowed.
     “Your point being what, Reverend?”
     “Marketing, my good man!” Connolly’s voice boomed as he entered his peroration. “Horror and religion are the best of partners. The Irish kill each other in numbers beyond imagination, yet they are the most devout of Christ’s people. The guilt from the one drives them into the arms of the other. And the other provides them with the rationale to go on with the one. Have you never seen the connection before?”

     [From The Sledgehammer Concerto]

     My fictional cleric Arthur Connolly is representative of a significant number of others like him. Rather than embracing the proper functions of a Christian cleric – i.e., promulgating the Gospels, administering the Sacraments, and assisting his parishioners in understanding God’s will – they treat their office as just another job, with no requirement for personal commitment to its meaning and traditions. This is the sort of thing that comes from the transformation of an office that was once seen as a religious vocation into a career choice. Sad to say, there’s a fair amount of it out there.

     It’s been said that among highly placed British families – the nobility, mostly – it was a common practice to send “the idiot of the family” – i.e., the sibling with the poorest prospects of a secular life – into the clergy. It’s also common for young women in Third World countries to go into the convent as a refuge against abuse. Such things occur even in the First World: among the friendless, the despised, and the very poor. Faith, and the hope and comfort it can bring to the believer, take terrible damage from such “vocations.”

     Here in the United States, clerics and clerical life aren’t as esteemed as they once were. There are several reasons for this, but the arrant insincerity of some clerics – the money focus; the seeming hedonism; the casual departures from Christ’s teachings – is surely one of them. This is what comes of treating an office once deemed a sacred calling as just one more profession.

     The phenomenon isn’t confined to parish priests and ministers. Cases can be found among bishops and cardinals as well. The burgeoning tide of self-absorption and insincerity in society at large practically guaranteed that it would threaten that stratum whose function is to defend us against such things. The tragedy is not in the temptation but in the weakness of the resistance.

     If you pray, include among your intentions an increase of vocations. True men of God, willing to devote their lives and energies to Christ’s message of salvation, are more precious than they’ve been in centuries. One such priest, the late Father Charles Papa, told me that the shortage of such men is why North America is now considered mission territory.

     In part, I pray in repentance for having recoiled from my own vocation, many years ago. Make of that what you will. Now it’s back to my unmanageable mess of a novel-under-construction. Do please have a nice day.

Reading the Tells and Survival (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part 1


I hinted at it in an above bullet point.

Were we facing an actual and existential threat to humanity from Covid we’d be throwing everything including the kitchen sink at it.  HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamin D and C and Zinc supplements.  Anything! Everything!  I remember one Bill Whittle video (link is to his general site) discussing how supercomputer analyses were being done to “mine” current medicines for possibilities to try.  We’d be doing trials of this, trials of that, trials of this and that together, and not silencing or canceling people like Dr. Zelenko.  All international travel, possibly even domestic travel, would be turned OFF – globally – with no protest, in an attempt to slow its spread (remember that a person infected with but not showing Ebola can get on a plane in Lagos, and with one connection can be in JFK or O’Hare airport within 24 hours).  We’d be not just listening to, but actively seeking out anyone with relevant experience such as Plandemic’s Dr. Mikovits (second link to interview transcript).  Anything showing any noticeable – even if marginal – difference in recoveries would be touted on national TV nonstop trying to get the word out.

Were they?  Did we?  Oh hell no.  Anyone that questioned anything but the ever-morphing party line… cancelled – silenced and ruined.  Anyone that proposed any treatment but a vaccine… cancelled – silenced and ruined.  See here too:

Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID-19

A great collection of links from Surak:

Pandemic and vaccine news: May 9, 2021

Anyone who points out the death count from the Jab… cancelled – silenced and ruined.

See the video here, too: What We Know — And May Never Know — About COVID Vaccines.


I look at the manic push-push-push to drive the Jab into every person on the planet.  As I mentioned in a prior piece there is a move to shun and ostracize and outright OTHER as evil anyone who refuses to get it (links are in the original):

You discuss shunning and ostracizing those who do not accept The Jab (examples herehere, and here).  Just like fundamentalists of many sorts shun heretics.

I recently got an email from a professional contact who, after I replied I was not getting The Jab, implored me in almost desperate & pleading terms to get it.  This is not an emotional man – I’ve known him for almost two decades – and his implicit email tone was one of sheer panic that I was not accepting the Covidian sacrament.  So too was the panic at my wearing my mask incorrectly the other day.

And now we have, increasingly, people doing the “Jab magnet challenge” (see video here).  Multiple questions exist, and there are potential explanations that don’t involve chips, etc.  Some people whom I’ve emailed this info to have pointed out significant issues with the premise or said that they knew people for whom this is not true, while others have said people in their personal circles have tried this and it has been true.  As the late skeptic and paranormal debunker James Randi said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”.  Even as someone pointed out in an email that the needle seemed too small for a chip, I saw this; World’s smallest single-chip system can be injected into the body.  And I was just sent this: Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine.

As these examples seem to be piling up, the screaming willies also pile up.  As are the bodies and those affected by side effects

Or, could this be yet another psyop to get people to buy in to the “magnet challenge”, then openly disprove it in an attempt to then discredit anyone who – in general – voices skepticism?  In the scifi book Dune, which I mentioned in a prior essay, Baron Harkonnen thought “Men will not believe an accusation, even if true, from someone shown to be a liar”.


Regardless of the weed-level details – the tells and inconsistencies and contradictions are being noticed.  People are questioning.  Circles of skeptics are expanding and networks are connecting with information sharing despite the Big Tech crackdown.  Speaking of which, I emailed out this anti-school-masking letter from GraniteGrok to some friends, BCC.  Google said something about the email not being delivered because of “misinformation”.  The emails did arrive eventually, and I know this because I got replies, but understand that emails are now being scanned and, possibly, blocked.  Up until I was kicked off LinkedIn I was astonished by the number of people voicing skepticism and stating they would not take The Jab.



I expect “something” to happen to force the issue to mandatory Jabs for everyone before long – perhaps take it or else, or worse.  A new wave of an even more suuuuper duuuuper dangerous variant, or a new virus entirely.  If this is a planned population reducer – and I think it is – those doing it cannot afford to have open skepticism and questioning spread… let alone people pointing out the inconsistencies and tells resulting in others nodding their heads and also saying Yes, that’s weird… I think I’ll look deeper at this. 

Consider this very disturbing report about the Pfizer Jab now having potential long-term neurological impacts.



In the meantime, keep looking for Covid tells.  And practice reading societal tells as well.  Peter Grant just put up the third piece in a series of his experiences in Africa and discussions of tribalism – for the Covidians are, indeed, a newly-formed tribe.  Covidians will continue to wear masks to signal compliance (bolding added):

The report from the DCist “overheard of the week” column alleges that two masked women were walking in downtown Washington D.C discussing the recent update to the CDC guidance when one apparently said, “I guess I’m vaccinated so I don’t have to wear a mask outside but… I really don’t want people to think I’m a Republican.”

And (again, my bolding is added):

Prominent gun control activist David Hogg added, “I feel the need to continue wearing my mask outside even though I’m fully vaccinated because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative[.]”

If things truly go south (WHEN, I fear), and America fractures, any edge to gain an advantage over the other side will be critical – especially when vetting domestic refugees fleeing hot combat zones.  They will be doing the same to us, and our unmasked status will be used against us.

Hashem bless us all.  For we need His strength, protection, and wisdom.  His strength, and earthly allies.

A Warning

     A few readers have proved less than courteous in their uses of the Comments facility. One in particular, who goes by the moniker of Skeptic, has submitted two vulgar and insulting comments already. One more and I’ll put him on the Banned list. To anyone who’s thinking that he can pollute this site or irritate me for his own pleasure, be warned: There’s no return from the Banned list.

     While vulgar and insulting commenters are a well-known phenomenon in the Blogosphere, I will have no truck with them at Liberty’s Torch. Consider this to be a permanent policy, because that’s what it is.


     A nice word, that. Etymologically, it means “a look forward,” something we time-bound types can’t really do. All the same, we try. Sometimes, through no great merit of our own, we get it right.

     As we stand here in the Year of Our Lord 2021, what are the prospects for the immediate future, and – though more vaguely and hazily glimpsed – for what lies beyond?

     I’m dead certain of a few things:

  • The dollar is going straight to Hell, and the Usurper Regime will blame the private sector.
  • Regimes and powers hostile to America will grow ever bolder. Our allies, such as they are, will be of little or no use in curbing them.
  • The private American citizen’s willingness to comply with the dictates of the CDC, state “public health” authorities, and the vaccine propagandists will continue to diminish.

     I’m certain of these things because they’re already happening. Predicting that they’ll continue is like predicting that the Sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. It’s less a matter of accurate foresight than reliance on a visible pattern of causes and effects.

     Other trends are almost as reliable. The flood of illegal aliens swarming across our southern border will continue. Racial and sectarian tensions will intensify further. The Usurpers’ war on the fossil fuels appears to be accelerating. Taxes will likely rise before the 2022 elections can disturb the Usurpers’ grip on federal power. They’ll continue to try to disarm the private citizenry. And the Left’s campaign against the person, achievements, and support base of Donald Trump, the 45th President of these United States, will strengthen as well.

     Stipulate all of the above. It shouldn’t take much effort. What’s next? Are there any correctives available to those of us who’d like normality back, or have the radioactive rats eaten away the bottom of our handbasket?

     I’ve been conversing about it with two friends. One of them recommends a retreat into prayer; the other thinks massive bloodshed is the ticket. This is what we in the logic business call a dichotomy. Most Gentle Readers, if I’ve read you aright, would prefer something between those two poles; I would too. But what if quietism and bloody revolt are the only effective measures remaining?

     Which of them would you prefer?


     I’m old. Old men are mostly fond of peace. Oh, we may talk of our past adventures, but most of us are happy that they’re behind us for good. What we miss is the vitality of youth. We also miss the thrill that came from risking and the exultation of winning: pushing our chips to the center of the table, daring our opponent to meet us there, and thereafter raking in the pot. The stories we tell to our helpless victims younger relatives and friends allow us to relive those adventures in memory: a far safer business than re-enacting them in real life.

     Being old, I know I have no business on a battlefield. Nor shall I counsel others to take up arms that I’m no longer able to wield. I want to finish out my life in peace: a contemplative tranquility undisturbed by anything other than the occasional ringing of the phone…which I usually ignore. If I must choose, it’s prayer from here to the grave.

     It seems that not many people pray these days. Though it pains me to say it, I know of priests who seldom pray:

     That having been said, prayer is my chosen recourse, plus turning out these essays and the occasional fanciful novel. God might yet take a hand in temporal matters, and besides, prayer cannot harm anyone.

     But matters are growing dark. People are muttering things they never before contemplated. Street violence has been rising steadily. Elements of the federal government are being put to the tasks of suppressing opinions hostile to the Usurpers and impeding associations and organizations opposed to them. For the moment, God seems to have adopted the attitude that “You broke it; you fix it.”

     And there’s still no BLEEP!ing ammo to be had.


     It was once my habit to scan several major news sources and about a hundred opinion sites, twice each day, for material on which to base pieces for Liberty’s Torch. It was so regular a practice as to be all but automatic. Not anymore.

     I recently took myself on a “news retreat.” That is, I refused my attention to anything and everything that didn’t pass through my front door under its own power. I gave my time and energy solely to my own needs, desires, and concerns. For two blessed days I went undisturbed by the tumult from the world beyond my personal wood.

     My tranquility returned. It was glorious: two days of perfect peace. I could actually hear myself think again. But how long could such a state last? Given the ever deeper penetration of all Americans’ lives by the aforementioned tumult, is quietism a practical approach to life in this era?

     It doesn’t seem so. It’s practical for me only because I’m personally fortunate. Ninety-five percent of the nation isn’t nearly as well insulated from the Sturm und Drang. Moreover, present trends continuing – and that’s where the smart money is going – I wouldn’t be able to persist in it either.

     More and more peaceable Americans, men who only wish to be left alone, are finding themselves in a fight-or-flight situation. However, those who mean them ill and seek to do them harm are following them. At some point there’ll be nowhere left to flee.


     A famous statement by Winston Churchill has been in circulation recently:

     “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

     The time of easy, bloodless victory is long past. The time of certain victory at a modest cost is past as well. Today the odds favor the Usurpers. They control every major institution in our nation, including the media, the schools, the entertainment industry, the mainline churches, and a strong majority of the Fortune 5000. They also wield a heavy preponderance of the organized instruments of coercion. If it comes to open war, the big battalions and the heavy weapons are theirs.

     There’s no getting rid of them by “voting the rascals out.” They closed that escape hatch some time ago.

     What, then, must we do?


     Depressed yet? I didn’t mean to ruin your day quite this early. Still, I write from what’s uppermost in my thoughts. Today those thoughts are rather grim.

     I write stories with happy endings. Mostly, anyway. I write of heroes doing mighty deeds in the name of liberty and justice. Tales in which the good guys win – and there’s never any doubt about who the good guys are. I do so because people need such stories to maintain their morale. But they’re stories. Fictions born in my mind. Christine D’Alessandro and Malcolm Loughlin aren’t out there battling the Essence of Evil for us. Stephen Graham Sumner is a child of my imagination, not a real-life figure who’s just been “waiting for his moment.” Althea Morelon won’t be winning any wars for us singlehandedly. Fountain won’t be stopping by to heal us…or cook for us, more’s the pity. And there’s no BLEEP!ing planetoid near enough to capture and convert into an interstellar vessel.

     Just now, the depth of the gulf between those happy imaginings and the grim truths of our milieu is much on my mind. Too much.

     Time to pray.

Quick Hits

On my old blog I had what I called Quick Hits – shorter pieces of commentary.  Rather than have an individual one for each topic, I’m pushing them together as one post to not overwhelm traffic-wise.


In light of the skullduggery (now there’s a word!) by the Left attempting to sabotage even auditing the election results, for those who keep assuring us that this was the freest and fairest election on record, an awful lot of people are scrambling to keep people from verifying their claims of free and fair are true.

As Aesop noted some time ago… people who know they won fairly don’t mind seeing the instant replay on the Jumbotron.  And one particular item, EXCLUSIVE: Dominion Controls Access to Voting Machine – Maricopa Co. Claims They Don’t Have Access – So Did Dominion Delete the Missing Files?, makes me ask a very pointed question:

If an entire database being deleted, just as it’s about to be audited, doesn’t arouse suspicions, what would?  Or is Orange Man Bad being gone justification for any violation of law, order, ethics, morality, decency, honor, etc.?

We see the Left being willing to, as the man in the below video warns, level every law to get Trump and, by extension, anyone to the Right of Stalin… then when the winds blow in “spicy time” we will have no restrictions either.


From my favorite morning talk radio show comes this idea: Trans-vaccinated.  I.e., “I identify as vaccinated – how dare you question my vax status identity”?

In parallel, I was buying vegetable plants yesterday, and was unmasked.  Saw several others, also unmasked, and commented to all “Nice to see faces”.  One couple, unmasked outside, put their masks on when inside and I asked them why?  “We didn’t want to stand out”.  When I recommended they remove them, they did. With smiles.

Got into a conversation with another couple who asked if I get harassed.  I told them that the last time someone said “You need a mask” I said “I need underwear too, but I don’t let that stop me”!  They laughed.  Time to unleash the mockery.


There’s a phrase – I don’t recall where I first saw it but it was long ago: Slowly, then suddenly.

The race wars.  Slowly, then suddenly.  The imminent hyperinflation and economic collapse.  Slowly, then suddenly.  Everything that’s going wrong in our society and in our civilization.  Slowly, then suddenly.  But it occurred to me that I’ve seen this before.

y = ex

To the left of the Y axis the change in the Y value of the curve, visually, is almost imperceptible.  Yes, change is happening, but it’s slowly-slowly.  All of a sudden, right around X = 0 or so, it starts to ramp up.  And once X goes positive the curve just blows up.  The change was there, the trend was there, but the exponential curve only really takes off when “X” goes positive.  We’re seeing multiple exponential curves of cultural & societal changes that were started decades ago – more precisely, deliberately set in motion decades ago.  The corruption and perversion of our society… slowly-slowly, until suddenly (e.g., this).  The Communist indoctrination of our youth… slowly-slowly, until suddenly.  And on and on and on.  Their alliance with Islam – another supremacist religion – against the enlightenment and Western Civilization through stealth migratory hijra and population replacement.  Slowly-slowly, until suddenly.

It reminds me of a sci-fi book I read many years past.  The plot device was that Neanderthals still existed but had evolved to look like us.  We, homo sapiens, were on our way out from some pandemic that didn’t affect them (hey, wait a minute…).  One of their leaders was being quizzed as to how we overtook them and why they didn’t stop us.  And I’m paraphrasing the answer, which was prefaced by a comment that they didn’t realize we were a threat to them, until we were:

Imagine a huge pond with a plant in a small inlet that doubles every day.  For days, even weeks, you might not notice it, until suddenly the pond is 1/8, then 1/4, then 1/2, then covered completely in a matter of scant days.

Slowly, then suddenly.

Many if not most of the issues facing America and the West were present and multiplying for years, even decades, but unseen until – seemingly overnight – we’re overwhelmed.  Part of that is deliberate, the “Cultural Ion Thrusters” slowly-slowly pushing on us in the Gramscian Long March through the Institutions, imperceptivity, until we realize that great change has been accomplished slowly (I was talking with a fellow congregant, a émigré from the USSR, where they commented that the US today is not even the same as the US 20 years ago).  Let me close this with two very-aligned examples:

I am studying Hebrew on Duolingo, and have added Russian and Spanish.  Doing a little “story” in Spanish where there is dialog and narration, and then you are quizzed on content, the scenario paints a picture of a woman going to the airport on her honeymoon… she is sad, because her wife is not with her in the taxi.  Her wife?  The other example, a “Covid awareness” PSA, where the speaker, clearly female, speaks about her talking with her wife about getting The Jab and doing their part and wearing masks, making sure their son is socially-distancing properly, etc.  Her wife?

Presented as perfectly normal… something that would have been utterly unthinkable 20 years or more ago.


Let me be clear on this: I believe fully in Martin Luther King Jr’s [spelling fixed, thanks to our host’s comment] noble dictum to judge by the content of character, not color of skin.  I am honored to have the now-late Walter Williams’ autograph to me on my wall at home, along with Larry Elder and – as soon as I get it framed – one from Col. Allen West… alongside autographs from Charlton Heston and Lady Margaret Thatcher.

But having said that, if it is visibly true that traits like melanin content in skin, hair curliness, eye color, etc., are evolution-developed traits in Africa that breed true, it is absolutely within the real of possible that other traits like tendencies to violence, IQ, etc., also breed true.

Nature vs. nurture.  We know that culture plays a huge role too.  As the notable sage Thomas Sowell – someone whose autographed picture I’ve sought for years without success, alas – once noted, children of black soldiers in Germany, with married parents, absent the “redneck culture” of the blacks in America, achieved just as well as their white-German counterparts.

There are no chains as strong as those we have imposed on our own minds.


One last thing, throwing this out there.

I spend a cr*pton of money to send our kids to private school (to the tune of 1/3 of my take-home pay; ideally I’d like to homeschool but logistically and financially that’s not possible as we need both incomes.  I am still the major breadwinner but my wife’s health benefits are also critical).  This year we had a difficult conversation with the teacher of my younger child, the teacher of the group to which they were going, and the headmaster about moving them up to that next group.  They wanted to hold the kid back.  This was not an academic issue but a social/emotional one.  And, yes, the kid is a bit of a crybaby though I keep hammering on the lesson that emotional control is key in life, and those that can control you emotionally can control you otherwise.  They are getting better.

In that discussion both my wife and I made it clear that were this academic we could agree on holding them back, but that since it’s emotional they need to move up… because they need to be surrounded by kids showing the behaviors we want them to see and emulate.  And it might do them some good, I think, to get teased about it too.  I should note that every single friend we have with children concurs.

This seemed to have been settled. All of a sudden, the school is telling us they’re going to hold him back.  Because their mandate to “do what’s best” supersedes our parental mandate to do what we think is best

Well, I question the timing for, you see, I’ve been asking some hard questions about the mask policy.  Now I’m not generally an unreasonable person – I didn’t demand masks be dropped instanter (would have liked that, but…).  Rather, I merely pointed out that there are conflicting studies of mask effectiveness – multiple studies showing they don’t work, experiences in states that are dropping masks, strongly-negative impacts on both physical health as well as psychological and interpersonal development, etc., etc., etc.  I also asked, simply, what the criteria are for when the mask mandate would be revisited.  I was told point-blank by the headmaster that no materials I send would have any effect on their policy.

So I’m being a thorn in their Covidian side, and now… out of the blue, knowing that their advancement is a non-negotiable thing for us, they’re stating that with no appeal they plan to hold him back.  So we’re looking for other private schools, and also charter schools.  Which is a pity, because we both like the school and the methodologies, etc.

Had they said “Well, we strongly advise against this, but we will do what you – the parents – request…” that would be different.

I cannot help but believe, given the data available, that they’re excommunicating our kids for my not being in the Church of the Covidian.

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