Western Values Too Easily Undermined. How? Why?

The retired Kiwi physician and regular contributor at Crusader Rabbit (CR) who identifies as mawm, brought to our attention the following observation made by Joel Smalley:

“and it’s everywhere. can you seriously tell me you have not noticed the astonishing lack of not just competence, but even of the basic knowledge of how literally anything works that has become so globally endemic?”

Readers who’d like to see where that thought leads are encouraged to follow this link http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/?p=36555#comment-116680.

I read it and its links and was inspired to write a lengthy comment that follows that link.

I will repeat here my concluding opinion. If you too can come to the same conclusion (please read it all if you have doubts) you may find it provides a way to enter into discussion with people who’ve recently been affected by circumstances but have resisted the Red Pill. Even people who have no clue what our Curmudgeon could mean by “When Tyranny Is No Longer In Dispute.”

The most important observation of the whole piece is that the stupid have been deliberately selected for positions of authority. What was not explicitly stated is that doing so is the equivalent of throwing a monkey wrench into smoothly working gears.

In order to destroy the West, destroying the meritocracy that made it work, especially in America, is what the Progs (death cult) aim for. It is the technical assault that aids Cloward-Piven.

Aside About The Red Pill.

It is significant that this item was brought to our attention by mawm. Of the regulars at CR, only three of us have regularly brought in evidence of Death Cult activities. Mawm had long been resistant to the notion of death cultists being close to positions of authority. (Many readers of Liberty’s Torch were in that camp for quite some time, and may even still be.)

I’m guessing it rubbed mawm the wrong way professionally. But he quickly saw through the BS Covid responses and official pronouncements, especially in NZ, and it appalled and angered him. So all the previous evidence fell into place? Well, I attribute the end of his resistance to that.

When Tyranny Is No Longer In Dispute

     …it can still surprise onlookers with its boldness:

     Mark Houck is the founder and president of The King’s Men, which promotes healing for victims of pornography addiction and promotes Christian virtues among men in the United States and Europe.

     According to his wife Ryan-Marie, who spoke with LifeSiteNews, he also drives two hours south to Philadelphia every Wednesday to sidewalk council for six to eight hours at two different abortion centers.

     Ryan-Marie, who is a homeschool mother, explained the SWAT team of 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their property with around 15 vehicles at 7:05 a.m. this morning. Having quickly surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”…

     After asking them why they were at the house, the agents said they were there to arrest Mark. When Ryan-Marie asked for their warrant, “they said that they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not.”

     When Ryan-Marie protested, saying that is kidnapping, “you can’t just come to a person’s house and kidnap them at gunpoint,” they agreed to get the warrant for her from one of their vehicles.

     At this point, Mark asked her to get him a sweatshirt and his rosaries, but when she returned, they already had loaded him into a vehicle.

     They provided the first page of the warrant and said they were taking him to “the federal building in downtown Philadelphia.”…

     The warrant charged Mark with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, due to a claimed “ATTACK OF A PATIENT ESCORT.”

     The heinous crime for which Mark Houck’s home was raided by rifle-toting thugs? Defending his son:

     On several occasions when Mark went to sidewalk counsel last year, he took his eldest son, who was only 12 at the time, she explained. For “weeks and weeks,” a “pro-abortion protester” would speak to the boy saying “crude … inappropriate and disgusting things,” such as “you’re dad’s a fag,” and other statements that were too vulgar for her to convey.

Repeatedly, Mark would tell this pro-abortion man that he did not have permission to speak to his son and please refrain from doing so. And “he kept doing it and kind of came into [the son’s] personal space” obscenely ridiculing his father. At this point, “Mark shoved him away from his child, and the guy fell back.”

“He didn’t have any injuries or anything, but he tried to sue Mark,” and the case was thrown out of court in the early summer.

     Take special note of that last: The civil suit against Mark Houck was thrown out of court. But the Left’s Grand Sacrament of Abortion must be defended at all costs…as long as the costs fall on pro-lifers, at least.

     I can’t find any mention of law enforcement doing anything to defend Catholic parishioners being heckled by homosexual activists. Yet such “demonstrations” are common, especially on Sundays in large cities where GLAAD and ACT-UP are numerous.


     Sometimes we must puzzle things out slowly and carefully. Sometimes events slap us brutally across the face.

     I contend that a peaceful restoration of social, economic, and political normality is no longer plausible. The arrest of Mark Houck by a huge, heavily armed FBI SWAT team clinches the case that forcible hostilities by the Usurpers against the Normals are in full swing. Yet it is only one incident of many.

     John Hinderaker provides more evidence and its implications:

     The Regime will brook no opposition. At the moment its principal weapons are rhetoric and the terrorizing of prominent conservatives, especially important figures in President Trump’s camp. But these are preliminaries. If mass resistance should begin, mass arrests will follow. Vocal patriots will be rounded up, imprisoned on specious charges and without bail, and denied access to counsel. The Regime has armed hundreds of thousands of federal employees to serve as its enforcers; FEMA’s built the holding facilities.

     Yet there remain persons, many of them intelligent and entirely well-meaning, who believe we can vote our way out of this.


     When I wrote this novel, I still believed that the restoration of Constitutional government through electoral politics was possible, given the right standard-bearer and the right enveloping conditions. Yet even Stephen Graham Sumner would be unable to do the job in our current context. He’d be “beria’d” as soon as his movement began to gain strength. It’s what’s being done to Donald Trump and his most prominent lieutenants. Alan Dershowitz delineated it in 2019:

     Dershowitz claimed some Democrats appear to be trying to find a crime to accuse Trump of, rather than going through the impeachment process after evidence of a specific high crime has been established.

     He recalled the mantra of a former Soviet Union official who would customarily dismiss any presumption of innocence against the accused.

     “What they’re trying to do is what the KGB under Lavrentiy Beria said to Stalin, the dictator — I’m not comparing our country to the Soviet Union — I just want to make sure it never becomes anything like that,” he said.

     Beria, once the Soviet deputy premier and interior minister, famously would reassure Stalin, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

     “And that’s what some of the Democrats are doing,” Dershowitz claimed. “They have Trump in their sights. They want to figure out a way of impeaching him and they’re searching for a crime.”

     Violence is rising in frequency against known conservatives, their businesses, and their homes. “Law enforcement” declines to act in defense of the law; it has become a “regime protection force.” The military has been essentially neutered. All this as anarcho-tyranny becomes ever more brazen.

     Where does that leave Us the Normals? Are we to sit silently and take it without a shred of resistance? Or might there be a remaining ray of hope?

     Keep your guns clean, oiled, and ready. Make sure you have enough ammo. And pray.


     It’s important to take a break now and then from obsessive news-reading. Keeping up with the news does provide fodder for a lot of opinion-editorials, but it can also turn one into a Curmudgeon Emeritus. I’m here to tell you.


     Sometimes an act of charity – even simple cordiality toward a lonely stranger – can cost you a lot more than you planned to “spend” on it. It can be difficult to foresee and damned near impossible to “budget” for.

     Be careful with whom you share anything over the Web. Yes, yes, that’s already “received wisdom,” but it’s remarkable how easily even a suspicious old man such as your humble Curmudgeon can be seduced out of the path of prudence. I’m currently paying for an indiscretion of that sort. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Verbum sat sapienti.


     I’ve often derided the application of the term hero to figures that aren’t heroic in the classical sense. I particularly dislike the practice of calling a prominent entertainer a hero. I seldom disguise my disdain for the practice.

     Yet there are a few entertainers who are worthy of note, and not merely for their entertainment skills. One of them appears to be the New York Yankees’ right fielder and notable slugger, Aaron Judge.

     According to the reports, Judge isn’t just a terrific long-ball hitter. He’s also something that we haven’t seen much lately in professional sports: a nice guy. He’s not a glory hound, and he’s not an obsessive. He plays the game as it deserves to be played. When he does promotions for the team, he’s universally welcomed and applauded. When he was a rookie, he did a couple of promotional spots where he even succeeded in concealing who he was, as difficult as that sounds for a 6’ 7”, 280 lb. titan feared by MLB pitchers everywhere.

     The Bronx Bombers have been blessed by several stars of this sort: Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter come to mind at once. It’s a peculiarly rare thing in pro sports…and one we should appreciate when it manifests.


     I struggle to avoid getting caught up in the “hot trends” in fiction. That’s not as easy as it sounds for one who writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance. For example, you may have noticed that the hot ticket in romance is “billionaire romances.” (It was once millionaires, but, you know, inflation.) I sneered at it from a distance…and then unthinkingly used billionaire venture capitalist Evan Conklin as a co-protagonist in Antiquities. Whoops! Well, maybe once doesn’t spoil an otherwise spotless record.

     Another trend I dislike is the “never-ending series.” These days, series rule the fictional roost, for reasons I need not explicate for my intelligent Gentle Readers. Yet I’ve almost been caught in the same trap. Also, I continue to situate most of what I write in my fictional inland New York county of Onteora. Perhaps that’s a venial sin, though a number of the characters have popped up, some by surprise, in novels that were not intended to include them.

     I’ve done some difficult things to prevent myself from perpetuating a Marquee character for too long. I gave Louis Redmond terminal cancer. I made Armand Morelon choose mortality of his own free will, like Luthien Tinuviel and Arwen Evenstar. Most recently, I knocked off Fountain with a world-record case of exhaustion. (That one reduced my “alpha reader” to actual tears.) In each case, readers have written to upbraid me for killing a favorite…sometimes in language I hesitate to reproduce here.

     I still have a couple of demises to contrive. I expect more savagely critical email when those moments come, but needs must. If only those readers could know what such character executions do to me.


     Among the consequences I should have expected for my stuff is the occasional blast of unintelligent criticism from a reviewer with too high an opinion of himself. I got some of that just yesterday. It had me shaking my head.

     I make extensive use of Christian themes and motifs. However, because of the ideas I explore, I sometimes posit departures from “traditional” Christian doctrines. That irritates some people. The problem isn’t mine; it’s theirs. They lack either imagination or the ability to see the consequences of some plot elements.

     For example: the doctrines of Christianity as it was reborn on Hope were far less restrictive than “traditional” Christian teaching in the here-and-now. That’s because the people of Hope are cut off from those “traditional” doctrines. There are no inheritors of the Apostolic Succession among them. They steer by a single star: a copy of the Bible that was preserved for 1700 years.

     How could anyone miss the implications? Well, perhaps my reviewer didn’t miss them. Perhaps he dismissed them. The ultra-orthodox can be like that: There shall be no messing around with the teachings of the Church! I’d imagine he doesn’t cope well with the doctrinal variations among the various denominations. But that’s the life of the speculative-fiction writer.


     The sun is up, the grass is acceptably dry, and the weather service predicts more rain within a day or so. Therefore, it’s time for this suburban homeowner to seize the moment. Enjoy your weekend, and always remember and abide by the Three Laws of Humanics. No, not those laws. These!

  1. Get your first serve in;
  2. Don’t draw to fill an inside straight;
  3. Shoot first and worry about the paperwork later.

     Be well!

A Takedown of a Mealy-Mouthed Nominee

Josh Hawley does a very impressive examination of Coleen J. Shogan, who has been nominated for US Archivist. He is cool but relentless.

Please see the paper he references – she is condemned out of her own mouth – you may be able to access a copy from your online library system. The one in the link is expensive – $25.

I’ve been up for a short time – about an hour. I’ve seen interesting links, followed them, thought about posting, and then said, “Nah”.

Why not?

I’ve been involved for several days in a tedious and lengthy back & forth on Facebook, with someone who I’ve known for years. I respect her, in a professional sense. I like her as a person.

However, she is a hardhead about politics. In her view, ALL the Left is noble, rightly motivated for Good, and any opposition is variously:

  • Uninformed (she is diligent about finding Leftist “Fact-Checkers” to refute any information that contradicts her closely held beliefs).
  • Bigoted – well, she IS on the side of Truth, Goodness, and The Light, so that makes any who disagree with her innately Evil – or, at least, just Dumb Enough to fall for such Obvious Lies.
  • A False Christian – one who does read the Bible, and tries to follow its guidelines, but, somehow, manages not to realize that failing to line up with Leftist Commandments makes them a Bad Christian. And, Stupid.
  • Anti-Woman. Which, since I am obviously a Woman, means that my Patriarchal, Overbearing Spouse has clearly forbidden me to see the Light. Which is a really interesting and surprising situation, as my husband always votes Democrat, and generally supports the Left’s goals.

The BEST any opponent could be is Stupid, Deluded, or Uninformed. Therefore, she responds to any post, meme, or comment with full-bore Leftist Attack. Isn’t just satisfied to move past the post, put a short “I disagree” comment, or mute my feed.

Nope. I get the Fully Monty of Replies – WAY more than you ever wanted to see.

On the positive side, I’ve reduced my social media time to immediate family and friends, and only for the purposes of getting information about our lives, and occasionally sharing family photos or news.

I’m also spending more time on blogging, writing, journaling, and doing useful things for home and business. So, Win-Win.

The Timeless Wisdom of Winnie The Pooh

     As you’ve probably already concluded from my habit of stippling my pieces here with quotations, I’m always on the hunt for pithy sayings, clever epigrams, and thought-provoking observations. Brevity isn’t just the soul of wit; it also maximizes your chance of actually getting an idea through the ever-more-substantial blockades around others’ brains. Lately, I haven’t seen many of particular interest. Of course, that might be because I’ve recently been spending my days cowering in the corner while clutching a loaded shotgun and whimpering “Don’t come any closer,” but a little impediment like that isn’t enough to keep me off the World Wide Web. So I keep looking.

     Among the largely untapped sources of good stuff are the great items of children’s literature. You can find quite a lot of hugely instructive material in the works of Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known to his millions of fans as Dr. Seuss. The works of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote under the immortal nom de plume of Lewis Carroll, are even more enlightening. Then there are the juvenile fictions of C. S. Lewis, Gerald Durrell, Norton Juster, Lloyd Alexander, Hilaire Belloc, and many others.

     In recent days, I have found many great insights in that timeless creation of A. A. Milne’s: Edward Bear. (Not to be confused with “Win” Bear, the creation of science fiction writer L. Neil Smith.) Edward Bear, as you may (but probably don’t) know, was the “official” name of the beloved character better known as Winnie the Pooh. Pooh and his friends have so much to say, and say it so piercingly, that a whole cottage industry has sprung up to create memorializing graphics of their aphorisms. Here are a few of my favorites:

     And so begins the weekend.

An Interesting Assertion

     And from a really interesting source:

     “Putting people’s lives at risk,” eh? Which people? The illegal aliens, or the residents of the areas to which Abbott and DeSantis are sending them? Who is in danger from whom? Would you care to expand along those lines, Miss Black Lesbian Immigrant White House Press Secretary?

     This is why we have the maxim that “Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever.” Karine-Jean Pierre is about as hopeless a specimen as has ever stood behind a lectern…and she doesn’t even realize it, so pleased is she about having been chosen to be the Usurpers’ Designated Diversity Spokesman.

     The residents of Martha’s Vineyard didn’t seem to feel threatened by the Florida Forty-Eight. They simply didn’t want to deal with them. The illegals didn’t seem to feel threatened by the residents. Indeed, they appeared pleased to be in one of the Northeast’s premier beauty spots. I can’t say the same for those flown to New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia. But then, DeSantis did target Rehoboth Beach with his next planeload, so perhaps there’s something missing from the reportage.

     The Usurpers are implementing a small variation on the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The illegal alien influx will surely bankrupt public services wherever they concentrate. Moreover, the states along the southern border are “red states” – predominantly politically conservative – and thus make juicy political targets for the Usurpers. The weak point in the strategy is that the governments of those states are indisposed to sit still and take it. The Abbott / DeSantis maneuvers are laying the Usurpers’ scheme bare for the scrutiny of the entire country.

     I don’t expect the Usurpers to sound a retreat. They’re too committed to their goal – a one-party state – and they find the illegals an excellent weapon with which to flail the Republican Party. If there’s a way to defeat them, it lies in making their supporters suffer the brunt of the policies they support. While it appears that the Martha’s Vineyard stroke didn’t do anything to the island’s local treasury, and apparently didn’t change the opinions of the left-liberal residents, it has done something else: it’s revealed the Left’s hypocrisy about its border policy and its pious “sanctuary community” claims.

     The Left’s ripostes to this point have been feeble. The one depicted above – that the Abbott / DeSantis relocations are “putting lives in danger” – needs to be flogged quite as severely as the Left’s previous hypocrisies. Let’s hope there are figures in the GOP that prove ready, willing, and able to address the need.

Day Off…From The Internet

     I have a long list of chores to discharge, and I was planning to compile an “assorted” column anyway, so here are the links. If you’re a Gentle Reader of long standing, you hardly need me to comment on these things. They more or less comment on themselves:

     Read, reflect, and enjoy the day.

My Horrifying Opinions

     Time was, I studied the natural sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, even a little meteorology. It’s not a program I recommend to anyone else. You see, it made me socially unacceptable.

     Stop looking so shocked! The study of the sciences equips the student with facts, and you should know that the possession of facts is frowned upon these days. The actual transmission of facts to other persons can make you a pariah. In some neighborhoods, it can get you assaulted, possibly even killed. As all my opinions are founded on facts, experience has taught me to keep them to myself.

     Here’s an ugly fact for you: Over the course of the Twentieth Century, governments killed more people, and in more horrifying ways, than all the “individualized” methods known to our time. If you don’t believe it, read R. J. Rummel’s Death By Government. However, it’s filled with facts, so keep your copy at home and don’t discuss what it tells you with anyone else.

     Here’s another: interracial rape is almost exclusively black men raping white women. This is a single component of the black crime wave, of course. However, it’s also singularly revealing, as for a long time there was a myth that interracial rape went in the other direction. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report once reported on such matters. I don’t think it does so today.

     Here’s a third, which I shall allow a more widely and deeply respected voice to express:

     Winston Churchill was once known for his forthrightness. As the saying goes, he didn’t strike with the blunt end. In the above, he expressed a fundamental fact about supply and demand: outlawing the supply doesn’t dispel the demand. The suppliers will merely go underground. Prices will rise because of the risk of detection, capture, and punishment, but commerce in the outlawed good will continue.

     Now, quite a lot of Americans are absolutely against the outlawed “recreational drugs.” They have good reason to be horrified at what such drugs do to those who indulge in them. But they haven’t yet dealt with Churchill’s observation. Once the market has been forced underground, it develops characteristics that make it far harder to deal with. I could go into the various consequences, but I’ll spare you.

     Some very smart people have a problem with this that’s objectively unfounded. In some cases, their problem is a misunderstanding about the meaning of the word free.

     If commerce in a good or service is free:

  • It is not licensed;
  • It is not regulated;
  • And it is not taxed.

     The contrapositive is where the action is: If commerce in some good or service is licensed, or regulated, or taxed, or any combination thereof, it is not free. The governmental intervention into that commerce creates an “umbrella” for criminals – i.e., those who are willing to operate without licenses, or without conforming to regulations, or without paying taxes — even if it’s not as pernicious as completely outlawing the good or service would be.

     The size of the resulting black market will depend upon the weight of the government’s intervention in above-ground commerce. For example, if there were a huge sales tax on good X, a great deal of commerce in X would go to the black market, with a smaller amount remaining above-ground. If a license to trade in X were expensive or very difficult to get, that would have the same effect. Only very mild intrusions would have no perceptible effect: small taxes; easily complied-with regulations; easy to get licenses.

     Apparently the states that have “legalized” trade in cannabis products have gone too far in their intrusions. Significant black markets, with all the problems that go along with such, have arisen in several of them. This has nothing to do with the goodness or badness of getting high on some THC-based product. It’s entirely about supply and demand.

     You can hate “recreational drugs” and what they do to their users. I do, as they took the life of one of my siblings. But you can’t ignore the facts and hope for a good result. Churchill was right. There are no counterexamples to his assertion, and there never will be. And those who hope for a different result are in the position of a man who wants a barking cat:

     In a recent column (Newsweek, Jan. 8), I pointed out that approval of drugs by the Food and Drug Administration delays and prevents the introduction of useful as well as harmful drugs. After giving reasons why the adverse effects could be expected to be far more serious than the beneficial effects, I summarized a fascinating study by Prof. Sam Peltzman of UCLA of experience before and after 1962, when standards were stiffened. His study decisively confirmed the expectation that the bad effects would much outweigh the good.

     The column evoked letters from a number of persons in pharmaceutical work offering tales of woe to confirm my allegation that the FDA was indeed “Frustrating Drug Advancement,” as I titled the column. But most also said something like, “In contrast to your opinion, I do not believe that the FDA should be abolished, but I do believe that its power should be” changed in such and such a way—to quote from a typical letter.

     I replied as follows: “What would you think of someone who said, ‘I would like to have a cat, provided it barked’? Yet your statement that you favor an FDA provided it behaves as you believe desirable is precisely equivalent. The biological laws that specify the characteristics of cats are no more rigid than the political laws that specify the behavior of governmental agencies once they are established. The way the FDA now behaves, and the adverse consequences, are not an accident, not a result of some easily corrected human mistake, but a consequence of its constitution in precisely the same way that a meow is related to the constitution of a cat.”

     And this, too, is a fact. If you can’t trust Churchill, trust Milton Friedman. The man is a Nobel Laureate, after all.

A Hack for Better Hearing

Found this on Instapundit – some of the Apple AirPods can function as emergency hearing aids (for example, I’ve been in situations where my hearing aids ran out of juice, and needed to be recharged). For those not willing to shell out $1200 – $2500 for the real deal, this might be a useful compromise to be able to use your phone to handle essential business.

I am a hearing aid customer; I’ve worn them now for 13 years. The prices are dropping and the technology is becoming more feature-rich every year. But, don’t wait for “the best” – most hearing aids last between 8-12 years, and will need replaced. If you amortize that, it’s about $100 – $150 a year – well within most people’s budget.

I’m a hearing aid evangelist – I spent about 15 years trying to cope with declining hearing, before my husband nudged me into a Miracle Ear office. The difference was so dramatic that I was immediately sold. My son-in-law recently received his first pair, and was thrilled at the improvement.

That’s one reason to look at a Medicare Advantage plan – many of them have ancilliary benefits that cover all or part of the cost. Talk to your agent to see if there is a plan for you that will provide this benefit.

Yet Another Transition

     …this one from “You can’t make this stuff up” to “OMG, does he have any idea what he’s saying?

     There are days I have to doubt my own eyes and ears. Well, perhaps at my age that should come as no surprise, but still…!


     I’ve been back from Sunday Mass for about an hour. Since then I’ve been reflecting on an aspect of Christian practice that has occasionally intrigued me. It stems from a brief conversation I had with my pastor, the esteemed Monsignor Christopher Heller, just after Mass.

     It occurred to me, seemingly by chance, that he might not know the story I related in this essay. So I told him about it, and my suspicion was confirmed: it was wholly new to him. It also horrified him, if possible even more than it horrified me back in 2004 when it first appeared in the New York Times.

     However, what he was most interested in was my revelation that at that time, I wasn’t yet all the way back in the fold. I was “clawing for purchase.” I knew that I was being led to somewhere or something, but I hadn’t yet seen it clearly. The story of Amy Richards and her “selective reduction” of her pregnancy was instrumental in “sealing the deal.” It was soon afterward that I presented myself to my pastor and petitioned for readmission to the Catholic Church and Faith.

     The way I put it to Father Chris was thus: “It isn’t always the good stuff – the love of Jesus; the promise of eternal life in heaven; the fellowship of other believers – that convinces us. Sometimes, it’s the horrors.”

     I hadn’t seen quite that look of astonishment on him before this. He replied by telling me of how blessed he felt when someone came to him in Confession. “It isn’t candy corn we’re dealing with in the confessional,” he said. “It’s the bad stuff, the things that can cut you off from God….You may have made my day.”

     It brought a good feeling, to be sure, but something else as well: a misty insight – through a glass darkly, one might say – into the Christian conception of service.


     Confirmation as a Christian enters the confirmed one into the service of God. C. S. Lewis makes passing note of this in The Screwtape Letters:

     The man can neither make, nor retain, one moment of time; it all comes to him by pure gift; he might as well regard the sun and moon his chattels. He is also, in theory, committed a total service of the Enemy; and if the Enemy appeared to him in bodily form and demanded that total service for even one day, he would not refuse. He would be greatly relieved if that one day involved nothing harder than listening to the conversation of a foolish woman; and he would be relieved almost to the pitch of disappointment if for one half-hour in that day the Enemy said “Now you may go and amuse yourself.”

     Time was, the sacrament of Confirmation had an explicitly martial aspect; the newly confirmed individual was told that he is now a soldier in God’s army. That’s consistent with the title traditionally given to the body of living believers: the Church Militant. We don’t hear about that much these days, as the horribly internecine religious warfare of the century past has cast a pall over the concept. Yet the idea remains an important part of Christian thought and belief.

     We speak of the branches of our secular military as “the armed services.” They don’t “serve” their targets, except in an ironic sense. Their service is indirect: by their commitment they serve the nation and its interests as conceived by the masters of its government. While those “interests” are at some times ill-conceived, and at others can be downright vile, nevertheless when our men at arms sally forth to do battle, they do so to render a service to them.

     But Christian service is of another kind. While the Lewis quote above speaks of “the service of the Enemy” – i.e., God – the reality is that we cannot serve God directly. God, a transtemporal and immortal Being, needs nothing. We who have accepted Christ’s New Covenant can only serve Him in an indirect fashion: by serving others as He would have us do.

     Christians explicitly recognize fourteen categories of such service:

     (NB: Nowhere in the works of mercy do “To contribute to the United Way” or “to vote Democrat” appear. A word to the wise.)

     These are the primary Christian services: the blows a “Christian soldier” can strike for good and against evil, and in so doing serve God. Some are not possible to everyone. For my part, I lack the confidence in my own judgment to “admonish sinners.” I leave that sort of thing to the clergy. But the corporal works are largely within the scope of anyone who possesses the necessary time, energy, and material resources.

     He who serves any other man in one of the above manners serves God as well. He fulfills a part of his commission as a Christian soldier.


     I can’t be sure that I “served” Father Chris by telling him about Amy Richards’ murder of two of her children in utero. Perhaps I did; it certainly evoked a strong positive reaction from him. Though it doesn’t seem to fit into any of the categories above, it might be of use to him in talking to someone else.

     I can hope so, anyway. I have to hope his look of astonishment didn’t mean “I’m going to have nightmares about that for a month!” But perhaps he’ll have more to say about it when next we meet. 😉

I Think He Speaks for ALL of Us

Dang, I’m tired. Not that “take a nap and wake up refreshed” kind of tired.

Not even “normal night’s sleep in the midst of a crisis” kind of tired.

Nope. I’m “living in the Middle Ages with no reading material, and a life sentence” kind of tired.

Perenially exhausted. Post-Covid, before you remember to start back taking your vitamins kind of tired. The kind of tired that no amount of napping helps. Where you don’t even have the energy to take a shower, get dressed, and get on with your day.

RMS – Repetitive Manana Syndrome.

The Silicon Graybeard posts about that very issue.

Situational Fatigue is probably the reason for our turning to hobbies, prep, family, and memes. We are looking to escape for at least a little while. If we can’t escape, we want to make light of our fears. Or, we dedicate ourselves to trying to shore up our reserves, to make the collapse less harmful to those we love.

The Graybeard has a reminder at the end of his post.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. ”  Matthew 24:36, New International Version.

I think of the early Christians (and today’s Modern Martyrs), and realize that they were living through such an exhausting period of time. Enemies all around, their lives in danger, and very few of those near them could even be helped to understand.

It’s amazing that so few of them recanted. The pressure must have been enormous. But, with the help of their community of saints, they persevered. And, in time (not THEIR lifetime), their civilization recovered.

We have to face the fact that this may not end in our lifetime. Think of all those dissidents in Communist countries, who died before the regime’s end. Even the immediate aftermath was no bed of roses – the changeover to a new economy was hell. But, eventually, an equilibrium was reached, in which people could pick up the pieces of their lives, and begin to rebuild a country.

No matter what the outcome of 2022 midterms, nor the 2024 election, this will NOT be over. It will NOT solve the problems, without a lot of time, effort, and some luck. It will take the efforts of younger people to carry out the changeover.

So, rather than continue to obsess over the daily events, and repeat – yet again – our rants, let’s focus on building coalitions within our family, our friends, and the local/state communities. Let’s provide a framework for the future.

The Gathering Storm in the Pacific

Even before Hawaii became a state, its position in the Pacific made it a strategic asset. The infusion of Chinese buyers is a concern, as it appears that many of the purchases were made on behalf of the Chinese government.

That situation, a foreign power taking over a strategic asset, was foretold in the Tom Clancy book, Debt of Honor. In that book, China Japan prepares for war with the USA, and, in the process, uses the tactic of inserting Chinese Japanese citizens into the Marianas Islands, through land purchases. The new residents push for “free elections”, in which the new residents will out-vote the actual Marianas inhabitants.

[NOTE: I misremembered the enemy in Debt of Honor – it was Japan.]

[I just tried to get an e-copy of the book from my local library. NONE available? This is raising my paranoid suspcions!]

Now, is this a possible scenario? Unlike the Marianas, Hawaii is an actual state, and it is engrained in the history of the USA that once joined, states may not secede.

Unfortunately, there is a portion of the Hawaiian people who cling to their indigenous status as a reason for Native Supremacy – forcing use of the Hawaiian language, restricting the vote to those of Hawaiian heritage, and otherwise putting the Woke Agenda into place.

Periodically, that contingent gains some support. Long before a critical mass is reached, cooler heads prevail, and it is pointed out that, without the influx of money that their status as a US State brings, the Hawaiian economy would go into freefall.

However, if the Chinese government is prepared to spread money lavishly around, that resistance might be overcome.

China is NOT all that powerful a country. True, they have impressive numbers in the military, and some of its citizens, with more money than sense, have spread it around, hoping to curry favor with the international community, or its more easily bribable politicians.

But, China’s prosperity is a nanometer thick. Their country’s businesses operate on a shoestring, with little profit. A few of the highly-connected crowd have managed to acquire a fortune – however, KEEPING that fortune rests on the dubious benevolence of the Chinese government.

That is just ONE of the stories – another one is here:

Larry Xiangdong Chen, the CEO of Chinese online education firm GSX Techedu

And, Forbes Magazine has a story about others who have raised the Chinese government’s radar, and lost out.

The Chinese housing market has already cratered, leaving many citizens completely dependent on the government – a government that has already shown considerable indifference to its citizens.

Other facets of the Chinese economy are also tanking; the Chinese market doesn’t have a lot of ‘give’ to it. Once people’s saved assets in housing disappeared, that left them with little reserve for emergency situations.

Forbes agrees with the idea that China is balanced on a narrow edge. In such a situation, it doesn’t take much to trigger a collapse.

Such as a default by the US government on its debt? That scenario is not beyond imagining – the national debt, of which China holds ONE TRILLION, is still growing (and, even Donald Trump did little to stop that).

Many economists believe that China holds the whip hand with their ownership of that debt – should they sell off, the USA would be facing increased interest rates for those debts.

Me, I’m not so sure.

And, THAT’S why we need Trump back in 2024 – he understands that attitude.

Starting Small

     The BLM rioters demonstrated that the “forces of order” were unwilling to enforce the law against them to maintain public order. Riots such as the ones that drove sociologist Charles Murray and other prominent conservative figures out of the halls where they were supposed to appear have reinforced that impression and emboldened the Leftists who seek to silence anyone to their Right. Just this past Thursday evening, Tomi Lahren was prevented by rioters from speaking at the University of New Mexico. So it’s solidly established that Leftist rioters can disrupt any event that doesn’t suit them.

     By comparison, this tactic looks very mild:

     There’s nothing like a useless, symbolic stunt to make a point. We know that leftists love to resort to symbolic actions, but you know who else does? Vegans.

     Over at Barstool Sports,Jordie tells us just how effective this silliness is.

     “How are you ever going to look at a chuck roast the same after seeing this video?” he asks. “How are you ever going to marinade [sic] a skirt steak for some carne asada tacos again after these heroes placed a bunch of roses on top of a steak previously priced at $5.19/lb but now on sale for $4.73/lb as if they were holding a funeral for a dead grandparent? Roses that they probably just purchased from the same grocery store approximately 4 minutes ago.

     “The answer is you can’t,” Jordie continues. “The war on meat is over, and these vegans ended it once and for all.”

     Yes, it’s silly and pointless…but let’s not dismiss it out of hand. Did any store employee attempt to prevent this mild disruption of the store’s commerce? When the vegan activists had departed, did the store clear the flowers away and check that the meat packages had not been pierced by rose thorns or anything else? Did anyone find any contaminations of previously certified-clean meat?

     There are vegans, vegans, and VEGANS. Some, having observed the flaccidity of the store before this silly demonstration, might be emboldened to go much further. Packages ripped open and hurled onto the market floor. Packages snatched out of shoppers’ baskets and treated similarly. Shoppers harangued, and possibly assaulted, as “murderers.”

     Don’t imagine that it can’t happen. Imagine it happening, and the store cadre wondering what to do. Imagine that they call on the local police…who decline to appear. And imagine what the store’s accountants would say in the aftermath.

     This is a dark time, Gentle Reader. “It can’t happen here” is a laugh line, not a reliable statement of fact. And we are sliding down a slope of ever increasing slipperiness.

The War On The Church

     You might not believe it – after all, the mainstream media never report on atrocities committed against Catholic churches in America – but it’s going on nevertheless.

     You see, the oh-so-tolerant Left considers us intolerable:

     THERE WAS NO winner in last month’s vote on abortion rights in Kansas. Technically, nothing changed after voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure intended to strip abortion protections out of the state’s constitution. When the race was called on the evening of August 2, every Kansan retained the same set of rights they’d woken up with that morning. But there was a loser: the ballot initiative’s largest financial backer by a long shot, the Catholic Church, whose dioceses squandered millions of dollars on the failed effort.

     The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City contributed $3.18 million, the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, $652,355; $175,000 came from the Diocese of Salina; tens of thousands more from smaller churches scattered around the state. The Kansas Catholic Conference threw in $275,000. Together, the donations amounted to well over half of the Value Them Both Association’s total haul — an “absolutely stunning” amount of money, says Jamie Manson, the president of the advocacy group Catholics for Choice.

     Come November, though, the exorbitant sum spent in Kansas may represent just a fraction of the Church’s political outlay this year. A record number of referendums on abortion will be put to voters around the country this fall. And in each of the states where an abortion measure is on the ballot, the effort to strip women of their reproductive rights is being largely bankrolled by the Catholic Church and its affiliates.

     Pro-abortion PACs and similar organizations spend many multiples of those amounts to promote abortion. The federal government subsidizes Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest provider of abortions. But don’t you papists dare to join a campaign against abortion. That’s just wrong!

     Stephen Kruiser has something to say:

     One of the more egregious fictions spread about Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign is that he was a man of deep faith and a practicing Roman Catholic.

     Well, he also pivoted from being an old-school “safe, legal, and rare” Democrat when it came to abortion to a full-throated NARAL and Planned Parenthood fanboy when he wanted to get elected president.

     Matt Margolis has the details:

     “The Biden administration wants to redefine pregnancy to include childbirth, lactation, and ‘termination of pregnancy’—that is, abortion,” explains Melanie Israel of the Daily Signal. “The administration’s three-pronged definition of pregnancy makes a notable departure from previous ones. Under Title IX now, women are protected from discrimination if they get an abortion. This means that with a doctor’s note, women receive medical leave from class or a sports team to recover.”

     “Abortion currently is a distinct issue that falls under ‘sex discrimination,’ but under the Biden administration’s change, abortion would be included as an aspect of pregnancy,” Israel continues….

     Under these new rules, access to abortion could be widely expanded through the public school system. The “abortion neutrality” provision of Biden’s new rules states that no individual or entity will be required to pay for an abortion, nor will they be prohibited from doing so. Furthermore, no one can be punished for exercising their constitutional right to choose their own reproductive health care, including having an abortion. Israel explains that these rules create a “gray zone” that “would mean that schools may ‘opt in’ to use Title IX as a vehicle for abortion education, referrals, or access.”

     That’s “your” federal government at work – but Catholics will be hounded out of the public discourse for daring to argue against this atrocity-via-stealth-redefinition.

     Quite a lot of federal tax money flows into the “public” schools, too – and look at how the men and women who “counsel” your teens are being trained:

     The group Courage is a Habit is making waves. Alvin Lui, founder of the movement to educate parents on the threats to children from woke cultists, bought a ticket to the American School Counselor Association conference this year and recorded the whole thing. And it’s a good thing he did.

     What he uncovered is a boiling cauldron of dangerous ideologies that are causing racial division and hatred, a gender crisis, anxiety disorders, increased suicidality, and an unbelievable admission that school counselors have taken children to get birth control against the wishes of their parents.

     That article especially deserves to be read in its entirety. However, you might want to keep your anti-rage medication near to hand as you read it. As Megan Fox notes, those counselors would show a gimlet eye to a rosary and be horrified by a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

     Could a counselor decide to be an ally to Catholic students by being visibly pro-Catholic with statues of Mary in her office and signs on the door that say “safe space for Catholics” and repeatedly attempt to normalize the use of rosaries? Obviously, that’s a ridiculous supposition. No one would allow that in a public school. But why do they allow the counselors to be “visible allies” to LGBTQ+ students? Why are they “normalizing pronoun use” and pushing these fringe beliefs on all students?

     But a Catholic parent who dares to raise his voice against these trends at a school board meeting would be labeled a “domestic extremist.”


     I’m in a state, as you can tell from the above. It isn’t often these days that I allow my glands to get lathered up. I’ve been about as numbed to the torrents of bad and worse news as most other Americans. That’s all that makes it possible for me to keep writing these rants.

     Among prominent American religions, only Catholicism remains staunch in defense of the sanctity of human life. Review the Church’s five “non-negotiables:”

  1. Abortion;
  2. Euthanasia;
  3. Human cloning;
  4. Same-sex marriage;
  5. Embryonic stem-cell research.

     Four of the five directly address the sanctity of human life; the fifth concerns a teaching laid down by Christ Himself when He wore the flesh. But all five cross-cut the agenda of the Death Cults. The masters and strategists of the Death Cults deem that intolerable, which I doubt requires any detailed explanation.

     Only the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, founded by Christ when He gave its care to Saint Peter, is consistent in these matters. And the Church is under attack from all sides for that alone.

     I don’t care what denomination you belong to. I don’t care how you feel about Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio and his farce of a papacy. I don’t care if you’re not a Christian of any kind. These are life and death issues, which makes them supreme above all others. If the defense of human life matters to you, you must help to defend the Church. There is no other morally acceptable position.

Sometimes The Laughs Write Themselves

     As, for example, in the Left’s reactions to the Abbott / DeSantis / Ducey relocation of a few busloads of illegal aliens to “blue” states:

     This should be the pattern for counterfire against the Left: Make them suffer the consequences of the policies they have foisted on the rest of us. It’s straightforward with the illegal invasion, but harder to do with other facets of the Usurpation. How could the Right impose the opiate plague on the Establishment class, or the full weight of the urban crime wave, or the energy crunch, or the economic downturn? The tactical aspects of these things deserve some thought.

     Meanwhile, we can laugh at the shrieks from the Left in true Biter Bit mirth. It’s good for the soul. It’s especially refreshing for those of us who, burdened by ever less safe public streets, job and income insecurity, a rapidly deteriorating dollar, failing “public” schools, and barrage after barrage of vilification from a man whose brain is barely capable of maintaining his body’s autonomic functions, have little else to laugh about.

A Little Death

     [The following essay first appeared at the Palace of Reason on July 19, 2004. It’s also included in my volume The Death Cults: The Drive for Human Extinction. Given what I’ve been reading, and its implications for the perversion of federal law to “protect” the “right” to abortion even in the third trimester of pregnancy, it seems appropriate to repost it at this time. — FWP]


     Convictions about right and wrong have never been uniform across all men, even within a single nation. Today, however, the very nature of right and wrong as absolutes not subject to one’s opinion is under challenge from a vocal community that flies the flag of “moral relativism” and demands “tolerance” of those with deviant moral convictions. The many ironies of this situation begin with that community’s perfect willingness to condemn anyone who differs with them.

     The genuflection to “tolerance” by the overwhelmingly greater part of the American people is so reflexive that we can hardly bring ourselves to reply to such lunacy.

     Lunacy it surely is. For if there is no absolute right and no absolute wrong, then there is no basis for permitting some actions and forbidding others. There’s no basis for evaluating uses of force, deeming some to be unjustified aggressions and others to be legitimate defenses of person or property. The goddess of Justice must flee, her scales clattering as she runs, before the charging beasts of Chaos.

     We will never know, definitively for all cases, the exact path of the border between right and wrong, for we are but men, and men are imperfect. But we have an obligation to study the matter with full concentration and the best of our powers. Especially, we are obliged to oppose those who would throw the subject into the fire. When justice dies, Man dies as well.

     Yesterday’s New York Times Sunday Magazine carried the story of a young woman named Amy Richards and her decision to “selectively reduce” her pregnancy. She’d decided she wanted a child, you see, but when the sonogram showed three heartbeats, it all became too much for her. Here’s how she reacted:

     Having felt physically fine up to this point, I got on the subway afterward, and all of a sudden, I felt ill. I didn’t want to eat anything. What I was going through seemed like a very unnatural experience. On the subway, Peter asked, ”Shouldn’t we consider having triplets?” And I had this adverse reaction: ”This is why they say it’s the woman’s choice, because you think I could just carry triplets. That’s easy for you to say, but I’d have to give up my life.” Not only would I have to be on bed rest at 20 weeks, I wouldn’t be able to fly after 15. I was already at eight weeks. When I found out about the triplets, I felt like: It’s not the back of a pickup at 16, but now I’m going to have to move to Staten Island. I’ll never leave my house because I’ll have to care for these children. I’ll have to start shopping only at Costco and buying big jars of mayonnaise. Even in my moments of thinking about having three, I don’t think that deep down I was ever considering it.

     So she had a “specialist” — a specialist in what, you ask? Me, too — inject potassium chloride, the potion used to execute condemned murderers, into two of the babies in her womb. He shot a little death into a cauldron pulsing with human life — life whose conception was actively courted — to “free” Miss Richards from her excessive burden. Where there were three beating hearts, there remained only one. Simple; quick; efficient. Miss Richards’s future as a Manhattanite was secure once more.

     This is not a woman who was raped, or whose diaphragm slipped, or who was blindsided by a drink laced with Rohypnol. This is a woman who set out to get pregnant. She just wound up more pregnant than she expected to be. The thought of a future on Staten Island, “shopping only at Costco and buying big jars of mayonnaise,” was simply too much for her. What’s a little death shot straight into one’s womb, to compare with a horror like that?

     Here’s all the mark the experience has left on her:

     I had a boy, and everything is fine. But thinking about becoming pregnant again is terrifying. Am I going to have quintuplets? I would do the same thing if I had triplets again, but if I had twins, I would probably have twins. Then again, I don’t know.

     Well, at least that Staten Island future was averted. That was the important thing, wasn’t it?

     But there’s another player in this drama, quite apart from the two children who died by Miss Richards’s verdict: the child she bore to term.

     During the 2000 presidential campaign, Al Gore was posed a hypothetical question by Meet The Press interviewer Tim Russert: A woman on Death Row is determined to be pregnant. Would you support a law that required her execution to be deferred until her baby was born? All that Gore could come up with was that he would “need to know the circumstances” and “the woman’s right to choose should prevail.” He couldn’t deal with the conflict between liberal endorsement of an unrestricted right to abortion and liberal opposition to capital punishment, when it was posed that starkly.

     Liberals routinely oppose the death penalty even for the most heinous of crimes. Palace readers will recall that during Campaign 2000, the NAACP and the Gore campaign both tried to make capital of Governor George W. Bush’s opposition to a hate-crimes law for the state of Texas. The NAACP sponsored an ad that tried to indict Dubya for the death of James W. Byrd, a black man killed in a horrible fashion, on that basis.

     Yet, during Bush’s first pre-election debate with Gore, when he mentioned that the killers had been sentenced to death — implicitly asking whether, as Ann Coulter put it, they must also be found guilty of “hate” and forced into anger-management seminars — there was a resentful silence from the Left. They couldn’t oppose that application of the death penalty without making themselves look worse than they’d painted Governor Bush.

     But there was more to come. It was later publicized that only two of the three killers had been sentenced to death. The Gore campaign and its handmaidens in the Old Media tried to turn this into a weapon against Bush, but once again, failed to resolve the contradiction between its own stance against capital punishment and the implied insistence that, for the murderers of James Byrd, life without parole was not enough.

     And here we have the tableau faced, not by Amy Richards, but by her child who survived to term.

     Imagine being strapped to a gurney, along with two others, and wheeled into a death chamber. Imagine having the executioner decide in your presence that only two of you should die, and roll dice to determine which of you will live. Imagine being the “winner,” and watching as two other lives are extinguished before your eyes.

     What’s that you say? The cases aren’t at all parallel? How true. Juries are composed of twelve persons, not one. They don’t generate their verdicts randomly. A womb is far smaller than a death chamber, and the creatures in it are always entirely innocent.

     Someone will surely tell Amy Richards’s son of the circumstances of his birth. It’s inevitable, now that the tale is public knowledge. How he’ll live with the awareness that, by his mother’s sole decree, a little death was injected into the warm and sheltered place where he lay helpless, that by sheer chance it took the lives of his two siblings while sparing him, is inconceivable.

     Yet it is the opinion of many that even to question the morality of such a deed is “intolerant,” the most vicious of all offenses against the popular sentiment.

     O ye generation of vipers!


     [PS: Today, Amy Richards’ surviving baby would be eighteen years old. Do you think his mother has told him about her condemnation and execution of his two brothers? — FWP]

This Stinks More and More Every Day

Remember those “terrorist pipe bombs” that were put in place just before 1/6? Seems that they have been swept out of sight, with no effort to find those who put them there.

And, where is the media?

  1. Ignoring it all (Leftist Media and GOP Collaborators).
  2. Being cancelled. deplatformed, harassed, supoenaed, charged, and vilified (Non-Leftists – and Project Veritas and Breitbart were just TWO of the high-profile targets).

And, the recent push to criminalize/neutralize opposition is just SS/DD.

I think it’s highly likely that the Left already has their plans in place to steal the midterms. Don’t let that reality keep you from voting, but be prepared for that outcome.

What really worries me is the likelihood that the Repression will commence after that date, in earnest.

I mean, I enjoyed WATCHING The Godfather. I didn’t want to LIVE that experience.

[UPDATE: I found this shortly after publishing this post]

Clearly, the Leftists are attempting to use the power of a corrupt government to silence the leadership of the MAGA resistance.

What they seem not to realize is that MAGA adherents and their allies are not looking to their leadership to tell them what to do. They are self-organized, and perfectly willing to take the reins in hand.

The Left’s Worst Nightmare: An intelligent and capable group of Americans, willing to resist, and able to voluntarily self-direct.

What The Usurpers Want Most Of All

     This morning, Julie Kelly writes:

     After nearly two years of lies related to the events of January 6, 2021, the regime finally has admitted the truth: The widening legal dragnet to scoop up Donald Trump, his associates, and his voters has nothing to do with the four-hour disturbance on Capitol Hill that afternoon. It is, rather, a thus-far successful crusade to criminalize wrongthink about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election….

     Of course, this is what the January 6 hysteria has always been about. As the chaos unfolded on January 6, Joe Biden and his apparatchiks immediately denounced believers of the so-called “Big Lie”—the claim the election had been rigged, if not stolen, by powerful interests who wanted nothing more than to defeat Trump—and vowed revenge would come swiftly….

     “Operation MAGA Fascist” appears to be the commander-in-chief’s unofficial name of the regime’s war on terror against millions of Americans, which now is reaching a version of the Battle of Fallujah but without the bloodshed. (Let’s hope.) The unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on August 8 ratcheted up the fever of the war by a considerable measure—the regime’s desired response.

     In truth, this campaign against “domestic terrorists” – the least violent, most polite such “terrorists” in the history of Man – is a second-best device. No doubt they’ve been hoping for a provocation from some Trump-supporting group, but so far none has materialized. Neither can the Usurpers’ pet propagandists can’t claim as the Soviets did that disaffection with their Regime is the work of external enemies. What they really want is a hot and threatening war that could be used to distract the citizenry from goings-on at home. The closest approach to this so far, the Ukraine – Russia conflict, doesn’t qualify.

     Woodrow Wilson’s Administration profited hugely from World War I. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Administration profited even more greatly from World War II. Perhaps Lyndon Johnson hoped for similar results from Vietnam, but that war didn’t have the right qualities to engage the public sufficiently: it was an essentially minor conflict in a Third World country where no important principles or American interests were at stake, yet it reaped American lives in horrifying amounts. The Afghan War and our involvement in Iraq disserved both the Bush II and the Obama Administrations for similar reasons.

     “Look over there” is the prestidigitator’s method. It works for governments, too – but there must be something adequately attention-grabbing to look at.

     Well, if there are no external threats to pound the lectern about, an internal threat must be made to serve…even if it must be fabricated out of tissue-thin lies. But the Usurpers’ ravings about “domestic extremists” and “a threat to our democracy” aren’t working as they’d hoped. The realities are too stark and their lies are too plainly contradicted by the evidence. The Gestapo-like FBI raids on prominent Trump lieutenants and supporters, and the unconscionable treatment of the 1/6/2021 prisoners, heavily outweigh the propaganda.

     I can’t say of my own knowledge that panic is setting in at Usurper Central, but a report of such wouldn’t surprise me at all.

     This is not absolutely good. It could cause the Usurpers to “step on the gas:” to greatly accelerate and intensify its actions against President Trump and those who have supported him. What’s already taken place is bad. What could follow from a full-scale program of political repression is too horrifying to contemplate. Moreover, among the federal myrmidons who’d be called upon to carry it out, there is no indication that they would resist the order to implement such a program.

     Can we sincerely doubt that the men who’ve conducted the raids so far would blanch at a widening and intensification of their campaign? Consider what they’ve already done to Roger Stone, to Steve Bannon, and to Paul Manafort. Consider what they just did to Mike Lindell. Our rights are of far less significance to them than are their paychecks and prospects for advancement.

     Could the Regime get away with suspending the November elections on the grounds of a “national crisis?” That’s unclear, though the way the polls are trending, they must be nervous about whether their vote-fraud operation will be adequate to keep them in control of Congress. No president has ever declared martial law – but one interned 120,000 innocent Japanese-Americans as a war measure. A previous one pressed for the Sedition Act of 1917 and used it to arrest a number of political opponents, including Eugene V. Debs. And one well before him wrote an order for the arrest of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, though he never issued that order. What if the Usurpers should recast their anti-Trump / anti-MAGA campaign as a second Civil War, this time bereft of geographical boundaries?

     Don’t hope for an insurrection. Pray that we’ll go to the polls in November and outperform the Usurpers’ vote-fraud cadre. It’s the last peaceful outcome that remains possible to us.

Twenty-One Years

     A few Gentle Readers have written to ask “Why no 9/11 post, Fran?” Honestly, I thought about it for a while, and decided that I had nothing sufficiently fresh to say on the subject. Anyone who’s been following my screeds will know how the event affected me, and frankly, I can no longer afford that degree of outrage. My blood pressure is high enough to power a moonshot already.

     However, beloved Co-Conspirator Linda Fox’s piece just below got me thinking about an aspect of the thing that, perhaps, hasn’t yet been adequately discussed. It relates to a process that’s been in progress for at least six decades. If you’ve been blessed with children, you’re probably familiar with it: the deconstruction and reassembly of American history to support the program of the America-hating Left.


     The traditional role of history was inspirational and cautionary. Men studied history to be inspired by exampled of noble actions, to enrich their limited experience by that of others, the draw sustenance for their lives from the lives of others. There was a negative side to this study of history, too: One could find there indications of the limits of what should be attempted, be reminded of the consequences of precipitate action, , discover anew what is beyond his power to alter, be chastened by the records of the failures of others. In short, history has usually played a conservative role in society. It was a major obstacle to reform, as men customarily thought of it and utilized it.
     Some reformists, who were also historians, realized this. James Harvey Robinson, writing in the early Twentieth Century, declared: “History has been regularly invoked, to substantiate the claims of the conservative, but has hitherto usually been neglected by the radical…It is his weapon by right, and he should wrest it from the hand of the conservative.” In short, Robinson, as a would-be reformer, perceived that history must be reconstructed in order to make it an instrument of reform. The older history must be deactivated; it must be replaced by a “new history.”

     [Clarence B. Carson, The Flight From Reality]

     Dr. Carson wrote the above in 1969, when the lineaments of the current, pernicious trends in education were only just becoming visible. I remember one that speaks in a particularly ominous voice: Child-Centered Education, whose ruling principle was stated thus: “We don’t teach history; we teach Johnny.”

     The root idea of CCE was that the child’s emotional reactions to his lessons are important indicators of whether and what he’s learning. Therefore the “educator” must be sensitive to those reactions and use them to improve his lesson plans and his teaching technique. Thus it was implied that CCE would be an aid to effective education in the traditional sense: it would help the student to learn better.

     Through the imposition of CCE, the course material, traditionally the responsibility of the teacher to provide and the student to learn, was displaced from the classroom’s focus. What mattered was the how the students reacted: with interest, with boredom, with doubt, with rejection, or with a dispreferred evaluation — dispreferred, that is, from the “educator’s” point of view. As Leftists had been infiltrating American classrooms for some time already, especially in the “soft” subjects, it was the perfect justification for a complete reframing of the teaching of history. The new frame would not exalt the American experiment in individual liberty under Constitutionally limited government, but would emphasize any negative aspects of our history it could cast to America’s detriment.

     I escaped high school before this became the dominant approach to the teaching of history. Subsequent classes were not so fortunate.


     I could spend thousands of words sketching the evil evolution that has followed the perfusion of juvenile education by CCE and the ideas it engendered. Fortunately for you, Gentle Reader, there’s no need. Anyone who’s had even a brushing contact with juvenile education these past forty or fifty years will know what’s become of it. Its worst effects have been in the soft subjects, but it has even reached the “hard” ones such as mathematics, where there are indisputable laws that draw indelible lines between correctness and falsehood.

     History is probably the worst affected of all subjects. It’s been deeply colonized by America-haters. It’s produced many classes of deluded graduates, some of whom are gone on to careers in education and the media. It is their predilection – their preference — to arrange for major events to be “spun” in a fashion that makes America and Americans look villainous.

     Recent major events, such as the attacks of September 11, 2001 upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, are not exceptions to this pattern.

     Older persons, who were not subjected to the shift from education in the events of history to indoctrination in how to arrive at politically correct evaluations, remember those attacks with fury and a thirst for vengeance. Those who’ve come after us have had a different range of reactions: “What did we do to deserve this?” is, if not absolutely dominant, a strong contender for first place.

     He whose teachers and peers have persuaded that we “deserved” 9/11, whatever the rationale, is unlikely to remember the events of that day in a light conducive to fury and national resolve. He doesn’t have the “Remember Pearl Harbor” mindset we older Americans share.


     Historical factual knowledge – the facts and the order in which they occurred – must be primary. Causes and evaluations are secondary. Beneath it all – ‘fess up now, you knew this was coming – must lie a foundation of moral and ethical precepts. “Thou shalt not murder.” “Thou shalt not steal.” “Thou shalt not covet.”

     Nineteen young Muslims, crazed by the teachings of a murderous, covetous creed, took upon their shoulders a mission to inflict mass death and destruction on the United States. Fueled by that creed’s promises of a sybaritic paradise for “martyrs,” they accepted their own deaths as the price. They killed more than three thousand Americans and inflicted more than $100,000,000,000 in immediate and secondary economic harm on this nation. They acted from hatred and they reaped what hatred usually reaps.

     Yet many are unable to stop asking “But why? What did we ever do to them?” It’s the mindset contemporary education and media have imposed upon them. They can’t shake it…and merely bringing them the facts of the event, equating them with the horror and sacrifice of that day, does nothing to help.

     The dimensions of that mindset have become all too clear in the twenty-one years behind us. The two largest sequels to 9/11, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq), may have been ill-conceived, but they were propelled by a righteous fury which, if not perfectly uniform among American in 2001 and 2002, prevailed over all other reactions.

     Ironically, it took less than a month before the carpers of the Left demanded to know our “exit strategy” from Afghanistan. “Why are we there, spending American lives? Justice? What’s that? When will we be done assaulting these poor people? What have they done to us to deserve it?”

     I’ve just looked at the time: it’s 8:45 AM on this sunny, placid Tuesday in September. As of this moment, it’s been twenty-one years and two days. It took less than a month, Gentle Reader, to deactivate the history of 9/11 and its sequels. Draw the moral; I have.

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