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An Eloquent Yet Melancholy Summary

     From the Web’s foremost one-legged blogger:      Outdated, clapped-out concerns such as Constitutions and Founding Fathers and principles and the like hold no sway over such duplicitous frauds, being no more meaningful to them than the oaths they dishonestly swear when they take office—oaths they never had the slightest intention of even attempting to …

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The Liability In The White House

     Concerning the recent concessions from the Usurper Regime’s media handmaidens about the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop, people of all political leanings are asking “Why now?” After a year and a half of nonstop denials, deflections, and dissimulations, why are they ‘fessing up’ now? The questions and speculations are widespread. For example, consider …

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Fear Alone Provides Insufficient Test Subjects

What Felix Rex implies is that the forced vax campaigns provided billionaires’ scientists billions of non-consenting human guinea pigs upon which to test potential life-extending technology. They must’ve anticipated that fear alone wouldn’t turn all of humanity into Howard Hughes type germaphobes, hence the gradual forced campaigns were already planned for when fear no longer …

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This Man Speaks For Me

     I’ve admired Glenn Beck ever since his days on “Headline News.” After viewing the video below, I admire him even more. I’ll bet, after you’ve watched it, you’ll say he speaks for you too:      Does he?

Scientism, Democratism, And Statism

     The ism suffix particle most often indicates a faith, or a similarly faith-based system of beliefs. There are a few exceptions – bruxism, for instance, is dentists’ term for habitual grinding of the teeth, and a neologism is just a newly coined word – but the rule is usually reliable.      Recently, we’ve had …

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     One of the long-time controversies in economics concerns the behavior called rent-seeking. Crudely put, the rent-seeker seeks to amass wealth without doing anything to get it. This does not describe a conventional landlord, who accepts the responsibility for maintaining his property in acceptable condition, in exchange for regular payments of rent by its occupant. …

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Politics Uber Alles

     John Hinderaker pins it:      The Democrats are bidding Andy Cuomo a fond farewell. They want to pretend that he was a successful governor and his downfall was solely attributable to sexual harassment.      Not the untimely and unnecessary deaths of 15,000 nursing home residents? Not the immense damage done to New York’s already …

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Fighting Back 101

Professionalization Versus Vocation

     I’ve been in something of a state recently: a creeping sense of desperation, a desire to reject the evidence of my senses that’s almost strong enough to overwhelm my reason. Perhaps the best short characterization of that state is “Make it all go away!” Nevertheless, I remain committed to reality, and to the best, …

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Can “They” “Lose It?”

     In 1990, when Timothy Hutton was still a young man, he starred in a movie titled “Q & A” about a young assistant DA assigned to investigate a case of police corruption. It wasn’t a great movie, but its climax, such as it was, said something terrifying about those who dwell in the corridors …

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Pushing The Outside Of The Credibility Envelope

     Courtesy of Weasel Zippers, we have this literally incredible story about Joe Biden’s “popularity:”      Joe Biden approaches the 100-day mark of his presidency with a relatively strong job approval rating and the public continuing to express positive views of the coronavirus aid package passed by Congress last month. Moreover, nearly three-quarters of Americans …

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Presented Without Comment

     Courtesy of our favorite Bookworm:

The Acquittal

     “They say ‘It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.’ I say ‘It’s not who you know; it’s what you’ve got on ‘em.’” – Lawrence Block      It was a foregone conclusion that every Senate Democrat would vote to convict President Trump of inciting the January 6 disturbance at the Capitol so inaccurately …

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